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10 easy ways to read more books – A lot more!

Read more books strategies

Reading is essential in many ways, from what it teaches you about the world to how it improves your language abilities and provides a way to relax. Yes, despite these benefits of, many people have gotten out of the habit. After all, why spend time on a book when the movie is going to come out anyway? If that sounds familiar, but you’re itching to get back into reading mode to enjoy any or all of those mentioned benefits, then the list below is for you. These 10 suggestions will make it easier to read more books. Put together, you can expect to read a lot more without drastically changing your daily routine.

How to read more books even when you’re super busy

Even if you feel like there is little time to fit books into your busy schedule, a few simple tweaks can make it easier to get back into the habit of reading. Doing so can bring you even more enjoyment in life than you might exect.

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home. —Anna Quindlen

1. Take advantage of online book sites

Ironically, the Internet that has drawn so many people away from reading is also a terrific place to find books on virtually any subject. Some, such as alKeyTAB Pro, provide a wide selection of material in easy-to-use formats. Online sites are particularly useful resources for those who want to learn more about topics that interest them.

2. To read more books, take one everywhere you go

A recent Entrepreneur article points out that carrying a book around makes it easy to make use of “wasted” moments. Waiting in line or the minutes before meetings can be reading opportunities.

Today, that activity is easier than ever before, thanks to e-readers. Some are so thin and light they fit easily into a back pocket or handbag, but then so does a paperback.

3. Read several novels at once

Keep books on different topics around the house. Reading several books in a variety of  genres keeps ideas fresh and is a great solution for those who get bored quickly.

4. Become a book club member

Book clubs set deadlines for members to finish reading books, which makes it more likely that they will get through several books a year. You’re well on your way to the goal to read more books this year!

Readers also have the pleasure of sharing their thoughts about novels with other readers. Look forward to gaining new perspectives from those discussions.

5. Keep a list of what you’ve read

Many readers enjoy listing all the books they’ve read. It helps create a sense of progress and is a terrific source for book recommendations. Watching a list grow also tends to motivate readers to continue in their journey.

6. Feel free to mark up books

According to the University of California, Santa Barbara, reading often is one of the best ways to grow vocabulary, expand general knowledge, and strengthen analytical thinking skills. Marking up a book while reading enhances these benefits by highlighting information and ideas. Once words or passages are marked, it is easy for readers to go back and review them.

7. Look for cheap (or free) books

A great way to build a library is to take advantage of cheap books. Online sites are great resources for cheap e-books and affordable volumes.

Many sellers there offer inexpensive used copies. You can also find free books at the library, and sometimes people simply give away books they no longer want at home.

8. Read about topics of interest

While some people enjoy reading about everything, most have focused interests. Those who stick to books about things that interest them get through many more books.

9. Bedtime is a great time to read more books

Keep a book on the nightstand and read a little before going to sleep. It is relaxing and a great way to get in a few pages each day.

10. Consider audiobooks too

While some people might think that audiobooks don’t count as reading, they provide an excellent solution for those who have long commutes or are always on the move. Listening to a good book can make a long, boring trip a lot more interesting.

Final words on how to read more books

Reading is a great way to stimulate the mind, and there are several ways anyone can motivate themselves to get through several books a year. They include building an inexpensive library, reading before bed, choosing only books on topics of interest, and, in a pinch, using audiobooks.

17 thoughts on “10 easy ways to read more books – A lot more!”

  1. Ever since my childhood, I have enjoyed reading books and often have several going at the same time. For people who need encouragement to get more reading done, your suggestions are excellent ones.

  2. I use a tablet at home, but I always have a book on the kindle app on my phone too. That way I can read on my breaks at work. Thanks to syncing, I can pick up the same book on different devices and find my place easily.

  3. All useful suggestions; the one I am not practising, but nonetheless found to be useful, is the advice of building a list of books already read, and marking out important portions while reading. I will keep these in mind moving forward. Your posts, Christy, are running well. Keep it going…👍

    1. Hi Raj, it’s nice to hear from you. Hope you are staying safe. Thanks for the encouragement and good to know those tips are helpful. Nice to connect again.

  4. Some great suggestions. Like Michelle, I’ve had to try other things since our library closed due to the virus. I’ve even attempted audiobooks but I can’t get into them. I tried self-help style ones rather than fiction but even those I struggled with. I have, however, read my first Kindle book. I much prefer ‘real’ books but still, I’m getting the hang of it now and I’ve already read several! I can’t have two fiction on the go at once though, but I can do a fiction plus one or two other books, self-help style or other non-fiction. Reading is a wonderful thing to be able to do, so the more ways we can find time for it the better. I hadn’t come across alKeyTAB Pro before so I’ll check that out now :)

    Caz xx

    1. Also search Gutenberg Project online – Sooo much to read there! You might end up being mad at me for taking you there though as it’s a major time suck LOL. Congrats on the first Kindle book (and the others that have followed since then)!

    2. Uh-oh. “Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks”. How have I not known about this before? I’ve been getting Kindle books for my mum for a couple of years now but due to my strict “real books only” policy for myself I’ve never investigated further than Amazon. And now I’m hooked on eBooks and you’ve given me a treasure trove that I’ll never get out of! 😂
      Only joking. Thanks lovely, it’s much appreciated!! xx

  5. Since our library has been closed I’ve been listening to audiobooks while cleaning. I’m surprised at how many books I’ve “read” this year!

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