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How to handle stress and anxiety? Here’s what top entrepreneurs do

How to handle stress and anxiety

Creating a brand from scratch is an intrinsically anxiety-producing process.

You have no idea what the outcome will be. Most of your resources are on the line. And to top it off, you have VCs breathing down your neck, watching your every move. You feel as if your whole life depends on your ability to perform and get paying customers through the doors.

Even though the entrepreneurial road is a difficult one, it is also well-trodden. Countless people have tried to start successful businesses. And they know a thing or two about managing anxiety. Here are some of their ideas.

See fun as fundamental

Adults have a habit of taking life very seriously. When things go wrong, it’s a sign of severe dysfunction that requires remedy. It means we’re somehow broken.

The media doesn’t help much with this perspective, either. There’s deep moral content to everything. And we all live lives of profound importance.

Stripping that away and seeing life as experimental, however, helps to take away the angst. Suddenly, the stakes don’t seem as high, and you have permission to enjoy yourself a bit. Building a business ceases to be an existential millstone around your neck and more like a fun project. You can take it or leave it.

Get your exercise as part of how to handle stress and anxiety

Entrepreneurs swear by their 20 minutes of exercise per day, usually taken in the morning before they get to their desks. Some will work straight through, but most recognize the profound benefits of running or walking for a few minutes. It helps reset the brain, clears out all the stress, and lets you work fresh.

Be mindful of your thoughts

Some people are prone to rumination – unhelpful repeating recollections of things that they can’t control. Unfortunately, the habit isn’t benign. It can cause people to slip into deep depressions and become more hostile to the people around them.

You can fight back, though, with the right approach. Sites like offer hemp-derived products to provide support. You can also try meditation by spending fifteen minutes every morning, clearing your head of unwelcome thoughts.

Consciously apply self-care

Entrepreneurs tend to become so focused on their objectives that they forget to apply self-care. Don’t be one of those business leaders who is completely burned out by the time they reach forty.

Take a step back and actively focus on self-care. Do things that offer you tremendous bang for your buck, such as spending at least one weekend a month out in nature or getting your nails done.

How to handle stress and anxiety? Get a mentor

No great entrepreneurs achieved stunning financial success alone. Invariably, they had mentors. Those are people they could go to when things got tough.

Where possible, try to tap into your local entrepreneurial community. Find people in other industries and try to learn from each other. You can talk about how you’re coping with the pressure, and they can too.

Move forward

Don’t put things off. If there’s something you don’t want to do, the pros recommend just biting the bullet and dealing with it, according to It’s much easier to fire that troublesome employee now than waiting for them to trash your brand in six months.

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