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15 great reasons for a career change

Reasons for a career change

How many times have you gone to work and hated it from the second you’ve walked through the door? If that scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many people head to work every day and wish they could be somewhere, anywhere else. Feeling trapped and like you can’t leave or go elsewhere can be overwhelming. The thing is, a career change is one of the best ideas you could have if you are going to find happiness in life – and you can do so. You don’t have to be at under a certain age to change things and go back to school. Below are 15 reasons for a career change.

When you don’t like your job

Being in a position where you hate your job is not easy. You need to feel like you have a purpose in life, and your career is a big part of that. Perhaps you’re feeling undervalued, underpaid or simply underwhelmed with the job you’re in.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason is; if you feel like you need a career change, then it’s a good enough reason in itself. Perhaps you’re in an industry where you want to do something different and want to upgrade your current position? If that’s the case for you, you need to go back to basics and study – Health Information Management (HIM) courses are great in the healthcare industry if you want to upgrade your knowledge. There are a lot of reasons for a career change, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy decision to make it.

What if you’re comfortable in the job you hate? What if you have got so used to earning a full-time salary that the idea of going back to school is scary as heck? What if your family depends on that income?

There are so many ways you could talk yourself out of changing what you do for work, but if you know in the back of your head that doing something different is needed, then don’t sit around making excuses. Choose to make that change, and use any of these 15 excellent reasons to go for it and stop questioning yourself.

1. You’re ready for it

You know what you want and you’re not getting it from your job anymore, which means that you’re not only happy with the idea of a new career, you’re also ready for it. Right now, your career isn’t giving you the satisfaction that you need but you need to consider that you can likely transfer your skills over to a new area.

You can work on the experience that you already have and take your knowledge from one place to another. You know if you’re ready to move on in your career, and that means a full change over.

2. You’ve been offered something new

Sometimes, a career change is more a job location change than it is moving from one industry to another. If recruiters in your industry have noticed that you have made waves, impressing others, you’re going to get headhunted.

This can lead to an exciting new position that offers better money, a shorter commute, and an enticing new responsibility that can see you build your skills. When you are offered something new, a chance to do something different and more refreshing – take it!

3. Your job just isn’t right

If your current position just isn’t getting those creative juices flowing, then you need to look elsewhere to find one that is focusing on the right skills. When you took the job initially, you were happy that you could play to your strengths and get something out of it.

And, yet, here you are today, and you’re not using the skills you have worked so hard to build up. You need to play to your real strengths and that has to happen in a role that supports you fully. That’s a great one of the top reasons for a career change.

4. There’s a ceiling

You were trying to grow and yet someone built a ceiling above your head to stop you from doing it. When there is no room to grow but there is so much more you want to learn, you need a change.

Everyone should be able to look at the skills that they want to improve on and make changes where possible. A change in your career will help you to grow past that glass ceiling and realize your potential.

5. There’s no promotion

That career ladder that you were looking for isn’t coming. It’s as brutal to write that as it is to read it.

You’ve waited long enough, and you are being overlooked by management for someone else every time there is a vacancy, it seems. It’s not okay, and you deserve so much more than that.

Chasing what you want is a must, and that means that you also must think about moving onto somewhere new. Changing industries be a positive experience for you too.

6. You don’t mix well with your colleagues

No matter how much you try to mingle, your colleagues and you don’t seem to be able to communicate well. There’s a chance that you don’t get along because of resentment about their promotion or for a number of other possible reasons.

You’re happier to work in an environment where people are going to try to get to know you and be friendly and work in a team. The thing is, you need your colleagues to feel the same way. Your colleagues cannot be changed, but your environment can be!

7. Your life is changing

Your life is more than your career. You might have recently made personal adjustments and now your career is no longer compatible with your life goals.

Personal circumstances often dictate which direction your career goes, and you need to align your current job role with the direction of life outside of work. Often, when you make a big personal change, your career needs a revision too.

8. You can sense company closures

If you’ve been working with one company for a long time and you’ve noticed that things are going a little south, you may want to jump before you’re pushed off the boat. Your game plan doesn’t include being made redundant by a company

It’s a a wise move to consider your goals first, rather than the putting a business that you don’t own as the first priority. Get out while things are still reasonably okay in the business and make your mark elsewhere.

9. There’s tension with your boss

Your happiness in the workplace matters. It’s important to get along with your boss. While your boss and you may not always see eye to eye, you need a level of mutual respect to be able to be at ease in their company.

That doesn’t mean that you have to stay somewhere you feel uncomfortable. In fact, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you stay somewhere you are unhappy. That’s why it’s one of the top reasons for a career change!

10. You’re bored

Are you struggling with your workplace? It’s nice to go to work and feel motivated and challenged, but if you are no longer being challenged, you’ll slip into boredom instead.

That’s not the way you want to do things! Get out there and find a job that excites you to think about and that you look forward to going to in the mornings (or evenints, depending on the type of work).

11. You want more money

You’re not alone if you want to earn more money at work. But if you know that your current employer won’t pay that extra in your present role, then the options are to learn more to earn more or leave for a role that will fulfil your financial expectations.

Have confidence in your worth – There will be a company that pays you what you’re entitled to. Your skills have value.

Check out what other local businesses can offer you. You deserve a better salary and if your boss says no, someone else will say yes.

12. You can work on your skills

You can go back to school and learn something new. Or, you can move to a new company and learn on the job.

There are lots of options. Working on your skills is a privilege that not many get, and you can improve your life when you do it. Master your skills and become better and better at what you do!

13. You want good feedback but you don’t get it

You should feel encouraged and praised in your job – and if you need to leave the current position to get that, then so be it!

14. You have no interest

Life is too short to go to work and wish you were somewhere else. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re bored or zoning out while you’re at your desk.

You need to feel motivated and engaged. That means finding something that makes you feel good.

15. Monday is a four-letter word

If the thought of waking up on a Monday and heading to work makes you feel sick, then you need to get out and go somewhere new. Feeling happy in your job isn’t impossible, even if you have yet to ever feel that way.

It should be a pleasure to work on something you enjoy. It’s worth having a look at something else if you want to make Monday exciting again.

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