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How to create a vibrant community, exactly?

A vibrant community awaits

A community can thrive when the building blocks are put properly into place. A vibrant community needs to be healthy, motivated, and ready to bounce back when the tough times hit. In a post-COVID-19 world, one of the positive things to look forward to will be creating connected communities that are inspiring places to be.

Connection is key

Humans crave connection on a personal level, and it’s also the connection that helps to power the economy. Successful connections create beautiful green spaces, as well as museums and art galleries.

When there is a connection between people, locations, and things, then all three of them can become more vibrant. When leaders from the main sectors in a community come together, positive change is possible.

Perhaps the first step toward the creation of vibrant communities is recognizing that the plan does not need to center on government but instead on the people within each community. The citizens.


A city’s growth relies largely on a busy center, from retail shops to universities, cultural institutions, and transportation systems. When these different institutions come together, the community is more vibrant for it.

in circumstances like the ones we face today, communities face significant challenges. To persist them through the coronavirus times involves adapting to changes. It involves keeping some collective values and letting others go, as well as creating a solution that the majority agrees on. As every community is different, each one will have its own approach to rebuilding itself after a tough time.

Confronting challenges isn’t easy, but it’s important to do for the collective future. Furthermore, it’s important to understand that some changes are so large that adapting to them is not possible; instead, there must be transformation.

Furthermore, the citizens of a community have to want to make changes. Rather than just reading about unemployment rates, they need to be moved with their heart (not only their heads). When leaders speak to citizens in ways that reach their hearts, then people are more likely to get behind effective change management strategies.

Evaluate the community

Creating a thriving community involves continually evaluating how it is doing in a variety of different areas. Is it improving in X area? Does the Y area need change?

If it is an area that is valuable to the community, then it deserves attention. A few examples are crime and wages.

Plan the revitalization

Continue to ask what a thriving downtown looks like, as well as which intersection will be the most prominent one. Start projects that invigorate citizens, such as bike trails. The bike helmets and other gear from make for a safer, more enjoyable experience.

Speak with experts, such as urban planners, about how to change the community for the better. Perhaps they will suggest more parks, or adding bike lanes on roads could soon be on the agenda.

Deciding what projects to pursue

Ultimately, the projects that will create a vibrant community are those that will encourage economic growth. Keep the focus on the economic value of each activity to help you and other leaders decide if it is right for the local area. Doing so is how you will start to boost the employment rate and create a long-term tax base.

As time goes on, you will find that where you put the most effort can have the most impact when you keep the economy in mind. Plus, there are sure to be new project ideas that come up over time as the neighborhood starts to bounce back.

Creating a bustling downtown

To bring in new business and talent, there must be a busy downtown core. There are many ways to do so, including farmer’s markets and sports events. These events are sure to create excitement locally, as well as bring together residents in a fun way.

Create a more pleasant environment to be in by eliminating onsite wastewater odors, while simultaneously improving performance. A great solution is putting in decentralized wastewater treatment systems like those from SciCorp International Ltd.

Also, encourage those around you to support local businesses, rather than buying from big retailers online. Be sure to set an example by doing the same!

Educational plans

A strong community is an educated one. Over time, the area will be full of amazing professionals who continue to innovate and propel the city forward.

Start early with educational initiatives for those in primary school. Perhaps a summer reading program will be next on your agenda. A highly-educated population can attract many great business opportunities, which further ignites the local community.

Takeaway on creating a vibrant community

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated manly communities, but many of the people within them still have hope for the future. Let’s create communities that come together and become strong again. Yes, it will take work and time. But it is worth it to create a better life now and far into the future.

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