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5 career change questions to ask yourself before making a move

Career change questions

When it comes to choosing a career, we have an annoying habit of picking the first thing that comes along. We’re young, desperate for money, and willing to give pretty much anything a go. The problem is that this approach rarely yields favorable results. Ten years in, you wonder what you’re doing with your life and whether the grass is greener on the other side. In this post, therefore, let’s look at the top five career change questions to ask yourself before you start making a move. Read on to learn more.

What is my personality?

When selecting a career, your personality is the most important consideration by far. You want to go down a path that complements you as a person.

Choosing the wrong type of work could lead to severe repercussions further down the line. Think about the following:

  • Are you the type of person who likes to work with people or by yourself?
  • Are you more process-driven, or do you prefer being creative?
  • Are you a thinker or a doer?
  • Do you like leading people, or are you more of a follower instead?

Considering each of these points will have a significant impact on the path you choose. Ask yourself each one as part of this career change questions list. When you choose a job that matches your personality, you’re more likely to be satisfied with the role.

What are my values?

What is it that truly motivates you in life? Is it collecting as many resources as you can?

Is it helping people? Is it being in a position of power?

The answers to these questions will inform the type of career you choose going forward. Many people go into business to make money. They go into care work to help people. They make a conscious choice to fulfill one of their aims first and foremost.

Will this career go the distance?

Some people choose relatively short five-year career paths, but most of us want something that is more long-term. Therefore, it is a good idea to check predictions for the industry of interest. Is it still growing, and will job be available over the coming decades?

Avoid starting any career where machines are likely to take over the role in the next decade. You could find yourself out of work.

More career change questions: What training do I need?

Society expects people to pick a career path the moment that they leave high school, and sometimes before that. Most kids, however, have no idea which direction they want to go. They just go through the motions and eventually find themselves following a career track that isn’t ideally suited to them.

To avoid this all-too-common problem, think carefully about what training you need for your ideal career path. Don’t allow things to happen passively, even if you are young.

Be clear on who you are and what you want from a job as early as possible. It can be difficult to imagine yourself in twenty years, but it is also essential to give it some careful thought.

What are my skills?

Think about your best skills. Surprisingly, they may not be what you think they are.

Ask others to tell you what they think your strengths are, and then factor those abilities into your decision-making process. You could, for instance, be a fabulous writer, even if your training up to this point has been in mathematics.

Final thoughts on career change questions

Asking the questions above involves a lot of self-introspection, and sometimes that can be uncomfortable. After all, we’re often looking at our environments, not at ourselves.

But the work you put into looking at yourself, your wants, and what makes you happy, will help you find your true passion. Then you can embark on a satisfying career, whether that starts with going back to school or a different first step.

9 thoughts on “5 career change questions to ask yourself before making a move”

  1. It’s important to know yourself and whether or not a 9-5 job is for you. A job will shape a large part of your life, I have been freelancing and working on SEO jobs for the longest time and can’t imagine what it would be like working for someone else.

    1. Well said, Debby. I am also self-employed and it would be a transition to go back to having a direct supervisor. Wishing you all the best in your freelancing and SEO career.

    2. Thanks for your kind words! What kind of work do you do if you don’t mind me asking? Do you work as a writer as well? I started out as an SEO freelancer but now I also work with a small team on larger projects. Managing a team does take a lot more time and responsibility, sometimes I think working solo would be better..

    3. Hi Debby, thanks for asking. I’m a freelance writer. I work with clients around the globe, and am now in my sixth year. Great to hear more about your career. There are a lot of marketplaces online where you could provide your SEO services. The benefit of working with a team, I imagine, would be that there would be less time searching for work and more time hands-on, which would be rewarding. I wish you all the best with whichever route you take!

    4. Thank you!! Work comes to us in waves. We can’t always predict or control those waves, but we can learn to surf :) I really enjoy your writing style, is there a way I can find out more about your services?

  2. That’s true, we should consider our personality as job is not good or bad, but it depends on people’s needs. Concerning with skills, I think it is possible to build and to develop them.About career, I hope women can have the same opportunities of men in every field.

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