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5 telltale signs of maturity

Signs of maturity

As we go through life, we all change in fundamental ways. Whether we are moving towards a state of maturity, however, isn’t always clear. What are significant signs of maturity?

Some people can experience the same set of problems and pressures in their 60s as they did in their 20s. Others have radically different lives. Mature people tend to be individuals who are acutely aware of the world around them. They don’t feel the pressures of others too much; instead, they have a certain confidence about them – a particular vibe. In this post, let’s look at the telltale signs that you’re a mature person.

1. You take on responsibilities

Mature people don’t shy away from their responsibilities. In fact, they embrace them. They give them a sense of purpose and drive in life – and they’d be lost without them.

Fundamentally, responsibilities are about duties to other people, whether to family, business colleagues, or anyone else. The more people who depend on you, the greater the incentive to behave in responsible ways. You’re more likely to hold down a job, push through difficult relationship problems, and stick to healthy eating plans.

2. More signs of maturity: You’re accommodating

Mature people tend to argue less and become accommodating. They understand that people have different viewpoints from them, and there are good reasons for them.

Knowing whether you are more accommodating than argumentative, however, can be a challenge. You need a certain level of criticism in you to conduct effective relationships.

If you take this test to discover your personality, you will likely get a better sense of where you are on this scale. Remember, accommodating other people’s views doesn’t mean agreeing with them. It just means understanding where they’re coming from.

3. You appreciate every season

Each of us has a natural preference for a particular season. You might like the summer because it’s hot and you can spend more time outdoors than the rest of the year. Or, you might prefer the fall because of the cooler weather and the beautifully colored leaves on the trees. Winter might be your favorite intead because of the holidays during that season.

However, mature people try to embrace each season with equal measure of passion and lust for life. Every part of the year brings something new and enjoyable.

4. You love children

If you like spending time with kids just as much as you do people the same age or older, that’s one of the significant signs of maturity. Spending time with people outside of your age range is challenging because they’re often so different from you.

Talking with them introduces you to new aspects of life that you might find difficult to appreciate otherwise. Gaining new perspectives, as well as being part of a child’s moment of joy, can enrich your days considerably.

5. You save money

Most people wind up spending more money than they earn in a typical month. They go into debt, and then they struggle to get out of the hole that they’ve made for themselves. It’s a big problem.

Saving money can be difficult because it requires you to forgo the things that you want when you want them. The mature person, however, is able to do this  – often with ease.

Bonus! 6. Admitting you’re wrong

OK, I said there were five signs of maturity, but I wanted to include this one too. It’s BIG.

In your younger years, it was probably hard to admit that your assertion wasn’t correct, even when its faulty logic was proven. Now, you own up to the mistake.

Furthermore, you look at what was wrong with your original conclusion and learn from it. The reality is that mistakes are learning experiences, so they ought not to embarrass us!

Conclusions on the signs of maturity

Maturity in this context is not defined by chronological age. A person’s experiences could mature their outlook on life more than the many of their peers. Also, you may know someone who is mature in some ways yet childish in other ways.

What are some other signs to look for?

3 thoughts on “5 telltale signs of maturity”

  1. That’s a pretty good start :) But maturity is not something you achieve once and for all: that would imply that after maturity comes decline or stasis, and — thank goodness— that’s not necessarily true. Luckily we can keep on growing year after year, decade after decade. I promise. (I’m 80.)

  2. petespringerauthor

    I think the last point (admitting that your wrong) is the biggest test of maturity and character. Adults admit when they’ve screwed up, and then they take those lessons that they’ve learned and apply them.

  3. Thank, you, Christy, for sharing this list of TellTale Signs of maturity. I took the Enneagram survey and found it mostly accurate. During these difficult times, we need to do more self-reflection about our life and how we live it. Take care and keep safe.

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