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Getting ready to date again after a serious relationship ends

Getting ready to date again

After you come out of a long relationship, the prospect of opening up your romantic life again can feel like stepping onto the dating scene for the very first time, again. It can be pretty nerve-wracking, to say the least. The tips below are going to help you build confidence in yourself to get ready to date again and to remember what it’s like to have a fun with someone you’re attracted to.

Get support when you’re ready to date again

If you’ve had a difficult breakup, you are likely to have some emotions to sort through before you go looking to anyone else. Look for those who can support you, help you talk through your feelings, and can offer a shoulder to cry on.

Otherwise, those emotions can come blurting out while you’re trying to date and you’re most likely going to regret it. You want to try and get right with yourself before you try to get with anyone else.

Flirt from afar

If you’re not quite ready to meet anyone in real life, then you don’t have to quite yet. You can still have some fun.

For one, you can make use of the dating apps and flirting websites like and enjoy some casual, no-strings-attached flirting. Or you can opt for the kind of dating sites and chat lines that allow you to get a little more involved and see where things go.

The distance and boundaries allowed by remote dating allow you to pull back whenever it suits you without too much effort. That makes it a great way to get used to flirting and exploring other people again.

Ready to date again? Talk to your friends about it

Aside from emotionally supporting you over your breakup, you will want to get the skinny from your friends. The ones who are in a long-term relationship might not be much help, but those who are single like you may be able to tell you about how the dating scene has changed since you were last single.

Find out how people tend to meet and how they tend to connect with people. Not only can you get some good tips this way, but it will make you feel much less alone in your efforts.

Date yourself first

If you’re feeling nervous about getting onto the dating scene, then you might need some time to remind yourself that you’re the real deal. Use websites like that can help you complete your look and get yourself looking right.

Hit the gym if you feel like you want to. Get your hair made up right. You are a desirable person, but sometimes you need to take a little time to remind yourself of it. And if a little healthy, casual hooking-up can help with that, then, by all means, go for it.

If you try putting yourself out there and you feel like you’re not ready, yet, that’s okay. There’s no rush to start dating again. However, it’s important to actively work on finding what your ready is and working towards it, so you don’t sit around stewing over the past for too long.

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