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How to Increase Your Satellite Internet Speed

Satellite Internet speed tips

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In rural areas beyond the reach of typical internet services, satellite internet offers a hugely popular alternative. While on the whole satellite internet provides a quick and easy to use way of accessing the web, slow connections can have a negative impact on your browsing experience. In a time where more people are working from home than ever before, and with online video streaming services soaring in popularity, taking steps to increase your satellite internet speed has never been more important.

Not everyone understands how to boost their satellite internet signal though. So, let’s discuss 3 simple ways to improve your satellite internet speed.

Adjust Your Satellite Dish

In case you were not already aware, your satellite dish receiver has two main components. The dish is responsible for focusing radio signals and it reflects these signals towards a receiver located at the front of the dish.

If anything is in-between the line of sight of your dish and the satellite in space, then this can degrade the signal. Making sure that your dish is properly oriented and placed is therefore fundamental. A professional satellite dish installer can take care of this for you.

In need of a quick fix? If so, you might want to check the position of your dish on your own. In North America, your satellite dish should be facing the southern part of the sky. With that being said, there are still specific coordinates that need to be followed. Over time, the wind and other variables can shift the alignment of your dish.

To determine the optimal position of your dish, contact your satellite internet provider and find out which satellite is servicing your area and its bearing. Then, use a compass to find that bearing, rotate your dish to match, and angle it up 30 degrees. If there are any trees or buildings in the way of your dish, you might need to move your dish or alter the obstruction.

Consider Switching Internet Service Providers

If slow satellite internet speeds are holding you back, you might need to consider the possibility that your ISP could be largely responsible for your poor signal.

Correspondingly, some ISPs only have access to one satellite in orbit and all of their customers must point their dishes towards this singular satellite. However, other ISPs have multiple satellites in orbit. This can dramatically increase your chances of getting a faster signal from your location.

Consequently, comparison websites can be a useful resource when determining your next steps. By looking online, you can find useful overviews of Hughesnet satellite internet services as well as information about other leading satellite internet providers.

If you are considering switching satellite internet providers, then it is important to do as much research as possible. Some satellite internet users have found it particularly helpful to reach out to a satellite installer that represents several different ISPs.

Essentially, an installer is typically less likely to try to sell you a single satellite provider that might not have satellites in the best position for your location. Before making any switches though do be sure to work out any equipment or installation costs. These fees can be costly, especially if you need to invest in any new routers, modems, or dishes.

Adjust Your Home Network

Sometimes, the easiest way to speed up your satellite internet is to reset your modem or router. It is very common for modems and router to develop bugs and errors in their software and firmware and restarting them can give you a clean slate. Additionally, firmware updates can carry out vital debugging processes that can speed up your connection.

If you suspect that your router or modem could benefit from an update, then look for a sticker on your device that states your IP address. Use this to sign onto your network and follow any on-screen instructions to complete the necessary firmware updates.

Where speed issues are concerned, you should also try to limit how many windows, applications, downloads, and other online activities are being completed at once. Large files and streaming services can dramatically slow down your satellite internet. When not using devices like tablets, smartphones, and gaming systems you should also disconnect these as there is a chance your devices are draining your bandwidth.

Above all, configuring and optimizing your router so that your Wi-Fi signal does not have to pass through solid objects can have a positive impact on your signal. Keep your router in an open space, in the room where you use the service the most. This guide about explains how to set up your router using this IP address.

Optimizing your satellite internet can seem like a daunting task, but by following the steps above, you should be able to notice a marked improvement in the speed of your connection. Boosting your signal can ensure that everyone in your household can enjoy the internet connection that they deserve.

Final Words on Increasing Satellite Internet Speed

Finally, do not be afraid to carry out a speed test to ensure that the measures you have taken to improve the speed of your satellite internet are having a positive impact. If you are not sure how to go about carrying out a speed test, your internet service provider should be able to point you in the right direction.

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  1. Hello and thanks for all these tips on how to speed up a satellite internet connection. Could you tell me how fast a typical satellite internet connection is? I looked into getting a satellite internet connection years ago but it was so slow that I couldn’t even load youtube videos. I imagine this has changed over the years? I hope you don’t mind me asking questions, if you do just let me know ;)

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