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Unexpected pregnancy? How pregnancy clinics can help

Unexpected pregnancy options

For many women, finding out they are expecting is an amazing moment. It can also be a great shock. A baby is growing within you, and you will be responsible for them. Yes, being scared is a common emotion, too, especially if it’s your first child and it’s an unexpected pregnancy.

Looking ahead

Whether you and hubby have been trying for a while or it’s a complete surprise, you both embrace the news with open arms. Becoming a mom is a life-changing event. It comes with ups and downs, good and bad, but it’s always worth it in the end.

Getting everything in place before you give birth can feel overwhelming, especially if the news was unplanned. And just when you think you have a handle on what’s to come, you see something online or hear from a friend about a new piece of equipment that they found valuable for their kids or something birth-related that you didn’t know about yet. Providing education and preparation is one of the ways pregnancy clinics can be helpful.

Find out the facts

To get more information about what to expect during pregnancy and as a new mom, you could refer to Google. But the sources are not always trustworthy, and facts can be miscommunicated. Plus, you can’t have a conversation with Google!

In this case, reach out to women’s health clinics for an in-person visit to get accurate information from nurse practitioners and patient advocates who can provide medically accurate information on pregnancies and explain unexpected pregnancy options. The goal here is for you to gain information that will empower you to make the right decision for yourself and your family.

Getting information related to all of your options is essential before you make a decision to feel you are making the one that is best for your unique situation. Making an appointment to sit down and get all of the details is a major benefit of pregnancy clinics. You deserve to have support and a judgment-free conversation, which is what you will get there, all at no cost to you.

Confirmation of the unexpected pregnancy

Did you take an at-home pregnancy test? If so, it can show positive but might be a false result. It’s important to get confirmation from a trustworthy source, which is another way that pregnancy clinics can help you.

Pregnancy testing is a service at confidential pregnancy clinics. A medical-grade test will show with high accuracy whether you are expecting or received a false positive from that initial at-home stick.

Also, the nurse will determine if you can receive an ultrasound during your appointment. Doing so will provide you with important that will affect which pregnancy option you choose, including how far along you are and whether there is a heartbeat.

An ultrasound will also determine if the baby is growing within or outside of the uterus. If the baby is outside of the uterus (ectopic pregnancy), there might be complications, and you will find out about that while in the pregnancy clinic.

Learning your options

Get accurate info on all of your pregnancy options. You can keep the baby, put them up for adoption, or get info to answer the question of what is abortion? With reputable pregnancy clinics, you won’t feel judged when talking with a patient advocate. Instead, you will get a confidential discussion in which you can ask questions and get detailed information.

The choice is not an easy one when it is an unexpected pregnancy. But it needs to be an informed choice. Take the time to speak with a professional about what to expect before making the decision.

As you learn more about the choices, you’ll likely find out a lot more than you realized you would in the process. For example, there are a lot of different types of ultrasound machines, such as the Mindray ultrasound MX7, which is portable and has a customizable touchscreen.

Get referrals

The patient advocates at pregnancy clinics will also provide you with referrals to help you. Get connections that you might not otherwise know are in the community, all from a trusted source.

You will gain names and contact information for adoption agencies, for example, if you decide to go this route. If you decide that parenting is the option for you, ask about local resources available to help you navigate this unexpected pregnancy. If you are considering an abortion, then find out about the procedure and possible complications.

Final words on pregnancy clinics

No matter what you decide, free pregnancy tests and care are what you can expect when you go to a quality clinic. Get open discussions about your options before making a decision. While it’s an unexpected pregnancy, you are not alone.

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