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Top strategies for university success as an adult learner

University success as adult learner

An adult learner brings a unique set of qualities and challenges to the table that differs from their millennial counterpart. For example, you may have a family to care for and a full-time job, whereas those who have recently graduated high school don’t typically have as much responsibility. To boost your opportunity for university success when returning to school later in life, plan to use one or more of the strategies below.

Have realistic expectations

If you have unrealistic salary expectations, you’re not alone. A recent survey of 1,000 college undergraduates found that their thoughts on income level after graduation were higher than what would likely be a reality.

By understanding reasonable salary ranges for your future career, you are less likely to face a rude awakening later. You’ll also be better able to plan for future expenses relating to your family and home as you envision your annual salary after graduation.

Also, realize that there are certain expectations of you as a student. For example, show respect to a teacher by arriving on time for classes, as well as handing in assignments on time.

Don’t procrastinate as an adult learner

To lower stress and provide better quality work, avoid procrastinating. This strategy applies to your initial application to the school of your choice, as well as for future assignments and when studying for tests.

For adults, procrastinating is a concern, as you’re not putting off school tasks because of laziness but instead because other responsibilities can take priority. You might have to work a double shift at the hospital, for example, or take care of a sick child at night instead of studying.

Unfortunately, unlike in high school, you cannot expect to ace a test by cramming only the night beforehand. Thus, adults must get creative about keeping up with school responsibilities.

For example, you might ask your parents to watch the kids one night so you can finish writing a term paper. Or, you might use this time to gather the necessary documents for the Syracuse admissions process before you start your schooling journey, as detailed on CampusReel.

Being open to what comes

Having an open mind can bring many benefits to students of all ages. For an adult student specifically, you may have been out of school for many years and be out of touch with tech in the classroom or other aspects of education today.

Being open-minded means that you are willing to consider new ideas, and that’s amazing because then you can fully take in the educational experience, everything from the technology to the collaborations with others on the same course. You’ll also learn more about reasoning from other points of view, which you can then take into your future career.

Final words on doing well in university as an adult learner

Adult learners are usually mature and dedicated to their schooling. That makes sense, given that they have had to consider a lot to get to this point, including consulting family and possibly scaling back work hours.

Yet, you are still likely to find your academic time challenging. Using one or more of the strategies that are outlined above as an adult can help to increase your success in a degree or certificate program.

As you near graduation, maintain your motivation by remembering why you started this educational path. When you achieve your goal at the end of the academic program, keep an open mind and realistic expectations as you look for a new job, and try not to procrastinate. Wishing you all the best in your career!

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