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Blogging about coronavirus: Why I haven’t and why I will now

blogging about coronavirus

The other day I was asked whether I was blogging about coronavirus. I said no, and here’s why.

Why I haven’t been blogging about coronavirus

That’s right, not one post prior to this one has been about the coronavirus outbreak. No, I didn’t have my head in the sand. It was intentionally not mentioned here.

As for why I made that conscious omission, I’ll repeat what I told V. the other day. I said that I didn’t want to contribute to the anxiety that I am seeing around me in real life and online. Instead, I wanted to create a safe outlet away from the virus, away from the real dangers and the worrisome thoughts that are all over the news and websites.

I also (didn’t tell her this) strongly felt that bringing in discussions of the coronavirus would be in stark contrast to the positive messages that share here. Then I realized a big “but.”

But it’s seeping into every part of life

COVID-19 has been the elephant in the room here at When Women Inspire. It came up in the comments section of my recent post on eco-friendly transport ideas that included buses. As Resa wrote, “… it’s a bit scary right now.” And I couldn’t help but mention the virus in my reply to Robbie about sharing transportation with other people.

That was the first time I made mention on my blog about COVID-19. And, I’m not going to lie, it kind of freaked me out. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to keep my blog away from what’s scaring everyone, like two separate entities. I wanted to provide a safe haven in a way, a bubble from the outbreak.

But I see now that it’s not possible to keep it separate. It’s also not the right decision for me to have made, and I acknowledge that mistake.

What this blog stands for

This blog is about women doing amazing things historically and now, and the present time includes some pretty scary $^&$#. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, the virus is a part of the world as it is and not acknowledging that is not being true to the planet.

While my heart meant well by leaving it out of the blogging conversation, I see that I am best to acknowledge what’s happening. While I worried that including discussions of the coronavirus would be negative and heavy – that’s true, of course – I realize now that I can make it a more productive conversation. For example, I could post tips for managing fear or how to prepare the home for an emergency.

These topics are real (and scary in their own right) but also productive. So, I am still being true to the purpose of this blog by writing about them and hitting the publish button.

Don’t worry, though, I will not be blogging about coronavirus 24/7 every day. And it won’t be the only thing that gets written about here. There are many topics to discuss and only focusing on that particular one would surely bring down even the most positive spirits. Instead, the coronavirus is part of the topic range, whereas before today it was not.

It eases my mind to know that I can reconcile my desire to share tips to live your best life with what’s happening out there right now. I thank each and every one of you who reads posts here, especially with all that is going on.

Be safe, share kindness,


52 thoughts on “Blogging about coronavirus: Why I haven’t and why I will now”

  1. It’s great you mention the positive in this very negative situation. We are isolated and at home and a lot of people will struggle mentally. I think if you try to focus on a positive like, if your going to be home then read books that teach you things and watch YouTube videos that teach you things. Learn a skill. Take your mind off it and when it’s over you will be a smarter and stronger person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Christy

  2. There are definitely an abundance of posts and information out there.

    With the ease to go from motivation (emotion based) to posting online (authoritative based) it can cause a lot of confusion and misinformation.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are definitely right, Christy.

      That’s why it’s important to establish sources of truth that you’ve tried and tested in the past.

      Before the game is the time to be prepared for the game.
      Otherwise, when it really counts, you won’t be prepared. You’ll be overwhelmed.

      I am thankful for my habits of exploring quality content from various sources on YouTube and blogs. I’ve acquired many great sources that I’ve grown to trust through putting their information into practice.

      It can help a ton to cut through all the fluff!

    2. That’s terrific that you have reliable sources to tap into online, Brandon. Thanks for such a great comment. We’ll get through this!

  3. Hi Christy,

    While it is important to stay as positive as we can, it is also true that Covid-19 is on everyone’s mind these days. Let’s all do our part to avoid contact as much as possible and do all that we can to support people on the front lines who are doing their best to combat this virus. Stay safe! We are all in this fight together.

  4. Every day I see people at work who are taking sensible precautions, and some who I’d like to believe are overreacting due to fear. (I work in a very large retail store that is extremely busy right now. )
    The reality is, we are learning new information every day, and much of it is not positive. The best thing I know to do, is just get through one day at a time, and having something else to focus on is a big help.
    Please keep writing positive posts, Christy. They are much needed right now.

    1. Thank you Amy for telling me you still want to see positive posts. That’s feedback keeps me going! And please stay safe at the store, I’m sending safe thoughts to you, hubby and kids xx

  5. It is so hard to stay away from this topic. I’ve tried as well. Bt the more I see my best friend that’s a doctor here in Georgia the more difficult I find it to stay away from the topic.
    They are working so hard to keep everyone safe and informed. Thank you for sharing!

    1. The doctors really are incredible. They must feel so much pressure, and I can only imagine the frustrations they hear from people daily. Thanks for sharing your experience too xx

  6. The virus is here. But I love your topic suggestions. If I’m honest I’m tired of hearing about the virus. The only thing I want to hear is they have a cure.

  7. Christy, my friend, I just love your heart! You brilliantly shine and share joy and positivity with every single post. I admire that you have been avoiding the topic for what it is: anxiety producing and unsettling at best. This world doesn’t need more of the spirit of fear at the moment. We need voices like yours who say, “Yes, this is happening, BUT lets shift our focus to what’s productive instead.” Bravo my friend, bravo!

    Your approach is one I admire and can support easily. It’s okay to mention the name “coronavirus” so long as we recognize that we’ve been through some scary times before and God got us through. He will do it again!

    I love you dear friend and thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. Your voice of hope is needed in this darkened world. Thank you for making a difference! 🤗

    1. Holly, thank you for understanding where I was coming from with not wanting to write about COVID-19. As Pete said so well in another comment here, it’s about finding balance. It was the first time I wasn’t able to find balance here on the blog. You have an amazing way of lifting others up (me included) with your words and it is like I feel a gentle hug when I read your comments. Please be safe, and know you make a difference too xx

    2. I 100% understand where you are coming from. I also understand wanting that balance too. In times like these, knowing what or where the balance is can be troubling. Especially when your platform, as you said, is to raise up, encourage and empower. What I know for certain is that you will hold true to who you are while still talking about a difficult topic. That’s one of the things I admire most about you! :) Integrity is everything. You know who you are and it’s really amazing.

      I am deeply touched by your words to me, Christy. Thank you. 😘 I’m sending you tons of those gentle hugs even now and trusting that you & your loved ones will remain safe and protected as well. This too shall pass. ❤

    3. Thank you for always being with me in blogging and personal and world issues, as well as the good times, Holly! You speak up and share your heart regularly – thank you for the courage it takes to do so! ❤️

  8. Hi,
    I live in Sicily, Italy.
    I think we shoud be responsible without being anxious.
    Covid 19 is more contagious than a simple flu. People have understimated the negative effects, so they continued going around, having parties and meeting people.
    I have been at home for 3 weeks, even if I feel OK and I go out once a week to buy food.
    Here people can’t move from town to town, fortunately they can connect on social.
    I will not meet my sons on Easter as they live in UK.
    I think i’t’s priority health. It’s important people respect experts’ suggestions.

    1. Yes, I know someone who recently went to the gym and laughed that he was the only one there. It’s not a joke! Thank you for confirming how each person needs to take the virus seriously. I cannot imagine how daily life looks in Italy today but I do know that I send you thoughts of good health. When this is all over, see your sons and give them big hugs.

  9. It isn’t possible not to mention the Corona virus in here at all, Christy.
    Another thing is, that we choose for ourselves, where we wish to place our focus.
    Take good care of yourself.

    1. I appreciate what you say about choosing for yourself, Irene. Indeed, when we have control that way in a situation that otherwise feels like we’re losing power… Take care xx

  10. Coronavirus is topical and people are scared. It is a good idea to share tips on hygiene and stress management. I am home schooling my boys starting today. They are going to write an essay about an infection. Any type of piece they want, fiction or non-fiction.

    1. Robbie, I’ve been wondering what kids think about coronavirus. Do they realize how unique this situation is or do they think it’s something that’s experienced in every lifetime? I hope the boys are adjusting to the homeschool environment well.

  11. Kristy. I know exactly how you feel.

    Trying to ignore the situation the worlds facing is scary.
    It’s difficult not talking about it or writing it.
    The world is on pandemonium, news are consuming more fear
    in the public masses. They’re doing a great job at placing panic into our lives.
    This is why I choose to write and post experimental and entertaining poems.
    To give readers and escape, give them something to think about in a fun and interesting ways.

    Also, music…I love sharing cool and upbeat music especially right now that we all need something hopefully in our chaotic lives. Meditation is key, exercising at home is beneficial,
    or watching comedy movies.

    Take care Kristy. Stay safe.

    1. Fear is high, that’s for sure, my friend. Your poems continue to provide not only entertainment but also a unique view into today’s world with all of its chaos right now. Oh yes, can’t forget the music either! Stay safe out there too xx

  12. petespringerauthor

    I think, like most things in life, we need to find a balance. Pretending that the virus isn’t a part of our lives right now doesn’t work for me, and talking about it 24/7 isn’t the right approach either. I know that we’ll eventually get through this, but all of the uncertainty of how long that might be is what makes this hardest for me.

    In the meantime, I think you should concentrate on what you do best–empowering women. Heck, I’m not even a woman and I’m here because as a retired teacher I believe in the concept of empowering people. Best wishes to you and your family, Christy.

    1. You’re quite right about balance Pete and that’s not something I’ve struggled with on the blog before now. I’m glad I was able to find that balance and your comment helps a lot in solidifying my decision. You’re awesome to be here, and half the comments on this post are from guys, which is wonderful. A lot of people don’t realize men can be feminists too. Your support means a lot, thank you.

    1. I fully understand, but I think that we’re at a point where it’s imperative to offer ourselves to others even if it’s simply a kind word as you have.

      Check out my latest blog ~ “Got time on your Hands?”
      Finding creative alternative ways to maintain a healthy mindset is extremely essential.

  13. Hello, Kristy!
    I really appreciated reading this post. We are living in uncharted and scary times, that is true… However, I feel the more informed I am, the more precautions I place into my daily living. Meaning, I do wash my hands and face more often, (By nature, I’m a clean freak), and I bumped it up a notch with the Lysol. I wear latex gloves when I go out… I again, just increased my own routine of cleanliness.
    To not fall into the pits of worrisome and my own anxiety fro hitting the roof, I also keep busy with crocheting, listening to music, meditating, and playing with the pets. These few things help me to stay grounded.
    I believe the only thing that drives me more nutes than the news is my own roommate’s lack of concern and/or disbelief of anything serious happening in the world. She doesn’t take it serious and thinks I’m nuts. When she starts up on me or complains and claims that this is all hyped up BS, I simply walk away.
    I truly believe that if we all stay informed and follow the guidelines of this “New Living”, it will eventually fade away. I just hope and pray that everyone is safe.
    Take very good care of yourself!!!

    1. Hi Beckie, it sounds like you are practicing healthy habits and that’s so important, especially right now. I hope your roommate understands it’s not all fluff that’s taken over the news! I hope things settle down but while I’m an optimist I’m also a realist. Stay safe xx Your comment is amazing – as are you!

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