3 transport options to reduce your carbon footprint

Transport carbon footprint

Most of us recognize the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, both personally and collectively as a planet. The trouble is, so many of our daily tasks rely upon resources and practices that can harm the environment. According to the EPA, a typical passenger vehicle emits about “4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.” We all need to get around, yet how can we use transport in a way that lessens our negative impact? Luckily, there are several different transport operations that can aid us in protecting planet Earth.

1. Hybrid or electric cars

Many of us can’t envision life without a car entirely, yet want to do our bit to help the planet. The solution lies in choosing a hybrid or electric vehicle for your next purchase.

Hybrid vehicles run using both a traditional engine and an electric motor. When both components work together, the result is less fuel consumed and therefore reduced CO2 emissions.

What’s more, you’ll find that you save money when you don’t have to fill up your vehicle quite so much. Electric cars are powered by an electric motor alone; the electricity is stored using rechargeable batteries.

You can charge these cars easily by finding a charge point and plugging into the grid. It’s simple to find out where the nearest tesla supercharger locations are by checking online. Again, these cars result in a greener transport solution, plus they offer a real super-smooth drive.

2. Electric bikes

Just like a regular bicycle, but with a little electricity for extra power, electric bikes work via the use of a battery, a motor, and a sensor. Biking is just about one of the greenest ways to get around, besides walking.

Many people wouldn’t be able to walk to work due to the distance, yet with an electric bike, you could soon have a real eco-friendly commute. Biking isn’t just great for the environment, but it’s also amazing for your mental and physical health.

Riding a bike helps to build your core strength, improve your cardiovascular health, and spend more time experiencing the outdoors. With increased exercise and fresh air you’ll also boost your mental health.

3. Try carpooling and apps

When a group of you are all driving to the same place, carpooling makes an excellent solution. Whether it’s the commute to work or attending a festival, sharing rides is the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you use private car apps, such as Uber, why not try the ride-sharing option? Doing so allows you to share Uber rides with local people in the area, splitting the costs as well as living green.

If you’re having trouble setting up a carpool for your commute, there are plenty of other ride-share apps to help out. Trees for cars makes it simple for passengers and drivers to connect and share rides.

Designer Leo Grand sought to make ridesharing simple, with the aim of reducing C02 emissions. Zimride is another option; with this one driver who wants to fill seats can accept passengers based on past feedback or interests.


  1. I know it’s a bit scary right now, but all in all public transportation is quite awesome. Well, it is in Toronto. We call it the Red Rocket.
    Okay, sometimes there is trouble on the tracks, and it turns into the Red Turtle…. but just briefly.

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