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5 active senior activities to keep your spirit young

Active senior

As you age, your endurance can decline, along with mobility. But making the effort to become and stay an active senior can have huge health benefits, including living longer and improved bone density.

What an active senior looks like

Naturally, it isn’t appropriate to approach exercise in the same way as your younger years, especially if you have complex conditions, such as a knee problem. However, there are plenty of ways to stay active and maintain strength, agility, and flexibility into your older years. For those no longer mobile, get assistance at

Also important is to check with your doctor before beginning a fitness routine as the last thing you want to do is overexert yourself and risk injury.

Here are 5 ways to stay active and stay fit into your golden years:

1. Dance classes

Most dance styles do not put extreme pressure on joints muscles but are an excellent way to increase aerobic activity and maintain strength at the same time. Dancing activates many of the upper body and core muscles, including the lower back, upper legs, and abs. These muscles help keep us stable and become more important in older age as we become more prone to falls.

Dance classes that are specifically designed for older participants are an accessible way to get some exercise. These classes also often have a focus on flexibility and mobility, which is precisely what you need to maintain your independence.

2. Take up gardening

Many people come to gardening late in life. In addition to being a valuable past time, it is also an excellent way to stay active as our mobility decreases with age. Getting outside and moving around while gardening is beneficial to both mental and physical well-being.

In addition to the exercise it provides, if you try your hand at growing some vegetables, a gardening hobby can be an enjoyable way of adding organic, locally-sourced food into your diet.

3. Balance activities as an active senior

For those who have a decline in mobility, there are several exercises you can do to preserve your balance and stability that don’t involve a lot of movement. For example:

  • While holding onto a chair for balance, practice standing on one foot for 10 seconds. Then switch feet
  • Stand up from a sitting position, three times in a row

Find more low-impact seniors activities here.


The mental and physical benefits of yoga are well-known. Elderly persons can participate in classes specifically designed for those with low mobility. These classes often feature common yoga poses with an increased emphasis on safety.

As well as maintaining muscles and improving stability, yoga also clears the mind and can offer inner peace to those who practice it regularly. As a result, it is not one to overlook as a positive force in the lives of senior citizens.


For those still able to do aerobic exercise, swimming is a wonderful option. Unlike other forms of cardio, aquatics does not put any strain on the joints. Even walking can lead to some discomfort and pain due to the foot’s impact on a hard surface.

Doing a few laps in the local swimming pool or completing an aerobic class in the water are popular forms of exercise among older citizens.

Takeaway in ideas for an active senior

These 5 activities are terrific ways to maintain a base level of exercise activity well into old age. Each of them is adaptable to various levels of dexterity, strength, and mobility.

Of course, always check in with your doctor before making any fitness changes to get the go-ahead. Safety first, always.

11 thoughts on “5 active senior activities to keep your spirit young”

  1. Love this! I teach chair yoga, and a lot of my active older adults really like this class. Plus we do a yoga sleep method at the end, and they claim to have higher quality sleep the days the come to chair yoga! Good luck!

  2. Hopefully I’m gonna bike around for as long as I can off road & on road. When I get near to 60 I might join an O.A.P yoga class & create havoc

  3. I just turned 60 this week, Christy (I think you saw the post on FB)! So I get the value of this post. Too many years of running and other sports have damaged my knees so I have to choose wisely and quit thinking I can run out and do those things I used to in my 20s-40s. But a good leisure lifestyle with activities you outline will keep us all healthy and fit for life well into our 90s!

    1. Yes, happy birthday Terri! Congrats on no only looking amazing for your age but also for the healthy outlook on life you have, as shown in this comment. Wishing you all the best xx

  4. petespringerauthor

    I turned sixty-one today, and I know one of the keys is to keep the mind and body active. As we grow older we need to be even more proactive with our health.

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