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Tips for staying healthy at work this autumn

Tips for staying healthy at work

We all know that fall is the best time of year! Of course, there is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all things pumpkin spice, but it also brings along feelings of a fresh start and change. The fall season is a great time to refresh your wellness routine to ensure you are practicing the best habits to stay healthy. The below tips for staying healthy at work is easy and exciting ways to start to positively affect your job and personal wellness.

Meal prep

This time of year, food bloggers and TV chefs are going crazy for fall foods, which makes it a great time to try new recipes! Plus, it’s not daunting to turn on your oven or make a cozy meal when it’s starting to get chilly outside.

Meal prepping for work can save you money and allow you to make yourself a healthy, hearty lunch that you can enjoy without having to leave the office. If you don’t consider yourself kitchen savvy or don’t enjoy cooking yet, then buy yourself the tools to make it easier and help inspire you.

Instant Pots are kitchen appliances that allow you to pressure cook, slow cook, and make anything you can think of with faster prep time or cooking time. You can even whip up lunches for the week in 30 minutes!

When it comes to cooking – keep it light. Don’t stress about the recipe coming out perfect and try to just have fun in the kitchen.

Meal prep can quickly become a hobby with amazing nutritional benefits! That’s especially true when you make healthy food swaps.

Tips for staying healthy at work: Get a flu shot

With flu season in full swing, it’s important to protect yourself and others by getting the flu shot. Luckily, many companies and pharmacies provide flu shots on-site so it’s easier than ever to get one.

Working with other people usually means that sickness like this one can go around the office or workspace quickly. And the flu can take you out of work for up to a week!

To keep yourself healthy and physically able to work, consider getting a flu shot at any time between November and April.

Try blue light glasses

When daylight savings time comes, unfortunately, it means fewer hours of sunlight. Being at work before the sun comes up or after it sets can actually be harmful to the eyes if you work on a computer.

If you’ve ever felt headaches or eye pain while working at your computer, they are likely the symptoms of digital eye strain. When the environment you’re working in is darker than the light your screen is giving off, your eyes can become strained because the blue light is nearly impossible for the eyes to filter out on their own.

To help protect your eyes at work, try out blue light blocking glasses. Eyewear brands like Warby Parker help make these types of lenses fashionable and affordable for office workers to use, especially in the fall and winter.

Take Vitamin D

The shorter days and colder weather of autumn make it harder to get your daily dose of Vitamin D than in spring and summer. This nutrient is something people get from the sun but you can also receive it from foods like dairy, soy, and fish.

Alternately, you can opt to take a supplement to keep yourself healthier this time of year. You may be surprised to know that it can help boost your immune system, fight depression, and even promote weight loss – all of which are generally great for your health!

Additionally, fighting seasonal depression and keeping yourself physically well can help you stay motivated while at work.

More tips to stay healthy at work: A steps challenge

Before it gets too cold outside, facilitate a steps challenge with your coworkers. It can be hard to get your daily exercise in when it’s dark both in the morning and at night, not to mention if it’s freezing outside.

Competing with your coworkers on who can get the most steps in a day allows for a bonding experience and will be great for your physical health! You may be inspired to take a walk outside on your lunch break when you normally wouldn’t or go for a run after work.

This type of physical exercise can help you sleep better at night, give you a mental break from your work, and boost your mood.

Final words

No matter which way you decide to ensure you stay healthy for work, make sure it’s in a way you enjoy. From something easy for you like wearing blue light glasses to something more demanding like the steps challenge, autumn can be an exciting time to bring new practices into your wellness routine. Now’s the time to focus on ways to keep yourself healthier at work!

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  1. I really like the tip about blue light blocking glasses. At night, it has become increasing difficult for me to work on the computer with the eyestrain. I’ll need to look into this.

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