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Elite Sports CrossFit Shorts and Hat Review

Elite Sports CrossFit Shorts Review

When you workout regularly, you will want to have more than one outfit or you’ll be doing laundry all the time! So when Elite Sports gifted me a pair of shorts and a hat, I said yes please. While they specialize in workout clothing and accessories for martial arts, Elite Sports has CrossFit Shorts that are great for general gym use or workouts too. I tried them out and these are my thoughts.

Disclosure: I’ve been compensated with free items from Elite Sports in return for a genuine review.

My thoughts on gym gear

I like to wear lightweight items that won’t detract from my workouts at the gym or when I’m going for walks. So that means I don’t want anything bulky.

Usually, my go-to are leggings but I’m open to other options. So I tried on the Elite Sports CrossFit Shorts.

Admittedly, at first, I was skeptic as they’re quite short. But you know what, it makes sense. Then they won’t get in the way if I’m doing leg weights at the gym or other movements.

CrossFit Shorts

As I wore the shorts to “test” them out, I was also thankful I didn’t get that dreaded wedgy up my butt either. LOL, I’m just being real here.

And the more I think about these shorts the more I like the idea of being able to alternate between leggings and shorts when exercising. It’s good to have variety, especially as I chose the black pair that’ll go with any color of t-shirt or tank top.

More about Elite Sports CrossFit Shorts design

So, it’s not just luck that I like these bottoms, as it turns out. They’ve been designed by professional athletes for a great fit.

Elite Sports made them to move with you while training or at sports events. Plus, they’re well-made from quality materials to hold up during practices and competitions.

The CrossFit Shorts are, therefore, great for everyday use at the gym year-round or outdoors in nice weather (brrrr my legs would get cold otherwise). They are made of a polyester spandex blend, with the brand emblem on the front looking very sporty.

For fit, the shorts fit true to size. With the spandex blend, they have some give to them. But I don’t want mine to shrink in the dryer so it’s hang-drying for my black pair.

Elite Sports Athletics

Elite Sports CrossFit Cap Review

I also received a CrossFit Cap in black. The white brand logo stands out on the front, as it does with shorts.

It’s a baseball hat type of style, with a plastic strip at the back to easily adjust to your head. It’s comfortable and matches everything too, from gym gear to jeans and a sweater.

This hat would suit men or women. My fiance said he liked it as soon as he saw it.

As with the CrossFit Shorts, this hat is high quality. I can tell it would last a long time, even when worn regularly.

Do you wear hats at the gym or when you workout outdoors? Are you a shorts lover when exercising?

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