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7 thoughtful gifts for the women in your life

Thoughtful gifts for women books

There’s just no question about it: the women in your life are special. Whether you’re planning ahead for the holiday season, looking for that perfect birthday gift to really wow, or trying to drop someone a just-because gift to remind them how important they are to you, it’s critical to find a thoughtful gift. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some great categories of thoughtful gifts that will surely bring a wide smile and a warm heart to the women in your life that you deem important.

1. Books

Books can sometimes be a tricky gift item because you never quite no for sure whether the recipient will enjoy it. Even if you know someone well, there’s still a bit of a risk – however, that risk comes with the chance for great reward. Giving someone an amazing book they fall in love with is one of the most surefire ways to show them how much you truly understand them and how much you care for them in all the ways that matter most.

2. Custom items

This is a broader category. From picture pillows to a custom photo mug, there’s just an endless sea of opportunities to find the perfectly customized gift item. The best way to personalize these gifts is to find a picture that really speaks to your recipient – one they truly cherish. Then, find the item you want to customize, and emblazon the item with the beautiful memory!

3. Bountiful flower bouquets

Flowers are some of the easiest ways to get a gift that is sure to impress. They’re on the safer side, as there isn’t as much risk that the recipient is stuck with something they don’t really want, but that also means they aren’t quite as memorable as, say, a book. Still, flowers can be a great option, especially for those spur of the moment just-because gifts.

4. Consumables

In keeping with the theme of safe options, consumable gifts can be an easy and sure thing for those special women in your life whose taste you’re a little uncertain of. Consider boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine, aromatic candles, specialty teas, craft coffee, and craft beer. These gifts show your dedication while still erring on the side of safety, as they aren’t that expensive. Plus, if you know that the special woman in your life loves a certain brand of chocolate or type of beer, getting her that will always be a hit.

Clothing as a gift idea

5. Clothing

Returning to an item that’s solidly on the high-risk high-reward end of the spectrum, clothing can, in some cases, be a really great gift. The trick here is knowing exactly what size and cut your recipient will desire. Something like a dress or jeans might be hard, as it’s almost always necessary to try these on before committing to a purchase. However, fun t-shirts, cozy sweaters, and even comfy shoes in some cases can be an excellent way to show a woman you admire that you get her style and support her!

6. Stationary

If there’s a hardworking woman in your life that you’re hoping to show your affection for, luxury stationary can be one of the most thoughtful gifts out there. After all, as a working person, your pens, notebooks, planners, and folders can be some of the items you interact with the most frequently. The girl bosses in your life are sure to appreciate the admiring nod to their careers represented by a gift of luxury stationary.

7. Hobby supplies

Whether the women in your life love hitting the trail for a weekend of backpacking or sitting in the window sill knitting a sweater, their hobbies are surely deeply important to them. By supporting these hobbies, you show that you’re a dedicated friend, colleague, or lover. Impress the women in your life by showing that dedication, and pick up a new hiking backpack, knitting needles, paintball gun, or model train glue for their next birthday!

Shopping for the important people in your life can be hard. After all, you want to impress them, but you also don’t want to risk getting them something useless and dumb. By following these 7 tips, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to wow the important women in your life!

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    1. Yes, I guess I need to be more vocal about that! I thought they would pick up on the idea by the fact that I always have a book with me….but you are right, i need to just tell them.

  1. What about original art… perhaps a sketch/drawing of her… her baby, or something you made with your ability and hobby supplies… A sweater or scarf, a crocheted afghan blanket. OMG… I totally adore all of my afghans from my mom and sisters. LOVE

  2. petespringerauthor

    When I want to make points with my wife, I get her a massage, facial, manicure, etc., from the spa. She loves to be pampered.

  3. Nice suggestions Christy, I can add some more:
    Tickets for a concert, a movie, an experience, a dinner invitation, a girls evening out, massage, or even a jewelry, as you have heard her talk about for longer time :-D

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