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How to choose women’s climbing shoes

Women's climbing shoes

Rock climbing is one of the best ways to stay fit and experience being in the outdoors. For this reason, this hobby is growing increasingly popular for people of all ages. To make sure that you get the most out of this activity, there are a few things that you need to do. For example, you must choose the right safety equipment and harnesses to protect yourself from injury. In addition, you will need to get the best climbing shoes to get extra grip on the rock, which makes it easier for you to scale. All of which can improve your performance and decrease the chances of having an accident. To help you find the ideal pair of women’s climbing shoes, keep the following points in mind.

Make sure they fit

One of the most important things about choosing a new climbing shoe is making sure that it fits properly. That way you feel comfortable wearing it all day.

A good fit also ensures you get enough support so that you don’t develop foot pain or feel cramped. Then you can focus on the climbing.

While a good fit makes sense, you’d be surprised how many females are wearing shoes – climbing or any other type – that aren’t the right size or are the wrong width and wear them daily.

A few tips to ensure a great fit from your women’s climbing shoes are:

  • Always try on the shoes, if possible. This will allow you to test how they make you feel.
  • Some stores have a climbing wall to use to get a good indication of how comfortable the shoes are while climbing.
  • Avoid shoes that have a loose fit; they likely won’t offer you enough support
  • Try them on at the end of the day; that’s when your foot tends to get a bit bigger

However, how tight the shoes need to be often depends on how experienced you are, and the circumstances in which you will be using them. For example, a beginner ought to try to find shoes that fit snugly, without making you feel uncomfortable.

More advanced climbers, meanwhile, likely want tighter shoes than someone starting out in the sport. A tighter fit enables you to conquer more difficult terrain.

If you do decide on a tight fit, you might need to plan multiple stops throughout the climb. Doing so gives you the opportunity to remove your shoes and give your feet a chance to relax.

Women’s climbing shoes: Get the best shape

While one of the most important parts of choosing a climbing shoe is making sure that it fits properly, there are several other factors that you might want to consider to make sure that you choose the best trad climbing shoes.

Firstly, think about the shape of the shoe. Generally, there are three types of climbing that you can do: flat, curved and hooked. These shoes are designed for a specific type of climbing. For example:

  • Flat shoes – Best for climbing multi-pitch routes. They also allow you to wedge your foot into cracks.
  • Curved shoes – Have a slightly more pronounced arch. This gives you more precision when you are placing your foot, which is terrific for balancing on thin, narrow sections
  • Curved shoes – A very pronounced arch lets you put the weight onto your big toe. This design makes it easy for you to cope with overhanging sections.

The right type of shape will often depend on the type of climbing that you prefer to do.

Choose materials too

Also, make sure that you select materials that you will enjoy using the most. Generally, there are two types of material to choose from:

  • Leather
  • Synthetic

Each of these has different benefits and disadvantages. For example, leather uppers allow your women’s climbing shoes to stretch over time, sometimes up to a whole size.

This can make them feel more comfortable, however they can often take a while to break in. On the other hand, synthetic climbing shoes allow you to get a more traditional fit.

Often, they won’t stretch much or change the way that they feel. However, this means that if they aren’t comfortable when you first try them on, they won’t grow more pleasant over time.

If you can’t try them on yourself, you can use online reviews. This will tell you how much people liked the shoes and the materials that they were made from. Ultimately, which type of material you purchase often depends on what you are looking for in shoes.

Takeaway on finding women’s climbing shoes

Whether you are just starting to rock climb or are a seasoned veteran, making sure that you pick the best shoes for the athletic activity is important. A quality pair will be able to give you the grip you need to keep safe while on the rocks.

Use the information above when choosing women’s climbing shoes to make the best choice possible. With a great shoe, you can then get out and confidently master your rock-climbing skills. Climb on!

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