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11 motivational mom moments

Motivational mom

Have you ever met another mom and thought, wow, she has it totally together? Or, maybe you spoke to another mom and felt inspired by something she said to you. These are examples of motivational mom moments.

No one has it all together, despite what outward exteriors might show you, but some moms will have outlooks on life or parenthood that differ from yours. When you talk to a parents who lives or believes differently than you do, it can provide inspriation to make changes in your everyday life. That’s how you learn and grow as individuals and as a tribe of mothers, working together to meet maximum potential. And that’s what this post is about: Defining what actions and mindsets exemplify a motivational mom.

When I think of inspiring mothers, I think of my mother, and that’s natural for a lot of daughters. My mom stands up for what she believes in and doesn’t give in to the pressure to do what everyone else is doing. That’s a great reminder to me to stand strong in my principles too. Here are 11 other things that might make you say, “Hey, that’s a motivational mom!”

11 things that define a motivational mom:

1. She remembers that she’s more than a mother

She was an individual before she gave birth to you, and that individual was still inside of her after that amazing day when you came into this world. As you focus on being a fantastic mother yourself, it’s easy to lose who you are as an individual, away from the kids.

Inspiring mothers remember that they’re independent of their children Their identity is not rooted in being a mother, but rather who they are inside of their heart and soul. It’s okay to be an individual, even if your heart is now living outside of your body in another person (or persons).

2. She takes time for herself

Maybe you know a woman who reads nearly every evening after dinner. I love to read as well, but her reading habit is habitual. She finishes her tasks for the day and then sits down to read the next chapter in one of her books.

Why is this an example of a motivational mom? It’s because she’s taking time for self-care.

She’s making time for something she loves each day; in this case, it’s reading a book. For other gals, maybe it’s gardening or… really it could be any hobby.

The point here is that inspiring moms take time for themselves, even if it’s simply drinking a hot cup of tea while watching her kids play outside. Breathe deep, mama!

3. She takes care of her health

Inspiring moms value their health. Unfortunately, many a mommy forgets that their health matters just as much as their child’s health.

It can be as simple as taking daily walks around the block. There are great strollers nowadays for jogging or everyday walking strollers. Take a look at this Urbini stroller review; it might be a good stroller for daily walks with baby.

No matter how she goes about it, she takes care of your health because it matters as much as anyone else’s. That might mean eating a healthy breakfast each day.

4. A motivational mom is a true friend

When you call her, she’s going to be there. It could be for moral support, a shoulder to cry on when you’re upset, or coming to your rescue to tell someone that you deserve better customer service at the store.

Inspiring moms are real friends who care wholeheartedly and want the best for the child. It may be hard to hang out with friends often when you have little ones, but being there to talk when you need someone is a sign of a mom you want to treasure.

5. She embraces the motherhood tribe

Have you ever met another mom who embraces the tribe of motherhood? Do they deliver meals to new moms, or are the first to help when you need it?

She might offer been-there-done-that advice or give you an ear to vent to when you’re frustrated.

She understands what you need because she’s a mom too, and a motivational mom embraces motherhood as a tribe. They know that we have to learn from each other, and no one can do it alone.

Most importantly, she doesn’t put other moms down for their choices. Whether you breastfeed or bottlefeed, she’s there to tell you the truth – you rock. She knows that you love your kids, even if you parent differently than her.

6. The recognition that mom and kids are human

We’re all humans, your kids included (although that might feel debatable at times, haha). Despite what social media might lead you to believe, you can’t do it all; it’s just impossible.

A motivational mom might might tell you that you can’t be great at everything; instead, you can be great at one or two things and good at other things. Don’t try to be the best at everything; find what matters the most, and focus there.

Inspiring parents also understand that everyone messes up sometimes, kids and adults. They take things in stride, for the most part.

It’s human to mess up now and then, really. Your kids are going to mess up and make a huge disaster at times. That’s the human coming out, and you’ll have to embrace that. Otherwise, you’ll go nutty.

Remember, perfection isn’t attainable.

7. She extends that same grace to other people

Respect women to women quote

It’s easy to remember that you’re human and that your kids make mistakes, but take it another step further. Everyone around you needs that grace too.

Sometimes, your partner says the wrong thing, or your parent makes you mad. Your friend might say something that inadvertently hurt your feelings.

Extend the grace that you hope everyone else will give you when you stumble and trip.

8. A motivational mom respects others

Here’s something that an inspirational mother doesn’t do: She doesn’t knock others for their choices.

An inspirational mamma understands that what works for her family doesn’t necessarily work for another.

In the end, all moms are just trying to love and take care of their kiddos. She respects other women and takes time to build each other up rather than using it to knock someone down.

9. She’s a family advocate at heart

The term “mama bear” is no joke. Mothers are known for being fierce when it comes to their children.

Sometimes, you have to advocate for your child to get what they need. It’s not always easy when it comes to advocating and pushing for your family.

Follow the intuition when it comes to what’s best for the youngsters. A motivational mom advocates and pushes for what the child needs, whether it’s getting a doctor to listen to their concerns or as big as pushing to change a policy in the local school district.

When it comes to kids, nothing is too big or too small.

10. Motivational mom: She knows that hard work has value

I watched my mom work hard as I grew up, working long days and then juggling a house with my dad.

Inspiring moms are hard workers. That doesn’t mean she has to work outside of the home either! Remember, when women support women it’s a judgment-free zone.

Instead, it’s about having to put in hard work to achieve the result you want for yourself, family, and more.

It might mean picking up a work-at-home job, using coupons, stretching pennies, or working hard to teach your child to read. There are millions of examples, but a motivating lady knows that if you want something, you might need to put in the effort to get it.

11. They never hesitate to say I Love You

Here are those powerful 3 words: “I Love You.” Say it every night, every day, and whenever you feel it.

You never know when the last time is that you can say it, so use the words boldly to your family and dear ones. Let them know that you love and treasured them.

Nothing is more inspirational than true love.

What are some other motivational mom moments? Share below and you’re sharing in the love!

25 thoughts on “11 motivational mom moments”

  1. This is beautiful!! I feel “Dads” are awesome, and play huge roles in a child’s life….But, Mammas’ just have a different connection with their kids. When Moms motivate their kids, especially at a young age, it’s a true game-changer for the child!!!

  2. Such a lovely post.
    Being a motivational mom is not easy, but having a motivational mom is one of the best things that can happen to a person. Thank you Christy, for reminding me to celebrate having a motivational mom, and try even more harder to be a motivational mom myself as well :)

  3. This lovely post brought a tear to my eyes Christy. My mum and I have a very close relationship and my daughters and I too have the same. Love my girls! It was so lovely to spend a week away in May for mother and daughter time in Montreal. In the past we went away with Grandma too! Special moments on time.

  4. can tell me more about who we feel if our mom is already die so how you are going to think that mom is an important person in our life?

    1. I’m sorry to hear your mom has passed away xx I think it’s always important to have the support of women, whether it’s your friend, aunt, another family member, church, school… When we support one another then we really can encourage one another to be at our best. While this post focuses on moms, many others here are about women having a support network of other females. Support is what is key xx

  5. petespringerauthor

    Your post could have been written about my mom, Christy. I don’t know if she was a “motivtional mom,” but she was the kind of person you looked at it and said, “I want to be just like her.”

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