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How to get good customer service feedback

Good customer service feedback

Customers are the people who matter the most for any business. In fact, you cannot imagine success unless they are happy and satisfied. Customer feedback, therefore, emerges as one of the most valuable insights for any business. It serves value in more than one way, from giving you insights into the satisfaction levels of the customers to helping you build a strategy to enhance it. Overall, you can propel the growth of your business once you recognize how to get good customer service feedback.

So, how do you know that your customers are on your side? Of course, you cannot go around asking every single one because you will probably have hundreds or thousands of them. Instead, you can use simple feedback forms to get things done.

Things become all the more challenging because people have little time and are not always willing to share feedback. Here are a few effective measures that can help you get opinions from customers to boost your biz.

Send a follow-up email/push notification/SMS survey

Perhaps the most widely used method to gather customer feedback is by sending a follow-up email, push notification or automated SMS message. As the name suggests, you send a follow-up mail/notification/SMS to the customer after they receive the product or avail of the service you provide.

Request them to rate the product or service and then you know how happy they are with it! The best part is that you can automate these surveys with specialized tools and still get valuable inputs.

Get good customer service feedback via live chat

Most websites integrate the chat feature, which serves the purpose of providing customer service and support. You can get smart and use the same feature to get their genuine feedback as well.

Including a basic set of questions regarding the product/service/support, the experience is a good idea. A majority of people who use live chat will be willing to answer unless you ask too many questions to them.

You can also review the chat transcripts and get some useful insights related to the experiences they share during the conversation.

Use Net Promoter Score

Another reliable method you can use to get genuine feedback is the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures customer loyalty on a scale of 1-10.

The survey is simple and efficient; with people being asked how likely they are to promote your business. Here is everything you need to know about the net promoter score.

It categorizes the customers into promoters, passives, and detractors on the basis of the rating they share. Once you categorize the customers, you can calculate the NPS. Get a measure of customer loyalty, retention rate, customer engagement, and other metrics by calculating the NPS.

Ask them directly

One of the traditional methods of gathering reviews is by asking the customers directly. You can do so by conducting interviews or asking them to fill out feedback forms in person.

The method can be time-consuming because you need to identify the target segments and pick customers who fit specific profiles. The benefit of asking directly is that you interact with the customers in person, which makes them feel valued.

Not only does it gets you genuine feedback but it increases buyer loyalty as well. Bonus!

Monitor social media for bad and good customer service feedback

You can go the extra mile to get feedback by proactively monitoring the social media channels to understand what people have to say. The growing popularity of these platforms makes them a place where customers share their opinions about brands and their offerings.

Keep a track of customer reviews, read and reply to comments, and monitor the number of buyers who like your products and services. Social media also serves as a great platform to interact and engage with the customers so that you fully understand their pain points.

Give incentives for honest reactions

The biggest challenge for businesses that want to collect good customer service feedback is that people are not willing to share it. They may not have time or simply may not be interested enough to leave a comment.

The best way to overcome this challenge is by offering an incentive to people who are willing to share honest opinions. The reward doesn’t have to be cash; instead, you can offer them a deal or discount coupon.

This idea is smart because it gets you customer feedback as well as boosts your sales in the long run. Keep in mind though that even while you incentivize the buyers, make sure that the survey is still short and easy to complete. Ahem, people are busy.

Get good customer service feedback

These are the popular methods that you can leverage to get authentic reactions from shoppers to your products and services. Once you know what real customers have to say, use the insights to improve your offerings.

An honest effort to make your customers happy and satisfied can definitely help you unlock the growth potential for your business.

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