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Any of these books make the perfect bridal shower gift

Perfect bridal shower gift? Books!

2.4 million couples get married in the USA every year. That’s a lot of weddings and a lot of bridal showers! A few weeks ago I attended one and it was a surprise, so fun! Next month I have one for… me! As I was thinking about the perfect bridal shower gift, one of the things I considered was books.

About the wedding shower

The run-up to a wedding is always a fun and exciting (but also stressful!) time. It’s a time when both the bride and groom get to have one final party as a bachelor or bachelorette with their best friends.

The common courtesy for modern bridal showers is to bring a small gift for the lady of the hour. It could be something that’s a treat for her, such as a nice book. This one fits in nicely with the etiquette that a bridal shower gift be between $25 and $75.

From novels to self-help guides and other types of nonfiction, there are plenty of reads that make perfect wedding shower gift ideas. If the book is written by a female then you’re doing your part to encourage women writers too, which is great!

Without further ado, here is a list of some of the best literature that make great presents for her wedding shower. Practical, useful, and interesting!

1. Save the Date by Jen Doll

This a super fun book that explores a whole host of different wedding experiences told from the perspective of a “serial guest”

It’s the kind of book that can help a bride to get really excited about her own big day, and hopefully calm her nerves a little bit through shared experience!

2. Thebridge & Taylor Wedding Planner is a perfect bridal shower gift

When you receive the bridal showers invitation, you’ll be aware there is so much planning the bride still has to do. She’ll find it useful to have everything written down in one place for quick and easy reference.

That’s where Thebridge & Taylor Wedding Planner comes in. This beautiful A4 size planner is one of the best wedding shower offerings you can give to help the bride organize everything.

It’s full of helpful spaces for everything she needs to do, from flowers to food to seating arrangements. It’s everything that a new bride needs for her big day.

3. Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Another hit chic-lit release by Sophie Kinsella is one of those perfect bridal gift ideas. This book tells a story about a married couple who find lots of ways to make their life together more exciting.

Not only does the story focus on marriage, but it’s the kind of novel that can provide some distraction and relaxation when planning stress gets to be too much!

4. The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

This is a novel that captures the magic of the real-life romance that we all saw play out in the last few years between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Of course, the characters are slightly different and 100% fictional in The Royal We. But it still gives off the same vibes and in terms of the bride-to-be’s event, it a great choice for a fun and on-topic present.

Books are the perfect wedding shower gift

So, there you have 4 book choices, all of which would make for the perfect bridal shower gift. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to celebrate loved ones, here you go.

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