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What to write on a birthday invitation: Getting ready to party

Writing a birthday invitation

So you’ve decided to have a birthday party – awesome! Now you need to get all the people there. Sending out invites is the first step to making sure your party is a smash, whether it’s for you, your hubby or child, or someone else special. But do you know what to include on the invite to make sure people get to your event or at least communicate with you about their attendance? Keep reading for exactly what to write on a birthday invitation.

Don’t miss any details when you follow these tips!

Date and time

The first tip for what to write on a birthday invitation is definitely to make sure you include the date and time. It may seem like an obvious thing to remember but people often forget to include these details or write down the wrong ones.

You can double-check with a free planner to make sure that all your “when” details are accurate before sending out your invitations.

Location details

Guests will need to know where they are going and typically people like to get comfortable with where the location is before the day. So then they can map out their travel distance ahead of time and arrive on time.

If you’ve booked a venue (or are even having it at home), include the full name and exact address. You could even print out a map of the location. Also, if you know the location is hard to get to, then part of what to write on a birthday invitation is to include a helpful note about that.

For example, “The entrance is at the right side of the building” or “Montgomery Street is a sharp right turn after the church.” Anticipate any navigational issues and plan ahead to avoid them for your guests.

More about what to write on a birthday invitation:

The theme (if any)

Lots of people have themed parties for their special occasions. You don’t have to, though. But if you decide to go with a theme, it’s important to let your guests know beforehand so that they can play along with whatever one you’re selected.

Phone number and email

Make sure you include contact information for people to be able to get in touch with you about any questions or concerns. You don’t have to write both your phone number and email if you prefer one over the other. But do specify which one is the best way to contact you.

And if certain times are best for the phone calls, such as outside your office hours, then make mention of it on the party invite.

Event dress code

Your birthday party might be upscale or you might just want people to come in certain attire. If you don’t know what to write on a birthday invitation then the event dress code is definitely something to include in it if there is one.

Be specific about:

  • Colors
  • Styles
  • Anything you’d like your guests to wear

Alternatively, explain what you don’t want your guests to wear, such as “no sneakers please” or “no hats.”

Special instructions

Include any other special instructions for the party, such as wanting your guests to bring specific items or entering the venue at a certain door. Be clear and concise with these directions so attendees won’t be confused upon arrival.

RSVP details

You might be unsure of what to write on a birthday invitation but want people to let you know that they are coming. In this case, including all details on how they can RSVP. Let them know exactly who to speak with or which way to RSVP.

There are lots of ways to RSVP nowadays, including:

  • Email
  • Event website
  • Text message
  • Postal mail

Now that you know what to write on a birthday invitation

Now that you’re clear on what to write on a birthday invitation, mail your invites out so the party can start soon! Another tip is to make sure you have everyone’s updated mailing address.

What are some other details to include in a bday party invite? Also, do you prefer paper or digital invitations?

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