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3 things to consider for your kids’ 10th birthday party

10th birthday party considerations

When you plan a party for your child, there is always a focus on fun. But if you’re not sure which details will be a hit at a 10th birthday party, then you’ll want to consider the 3 points below.

First, though, know you’re not alone in finding it difficult to plan the bday bash for a 10-year-old.

The 10th birthday party challenge

OK, here’s the thing about age 10. It’s kind of an “in-between year.” They’re past little kids’ games but not yet old enough for a teen-style birthday.

So while it may have been relatively easy when they were younger, their tastes likely got changed over the years, especially regarding games and themes. So if you’re struggling with what to do for your kids’ 10th birthday party, it’s understandable. Start to plan the event with the ideas below in mind.

Entertain, entertain, entertain

The key to keeping kids happy at a 10th birthday party is to keep them entertained – all party long. Ahem, assuming that they will just chat and stay busy on their own without any help from you is bound to lead to disaster.

Instead, it’s a good idea to have a rough schedule of games and activities in mind to play during the event. Now, that doesn’t mean every single game has to be brought out!

Instead, go with the flow while planning the party. And by the way, ask your partner to help share the responsibility.

Consider such activities as different board games, Twister, bowling, or some shooting games. There are lots of ideas today on the Internet you can search for and try. Another great entertainment idea for ten-year-olds can be made from custom inflatables such as huge obstacle courses, waterslides, or bouncy houses, though the latter is mostly loved by preschoolers. However, these are among the fun ideas that always guarantee joyful and unforgettable memories.

The point here is that you have ideas ready to go. If one doesn’t end up being popular with the kiddos then move on to the next idea from the brainstorming session you did before the day.

If you want to take the activities to the next level, look into party game rentals. Doing so allows you to step outside the box of the traditional party games that are too young for a 10-year-old.

AirFun Games is an example of a company offering party game rentals such as a giant Jenga game, Plinko, Spin Art Machine, and more.

Choose an age-appropriate menu

Another focus of the 10th birthday party? Food!

We’re talking about growing kids here with big appetites on some of them. So you’ll want to spend time on the meal and/or snacks you plan to serve on the special occasion.

Again, it’s time to step out of the young child’s style of food and offer them something a bit more appealing. With that said, they most likely won’t be interested in anything too fancy or adventurous – they are still kids!

If you’re serving up a meal, some common crowd-pleasers are:

  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Pizza

They’re quick and easy too! Make sure you have a variety of drinks too; that way they stay well hydrated while busy playing.

And finger foods are great to have on hand. That way the youngsters can grab and go.

Oh and the cake! Make sure it suits your little one and the theme (see the next section). Oh, and it has to be yummy, of course.

As part of the cake considerations, decide if you’ll buy or make it first. If it’s homemade, who will make it? What about decorations? If it’s super elaborate then it might be best to go to a bakery. Also, which flavors? Answer the Yummly questions to get to the best taste for your kid’s bash.

As for snacks, stick to finger foods that kids can grab and go. Don’t forget to also offer them a variety of drinks to keep them well hydrated as they are busy playing.

Also, ask parents of the attending children about any food allergies if your son or daughter isn’t sure of any. Then eliminate these items from the menu.

A 10th birthday party theme? Not necessarily

Lastly, there is the topic of a theme for the 10th birthday party. When your child is young, the theme tends to be a character they love, a television or movie they enjoy, animal-related, etc. In other words, it’s quite easy to find a theme.

At age 10, though, a theme may not be something they are overly thrilled about. It might seem dorky or too cutesy. Ask your child what they want!

Yup, it can be that easy. As goes the famous saying, “I can’t read minds.”

So while you might think a themed party will get an eye roll from your youngster, it might not. Their answer might surprise you.

If they don’t want a traditional theme, then you might instead focus on a particular color palette as a way to bring décor together. Having that common thread can unify everything at the get-together, from the tablecloth to the balloons.

Obviously, choose a color you are certain your little guy or gal loves. Again, ask them if you’re not sure what shade they’re digging right now.

Each of these tips will help you to throw a birthday party for your 10-year-old that they will adore. And you’ll adore seeing them having fun too!

12 thoughts on “3 things to consider for your kids’ 10th birthday party”

  1. When my son was that age, Christy, the most important part of the party was time to spend with friends, whether watching movies or playing games he had chosen, or simply hanging out. That was also the year I created a make-it-yourself brownie sundae bar for his party, complete with homemade brownies, ice cream, and multiple toppings, instead of serving a traditional birthday cake. That was such a hit he requested the same thing every year until he was through high school!

  2. Some great suggestions here, Christy. My grandson is coming up for ten this year. I wonder how they’ll celebrate.
    When I was ten, my grandfather congratulated me on having reached double figures. I hadn’t thought of it as a special milestone in that way before, but I liked it and now pass it on to each new ten year old.
    One of my brothers (I have six) was born four days before my tenth birthday and Mum was still in hospital. It was traditional for mothers to stay in hospital for a week back then. My Dad made a large pot of cocoa and maybe a cake and my friends in the neighbourhood came over for afternoon tea after school. It was a memorable celebration.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful 10th birthday for you as a girl, Norah. A wonderful way to remind you of how special you are. Plus a great memory with your dad!

  3. My daughter is turning 10 and I have no idea how to throw a perfect birthday party for her…. completely running out of ideas…

    1. Does she have a favorite game? Or book? How about group activities she likes? If she’s crafty, set up a crafts station. Or they could all join in to make side dishes for the BBQ. Get the kids involved in fun outdoor activities, even setting up badminton in the backyard. Hope that helps and she has an awesome 10th bday!

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