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The brilliant benefits of studying business online (Infographic)

studying business online

More than 6.3 million students in the United States took at least one course online in fall 2016. That number was up 5% from the year prior, which shows the growing number of people seeking education via the web. When studying business online, in particular, there are many advantages for the pupil.

Online MBA and other possibilities

If you’re looking to advance your career, and you have an interest in management or another biz area, taking a course like an online MBA is likely to provide brilliant benefits. As the infographic below highlights, there’s a huge amount to gain from studying for a master’s in business online.

According to the infographic, students applying to pursue a master’s program, such as an MBA, have a diverse background. At Northeastern University, for example, students come from sectors ranging from healthcare and financial services to IT, consulting, and manufacturing.

Furthermore, individuals studying business online through Northeastern hail from companies and organizations that include Levi Strauss, the US Navy and Army, and GE.

Benefits of studying business online

Online courses are appealing to students, especially those who currently have a job, because the programs are flexible. In other words, they facilitate earning while learning.

The online format enables you to study when you want, and you can fit learning in around your work commitments.

As for the goal of studing business online, the infographic suggests that most people want to complete a degree program for their own personal satisfaction. But almost 20% of students want to advance their career.

Gaining an online business master’s not only creates opportunities, but it also increases the chances of earning more money. More than 70% of graduates reported an increase in their salary after graduation.

Moreover, almost 50% had been offered a promotion. The graphic also suggests that advanced study can prepare graduates for leadership roles.

Indeed, more than 70% of graduates reached supervisor or manager level. A respectable 8% took CEO, CIO or equivalent roles.

Infographic Design By Northeastern University

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