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Personal Trainer Sessions: 4 Surefire Ways to Get Killer Results

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People join gyms all the time but are often hesitant to go in and workout because they are not yet in shape or they don’t know what to do when they get there. In either case, a major driving force for gym avoidance is a fear of judgement by other people. One fantastic way to put yourself at ease is to hire a personal trainer. If you go this route, and I’ll tell you some of the benefits of doing so, here’s how to get the most out of the personal trainer sessions.

Why Use Personal Training Sessions?

Working out with a trainer signals that you are on a fitness journey, which can really amp up your motivation. You’re making a commitment to yourself and the investment in YOU is worth it.

Plus, you can learn a lot from a professional who has the credentials and experience to deliver the results you want for your body. Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscle, train for a future marathon, or something else, you can get the training sessions to meet that goal over time.

Will it be hard work? Yup! I worked with a personal trainer earlier in the year and let me tell you there were days I didn’t want to meet her, whether it was because I was unmotivated or felt other things took precedence in the day. But I kept going because I had committed myself to it and didn’t and that you are going to let either of us down.

More Benefits – Yup, I Know Firsthand!

Plus, I learned how to do a lot of different exercises with weights to tone my body, which was a big goal of mine. She taught me how to do a prop squat and great moves to work the triceps. Having proper form is important at all times to avoid hurting the back or pulling a muscle.

Thus, to get the results you want, working one-on-one with a pro who delivers sessions full of activities that work toward your fitness goal is great. The sessions are tailored to your needs and can take into account any existing issues to avoid making them worse. For example, I have a shoulder condition that had to be taken into account.

Of course, you’ll want to make the most of your time together. Read on to discover the four keys to getting the most out of your trainer.

Fitness trainer fist bumps her
Choose a personal trainer who encourages you and monitors your progress. Fist bump time!

1. Choosing the Right Trainer

Personal trainers can have a variety of different certifications and specializations. Therefore, you need to find the one that is best equipped to help you meet your goals.

For example, if you are recovering from an injury, you need an experienced trainer who has the skills to offer modifications. To find out, ask the person you’re considering hiring if they have worked with anyone who has your current condition. If so, how have they accomodated the client? Their answer can help you zone in on whether it’s the right trainer for you.

And here’s another example. If you want someone who can create a training plan to reach your first marathon, consider looking for a personal trainer who has either:

  • Participated in the event themselves, or
  • Helped other clients achieve similar goals 

2. Maximize Your Personal Training Sessions

Personal trainers tend to book clients in blocks, so the hour they have for you rarely has margins. Mine were 1 hour sessions.

Maximize your time with the professional by getting to the gym early to change, if you meet at the gym, or being ready at home before they’re due to arrive there. Also warm up before they even see you.

This warm up is exactly what it sounds like: to “warm up” your muscles so there’s less likely to be a sprain or another injury. For me, I walked the treadmill for 5-10 minutes at a brisk pace before the start of the hour.

By getting the warmup out of the way before your session, you get more actual training time with your fitness professional. While your trainer can show you various stretches and warmup exercises, here are a few fun and effective ways to warm up to start you off.

She cuts veggies in kitchen
Stick to your nutrition plan or you could be wasting your presonal training sessions!

3. Follow The Plan

You are paying your personal trainer to create a workout plan for you as well as to advise you on nutrition concepts that fit with your lifestyle. So let’s be clear about another thing here. You are also paying for them to help keep you accountable to those goals.

All of this falls apart if you choose not to follow through with any part of the plan. While the fitness trainer isn’t with you 24/7, they expect you to stick with their recommendations to be able to achieve the results you’re working towards together.

So, if you consistently miss the scheduled fitness training sessions, don’t pay attention to your eating habits, and drink excessively every weekend, then you’re wasting your time and money. While that might sound silly and illogical, it happens.

4. Know When to End the Relationship

Maybe you thought your personal trainer was an excellent fit for you at first, but somewhere along the way, things changed. It’s scenarios like this one that make it is essential to know when it is time to end the relationship and move on.

You might find too that your personal training sessions aren’t meeting your expectations for one of the following reasons:

  • Your trainer isn’t listening to you
  • They’re not checking in on you consistently for feedback on your progress
  • It’s not custom to your goals
  • Your trainer isn’t taking your physcial limitations in’t account

If one or more of these things aren’t happening, it could be a dealbreaker for you. Another reason to look for someone else is if your trainer is consistently late to or distracted during sessions. At that point, I urge you to end the relationship and find one that delivers the attention you not only deserve, but are paying for!

A Few Last Words on Personal Training Sessions

Your personal trainer can open the door to a new level of fitness and comfort in the gym or help you amp up your fitness levels at home. To get the most out of this critical relationship, make sure you find a trainer with the right skill-set to help you achieve your goals.

Once you do, make sure you maximize your time with them and follow the plan they give you. Finally, if the relationship isn’t working, don’t be afraid to pull the plug and start over with someone new.

Have you done personal training sessions or do you plan to do so? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts below.

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    1. It really does help to stay on track when you’re accountable to a trainer in addition to yourself. If you do so, let me know how it goes Jeri!

    1. Oh yes, a major thing in my opinion that makes a good trainer is someone who takes your weaknesses – and strengths – into account, personalizing each workout to YOU.

  1. Melissa Seifrit

    This is excellent advice. I once had a trainer who just decided to push too hard and didn’t listen. That broken trust does leave an impression.

    1. Broken trust – so hard to ever get past that! I’m sorry you had that negative experience. It was tough to hit “liked” on this comment :X

  2. nice blog post…good tips…trainer is very important…because most people use different pills & proteins to get fast results…its very dangerous to take any kind stuff without guidence

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