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10 Steps to Receiving Your Deserved Compensation for Car Accident

To get compensation after accident, she calls lawyer, insurance co, and lawyer

Being involved in a road accident can be so scary. The trail of events that are procedurally required by the law in the aftermath of an accident can be even more demanding and cause a nightmare. Besides, the threat of suffering serious injuries after an accident and the losses incurred in terms of property damage can be a major turning point in your life. Most of these worries, however, can be eased by securing appropriate vehicle insurance. After involvement in a car accident, however, the due process of the law must follow. The entire process can be so long that you may end up missing the much-desired compensation for injuries and property damage. Here are 10 steps you can take to ensure that you receive your desired compensation for car accident on time.

1. Inform Law Enforcement

The first important step that you need to take is to immediately alert law enforcement of the occurrence of the accident. Whether the accident involved your vehicle and other motorists or is just as a single car accident, involving law enforcement is the most important part of the entire process.

The traffic police officers, upon arrival at the scene, play a crucial role in assessing the nature of car crash involved. The officers can then write an official accident report which can then be used by other agencies in helping process your insurance claims.

2. Tell Your Insurance Agency

The next important step is to immediately alert your insurance agent about the accident. Most insurance companies recommend accident victims to immediately report by calling specific lines written on the insurance stickers.

By alerting them immediately after the occurrence of the accident, you get a benefit of the doubt against foul play. Furthermore, you’re giving the agent plenty of time to set in place the necessary steps to ensure that your claims process on time. That’s all part of getting the deserved compensation for car accident.

3. Want Compensation after Accident? Collect Evidence

After alerting the necessary personnel, then collect any evidence that may be necessary to ensure that the accident scene is processed as quickly as possible. Depending on your insurance, the kind of evidence you collect can be useful to determine whether you will be liable to receive compensation for car accident or not.

If your crash involved your vehicle and another motorist, the evidence you collect, such as dashcam videos and witnesses statements, can help police make an accurate judgment on who is at fault in causing the accident. This evidence helps make sure accurate judgments happen right on time.

4. Receive Necessary Medical Attention

After an accident, you may suffer severe and mild car accident-related injuries. Most injuries, in these cases, involve bruised skin, crushed or broken bones, or even skin cuts that cause bleeding. Seeking medical attention on time helps prevent further risks to your health as a result a lot of pain and excessive bleeding.

Contacting emergency medical services ensures that such help arrives on the accident scene on time. Professional medical attendants will also help keep an accurate log of every kind of injury received and the respective treatment administered for later insurance compensation.

5. Keep All Paperwork Safe

The process of filing and processing of insurance claim after an accident involves a lot of paperwork. Essential papers to speed up and determine the outcome of a filed insurance claim include:

  • Identification documents
  • Insurance documents and stickers
  • Medical reports
  • Medical receipts of any payments resulting from receiving medical treatment
  • Police accident investigation reports

Given their importance, keep these types of documents safe and immediately provide them to authorities upon request. It’s all part of making sure you get fair compensation for car accident.

6. Seek the Services of an Accident Attorney

Always, immediately after involvement in an accident, contact an accident attorney. Informing your accident attorney of your involvement in the accident helps to ensure that they know any and every step after that.

The attorney’s services may be crucial in helping advise you on the steps to take for proper filing of insurance claims. Their services would be even more crucial in cases where there are delays in the insurance claim process.

7. Follow Advice to Get Compensation after Accident

In the process of liaising with different officials and personnel involved, you will receive directions and orders from many persons. Examples of these people usually are:

  • Medical personnel
  • Police officers
  • Your attorney
  • Insurance agent processing your claim

Given their expertise, it’s typically advisable follow their advice and directions.

8. Issue Regular Reminders

Sometimes, the processing of a claim for compensation for car accident is overly long. To make sure that you get compensated after an accident and that such compensation is not unnecessarily delayed, you may have send regular reminders to your insurance company. Making polite reminders by phone and email helps keep the company on its toes.

9. For Compensation after Accident, Confirm Accuracy

When filling any insurance claim, forms as required by your insurance company. When filling out these forms, it’s usually best to ensure that every detail is as accurate as possible.

You should pay close attention to details, such as your personal information, and ensure that you double-check before submitting them. That’s important because any discrepancy in personal info on the forms can cause the insurance company to delay the whole process until getting accurate submissions. And that’s just delaying when you receive compensation for car accident.

10. Seek a Legal Redress

Sometimes, insurance companies take so much time and even threaten to deny you compensation. The reasons behind such denials and delays might be valid and unavoidable. However, in some cases, some reasons may not entirely make rational sense, especially with rogue insurance companies.

In either case, you should seek legal redress over the issue by working with your attorney to file a court case compelling the insurance company to either (a) release your accident compensation, or (b) speed up the process and serve you with regular updates on the progress. Doing so ensures that you receive the much-deserved compensation after accident and right on time. As you can see, it’s important to know your legal rights and work with an experienced attorned to get what you are entitled to following a road accident.

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  1. Back when I was still able to drive I had wonderful experiencee with Geico. That’s a car insurance company that lives up to its word. They kept me in the loop and made sure that my Honda got fixed in a timely manner. They paid. Yes that little Gecko representing Geico told the Truth.

    1. It’s true because most of us don’t like to think about scenarios like accidents… But it’s good to prepare and know what to do in case. Thanks Michael.

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