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Tips and tricks to run an effective Google Ads campaign

Google Ads campaign tips

This post is the start of what I hope to be helpful posts on making money blogging and optimizing your blog to get more views, with the overall goal to give you tools to help succeed as a female entrepeneur! Now, let’s get into today’s topic on successfully running a Google Ads campaign.

Your Google Ads campaign

Almost two decades ago, the idea of reaching a target audience through the internet and converting them into customers seemed quite far-fetched. But then, Google AdWords happened. Google Ads is within the AdWords advertising platform that allows the users to place bids on the keywords they think their customers are going to use the most while searching for a particular product.

So, in a market as competitive as today’s, make the most of this offering by Google by following these simple tips and tricks. And, yes, I use Google Ads to earn income here at my blog.

Make your homepage as compelling and relevant as possible

If you think that Google Ads is going to take your business to places without making any amends to your website, then I hate to break it to you that it isn’t going to work like that. The first thing that you need to do is to update your homepage. The homepage is the most viewed page of my blog, by far. It is the page where the ads redirect your potential customers.

Really, it’s all about the homepage. The very content of this page decides whether the visitor will be compelled to become a potential customer or not, if you’re selling products or services through it. It’s the reason why you would hear a lot of the Search Engine Specialists reiterating the importance of SEO optimizing the landing page.

While optimizing or modifying, make sure that the homepage mentions the exact phrase of the ads you’re using on the page. If people visiting your site find it hard to connect the ad’s message to the page then they’ll probably leave the website quickly. Make sure you grab the reader’s attention by giving them what they came looking for.

Keywords are key

Search Engine Optimization IS key. The SEO specialists say it, as do web developers, and I know that you are now tired of hearing this, but it is true.

Keywords or key phrases play a significant role in successful Google ads. This is how it works on Google Ads:

  1. The user types a word or a phrase
  2. Mother Google quickly understands what the user might have an interest in and triggers Ads
  3. Google Ads shows relevant ads to the user

See, it all begins with the right keyword. So the ad has to have the right keywords. And not only the right keywords but the right blend of keywords would do. Do not overdo keywords, and pick the ones that you think describe your products the best. This way not only will your ad be shown to the right viewers but also entail information they are actually looking for.

You can hire SEO agencies that have expertise in the said area. VM Interactive & Healthy Links is one of the top ones.

Identify the goal of your Google Ads campaign

Different types of ads have different purposes. Certain ads are meant to achieve maximum impressions while others just want engagement. To proceed with an ad campaign, you first need to identify the goal of the ad. Once defined, you will see how different other things are contingent upon it.

It is important to note too that there are different types of keywords to use to reach different kinds of goals. For instance, for getting impressions, I suggest using broad match keywords.

Thus, an effective Google Ads campaign involves:

(a) Identify the goal of the ad

(b) Search which type of keywords are meant for it

(c) Incorporate those into your ad, as well as the landing page

Know your audience

Understanding the kind of audience you are dealing with is also a significant factor that determines the success of your ad. One of the best ways to go about it is by researching them.

For this step, go through the websites that your target audience surfs the most. Doing so will tell you about their interests. From their interests, you can know a good deal about them.

You can mold your text according to what the reader would like to read. Then they are likely to stay on your website for an extended period. And the longer they stay, the higher are the chances that they will become your customers.

Don’t get Stuck on one Google Ads copy and keep testing

The common mistake that we all tend to do is sticking to one type of Ad (as in its content) and waiting for it to work. If a specific ad fails to produce any results, change it.

Creating ads and running them successfully isn’t easy, that’s for sure. If you have sign up for it, though, don’t just waste the resources by getting stagnant. Keep on experimenting until you find what works best for you.

Follow these essential tips for your next Google Ads campaign gets you leads you have been waiting for.

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  1. Thanks for this information.

    I do have enough clicks for both of my Google ads.

    The problem is that I am having difficulty in getting customers to my website (

    Maybe I have to wait for them to know and trust it more.

  2. Thanks for writing this Christy. I have never tried running a different type of ad campaign. Perhaps I need to do this to see if there is any difference in results.

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