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15 Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings

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Ah yes, weddings. We just so happen to be in the midst of planning ours! So when Stella Ryne suggested writing on kids at weddings, I was like, please do! These fun ideas to keep kids entertained at weddings can help anyone organizing a wedding ensure that kids and parents have a great time on the big day.

Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings

Weddings, as beautiful and special they are, can be stressful to plan. Parents that came to the wedding with children know what that’s about.

The little ones can’t be expected to find the same things amusing as you do. And they probably don’t have your patience either. Many couples worry about children getting bored at their wedding, annoying their parents, or even going crazy at the reception.

If you want to organize a nice wedding reception where children can have fun without their parents having to attend to them, make sure there are some forms of entertainment for boys and girls. In case you want ideas, here are some great ones!

1. Games for the Kids’ Table

If there are a couple of kids of the same age who will be present at the wedding, then seat them together at a special table. It will be more fun for them if you do so, especially if you give them some games and make sure there’s somebody who will watch over them and get them what they need.

There are so many games they could play while sitting at the table, including Eye Spy for Weddings, Wedding Activity Book, and Wedding Coloring Pages. Scavenger Hunt is also fun to play if you make a list of items like a funny hat, something blue, etc.

2. Hire Professional Entertainment

Young children are probably best off with professional entertainers like magicians, face painters, or artists. They might cost a bit but it would mean a lot to both the kids and parents. It will keep them occupied most of the time, making it a great idea to keep kids entertained at weddings.

3. Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings with Cameras

You can give a couple of cameras to the kids and let them run around, taking photos and recording videos. The idea is great, although it could lead to damaging one of the cameras. Still, if the kids are big enough to take care of the cameras, then they might end up not only having lots of fun but also making some great memories for you. In the end, you could organize a contest to see who made the funniest picture of all.

4. Goody Bags with Treats

Kids like presents in any form, so prepare each one of them a little surprise in the form of treats. Those goody bags are sure to keep kids entertained at weddings, right?

Make sure that every personalized bag is age-appropriate. Besides treats, there are many other things you could get them that don’t cost much. The ideas include:

  • Mini puzzles
  • Toys
  • Glow sticks
  • Snacks and juice
  • Bubbles
  • Balloons
  • Crayons

The packaging itself will likely excite them, so make an effort about with the bags too.

5. Get Them a Piñata

Kids of all ages simply love hitting a piñata. Everybody will have fun while trying to get what’s inside of it. Maybe it won’t last too long but it will certainly make them remember your wedding as the time they had fun and got to hit a big piñata!

Fun arts and crafts keep kids entertained at weddings
Arts and crafts projects can keep little ones busy for hours. Photo via Unsplash.

6. Arts and Crafts

Kids love making things, so designate an area for them where they can get artistic. Get supplies like buckets full of crayons, craft supplies, and playdough. You could also add wedding-themed crafts as the reception is sure to inspire them. Include designing a wedding dress or a decoration of a wedding cake. Another art project can be making masks for the happy couple.

7. Designate a Movie Room

Another way to keep kids entertained at weddings is to set up a quiet room for them to enjoy a film or two. You can fill the room with soft pillows, kiddie chairs or beanbags, bring the popcorn, and let them chill. Watching a movie is a good activity to relax the kids before they go to bed.

8. Kids Photo Booth

Having a photo booth can be fun not just for kids but also for adults! There are various props that you can provide and let the kids have their fun making faces for photos and creating great memories.

It’s important to fill the booth with dress-up items for children too. You might even have a totally separate kids photo booth from the adult one. However, there’s not really a need for that if you find a really entertaining photo booth. Companies like Photoboothme offer great ideas that are fun for both kids and adults. The more props and dress-up you provide, the better.

9.  Water Gun Instead of Confetti

Usually kids are part of the wedding ceremony. The tradition is to use rice, confetti or petals for tossing during the ceremony or after the big kiss. Why go all traditional though? Let the kids have miniature water guns and tell them to fire away when the couple is pronounced husband and wife. It would be original and big fun for everybody involved. But tell them to spray the guns into the air rather than at people directly – sopping wet bride and groom, as well as guests, are not a good equation!

10. Drinks to Keep Kids Entertained at Weddings

Make sure your underage guests have fun when drinking beverages as much as the adult guests. Fresh-squeezed lemonade is always a good choice, especially if you add swirly straws to the glasses. You can even install a kid-friendly drink station where they can choose their own twisty straw in a crazy colour after they choose a beverage.

11. Serve Sweets like the Old Times

Have a server carry a vintage candy tray around the reception venue and offer the sweets to kids. Fill the tray with both modern and old-fashioned sweets. Take the time to properly label the sweets too so that everybody knows the flavour beforehand.

Keep kids at weddings entertained with ice cream
Hello ice cream! Chocolate and vanilla are a hit with most kids.

12. Ice Cream Works Every Time

Rare are the kids who don’t love ice cream. Arrange for a server to pass scooped ice cream cones around the venue. Vanilla and chocolate are the most beloved flavours; you can’t go wrong with them. Alternatively, you can have an ice cream station where kids can choose the flavours they like. Have an alternative option in place for lactose-intolerant children so they’re not excluded from the fun.

13. Professional Babysitters

Babysitters will be incredibly helpful if they watch over the kiddies in a designated area before and after the meal. That way, the parents can have some time on their own, not having to run after their kids. Professional babysitters will not only watch over the youngsters but will also entertain them while the parents are dance and socialize.

14. Outdoor Games

Finally, outdoor games are ways to keep kids entertained at weddings. If the venue also has an outside area, let the kids have fun there. They will be free to run as much as they want without breaking or spilling anything or running into the guests. There are so many outdoor games they could play if the weather is nice too. Games like lawn bowling, hopscotch or Twister are great entertainment to occupy them for hours.

If you provide them with skipping ropes and kites, they’re sure to enjoy the wedding reception. In case you hire a babysitter, they’ll make sure all the kids are amused. So, there’s no need for the parents to worry about what the kids are doing outside or if they are safe.

15. Trivia Quizzes

Kids like to answer questions and learn. So, set them trivia questions by Triviawell. This can help to keep them entertained and occupied for hours on end!

Final Comments

Your wedding day can be a day when everybody has fun – both kids and grown-ups! If you organize the entertainment for the kids ahead of time and make it diverse and playful, there’s no need to worry. They will enjoy themselves and allow their parents to have fun too!

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  1. Here in Nigeria, children are almost out of the picture when it comes to weddings but I think I’ll be the first to consider them during mine lol,good one Christy.

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