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4 Feng Shui Tips to Relieve Stress

Relieve stress by applying feng shui principles

Many times when we’re looking for ways to relieve stress in daily life we look inward at what we can do for ourselves, from exercise to meditation. While these strategies are undoubtedly important and beneficial, an additional way to holistically approach your stress level and well-being is to examine your daily surroundings. Feng shui is an ancient method of organizing your life for balance, wellness, and health; it can help shape homes and provide spaces that reinforce and complement daily stress management activities. Thus, the feng shui tips below might help you.

1. Clutter

Energy flow and creating a house that promotes harmony and peace is one of the essentials of feng shui. Having clutter anywhere only adds to rather than relieves stress. Clutter does not help you achieve balance and can have a negative impact on overall well-being.

Almost every person has “that” corner, chair, table, or area that has a pile of stuff that collects over time and weighs on you every time you walk past it. The fight against clutter might seem pointless at times, but with some planning and finding an organization system that works for you, it can be manageable. Tackling clutter is often the most challenging feng shui tip. Indeed, knowing how or where to start can be the toughest step of all.

How to Clear Your Home’s Clutter

There are two popular methods that might be good options to consider if you’re not sure where to begin. One option is to select small, manageable areas one at a time until you reach every part of your home. Alternatively, try sorting through by item (clothing, toys, etc.) and taking a holistic approach immediately

The key to decluttering and organization is to find one that works for you. Even the “best” system out there will be useless if it doesn’t speak to your preferences and habits. Once you’re able to get ahead of clutter, you’ll be that much closer to being able to enjoy your home. That’s as opposed to feeling immediate overwhelm upon walking in the door. And that’s how you begin to relieve stress holistically.

If you’re still having trouble though, remember some of the following feng shui principles when going through this process. Doing so might help you. Pairs of items, creating flowing lines, and bringing nature into your house are all feng shui tips. Knowing that the end goal of what you envision can act as a guide or shortcut too.

For example, get down to just your two favorite accent pillows on the sofa. Or, clear out a bright corner for a new plant to soak up the sun. Alternatively, move some photographs from old albums up onto the wall. All of these activities can speed up the decluttering process and, in turn, relieve stress.

Essentially, mapping out only what you want in each room can be the little push necessary to get to the finish line.

2. Organization and Storage

Now that your space has only the essentials of “home” for you, it’s time to organize it to be functional too. Clear paths and clean spaces are what help positive energy, or “chi” move freely through your home. Disorganized spaces simply lead to clutter creeping back in and bad energy building up and getting blocked, which will only work against all your hard work and time spent organizing.

This is where research is your best friend. Look around at different methods of storage and types of containers that will fit your needs and the shape and space. Look into everything from in-closet systems to functional storage created by artfully displaying items on a bookshelf. Remember, no organization method or system will ever be perfect – especially in a busy house with kids!

Perfection is not the goal of these feng shui tips though. Instead, the aim is to give you a good foundation so you can easily act on your daily health habits and goals. Everyone in the home being on the same page about where to keep things and being mindful to be tidy is the measure of success. And that’s also what will help keep stress levels under control.

Feng shui bedroom
Image via Bob’s Discount Furniture.

3. Feng Shui Tips: Carve Out Space for You

Your intention is a huge factor in feng shui. Every guideline is a “cure” for blocked energy. And the practice aims at highlighting balance, as well as making your space harmonic. Finding moments of peace and time to yourself can be few, so take a cue from these feng shui tips and make sure your favorite spot in the house focuses on the energy you need.

If this practice speaks to you, take it further than just your favorite spot. Think of more ways you can enjoy positive energy. Look to meaningful areas and where you spend the most quality time within the home.

For example, bedrooms are where people spend a third of their lives sleeping, and also watching Netflix, so this could be a great place for some extra attention. Every part of your bedroom should help you relax, from top to bottom. Try blackout curtains, sleep machines, and soft bedding to take advantage of the positive energy you’re creating there. Taking another look at your bed is also a good idea to see if might be time for a replacement mattress set since it might be older than you realize and keeping you from restful sleep.

Some other tips that can help center the bedroom are solid headboards and furniture without cutouts or broken parts. Try to keep as many things in pairs too as you work through the room, including pictures, nightstands, and pillows. These steps will ensure that you have a solid, stable, and balanced foundation to start each day.

4. Have Some Fun Setting Intentions

Another way feng shui helps relieve stress is by putting the power of intention into your hands. A Bagua chart, for example, helps organize and highlight what energies are in play in daily life. Positioning this chart with your main front entrance, align the sections as best you can since not all homes are a perfect square! Then look at where in life you’d like to give more attention or that you’d like to influence in your life. Lastly, focus more energy on those places to encourage the result you’re hoping for.

Think of an area that’s contributing to your stress level and start there. One common example would be relationships feeling strain due to demanding schedules. Using the Bagua chart for a solution, find the best spot in the back right corner of your house for a pink accent or a pair of items. Since this area reflects relationships and pink is the energy that aligns with that section of life, strategically placing decor that corresponds with the chart will focus your energy there. A pink vase might be ideal, or if it’s your living area, pairs of accents like throw pillows and candles are great options.

Conclusions about These Feng Shui Tips

Just as the Bagua chart isn’t a seamless fit every time, balancing energy through feng shui won’t always be exact either. The act and thought behind the process can often be the most influential part though. Mindfulness and intention are some feng shui benefits, so don’t forget to be present while setting up furniture and decor! That’s a natural way to relieve stress.

Do you use feng shui in your life? If so, how? If not, why is that?

26 thoughts on “4 Feng Shui Tips to Relieve Stress”

  1. This is so truly and honestly, for me the post is so timely. I just rerlocated from New York City to Orlando Florida. My furniture and possessions arrived last night. My new places is cluttered with boxes. THis is so stressful. Clutter does add to stress.

    1. Ohhhhh, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when moving, I get that as I moved within the last year. For me, one box a week was the goal. Make it manageable by setting small goals like that, if you can, rather than saying “I’ll unpack everything this month.” I hope you take time to relax if possible.

  2. Loved this post! I don’t really know all that much about feng shui but it’s something I’m interested by. I definitely need to do something more about my immediate space so I’ll bookmark this to give me a little inspiration tomorrow (as I intended to do more decluttering & revamping today but alas my body didn’t want to!) xx

  3. This was very interesting.
    Since I have been sober I also have my little chart. I map out from the time I´m going to wake up, physical exercise I find it key, and there are more things. I guess my point is that to reduce my stress wich are the cravings, I have to map out my day and do even the small tasks as making the bed to perfection in order to maintain discipline. And I haven´t gone to a détox center to get sober (already too many so it´s me and me). You said the key word, organization and just freaking wake up look at the chart and do it.

    1. It sounds like you have a strategy in place for getting through the day that helps you avoid situations that might lead to cravings, and that’s so important! Planning ahead is going to take you far. And I hope you have a supportive network of friends and family. I loved that pic of you and mom on your recent post.

    2. I don´t have support, except myself that is why I function the way I function. It is working, I call it mind shift wich comes with not a lot of analysis, just planing my day, if obviously there is a right or left turn do to life, I adjust and come back to the original planning.
      I think I should be the one who is a guidense counselor for drunks, and the worst part is that I have been asked to speak to alcoholics and drug addicts and actually played the crowed real good, I know this since I was high while doing it but nobody, it´s very rare that they see, so at the end of the ¨meetings¨, they would shake my hand and tell me how I much helped them.

      I read that in two ways, onen I´m a fraud since I snorted two big lines of cocaine before I entered the meeting, and two that they saw or some not saw, but they took something positive if they wanted to, so in that sense I did help them. Except me.

      Now, been sober for 3 weeks, I know that psychology too much, so as I say to me

      It´s me and me.

      Too much informtion no?

      Hey yo! I was a soldier once and young….. so that is my excuse.

      Have a great week Christy, read ya later you precious woman innovator.

    3. Admitting our mistakes is big and that’s exactly what you’re doing, C! Keep on the path and know you’re cared for. Always welcome here, my friend. Wishing you moments of peace this week.

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