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Wood table top vs. glass: Which is better?

Glass dining tables vs wood table top in this home

The dining room is one of the most essential places in your house, not only for you as a family but also for guests. After family bonding over cooking, for example, it’s great to head to a table that is welcoming, fits your family size, and looks great to guests too. But, which is better: glass dining tables or solid wood table top?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. To help you chose from the best, the following are some of the glass dining tables by Furniture in Fashion.

Deciding between glass vs. wood table top

The dining room can have many functions, including:

  • Family-time room
  • Child study room
  • Where you eat

Dining tables are among the first things guests notice about your home too. It’s a piece of furniture that can enhance the whole look of the room.

All of this helps explain why people spend a fair amount of time and research to choose a table for their home and then adding the finishing touches. There are mostly choices between two products: Wood Dining Tables and Glass Dining Tables.

Benefits of glass dining tables

Although either a glass or wood table top can be a good choice for you, the glass dining table is often more chic and stylish in the home, as well as being sturdy.

They are also relatively lighter than wood. They’re easy to clean and adjustable even in compact spaces too. These tables are also made according to the needs and demands of your modern lifestyle.

Furthermore, these tables come in all shapes including:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Round

Also, choose from beautiful and robust bases in different colours and shapes.

Now that you have a good idea of glass vs. wood table top, here are 3 picks for glass dining tables from Furniture in Fashion:

1. Tizio glass top dining table

This table top, made by high-quality material, is for a chic home because of its simple yet elegant and robust design. Featuring a rectangular shape with a 6mm glass top, it can be an excellent place for the family, including for a children play area because of its sturdy design.

Moreover, this item is made with beautiful high gloss white and features chrome in its design. This dining table, although a glass table top, also gives a look like a wood table mainly due to its making by highly trained workers. So, if you like simple and modern furniture, the Tizio table is the right choice for you.

2. Chanelle glass extendable dining table

If you want your table to be compact and a bit bigger at the same time, then the Chanelle Glass Extendable Dining Table makes sense for you. This model comes with a black glass table top that can extend up to 300 cm. Its chrome legs add sophistication too.

Interestingly, this piece of furniture is designed for a big family and guests. It seats 8 people on regular days but can turn into a 10-seater if you have guests.

3. Jet small glass dining table

If you have a compact space or want to set your dining table in your kitchen, don’t worry. FiF has a terrific solution for you in the shape of a Jet Small Glass Dining table. The table with black glass top is made for a house with a small family and modern taste.

Glass or wood table top?

Now over to you! Glass or solid wood table top? What’s your preference for at home? Let me know your choice in the comment section below.

34 thoughts on “Wood table top vs. glass: Which is better?”

  1. I liked what you said about glass dining tables being chic and stylish as well as being sturdy. My husband and I are thinking of redoing our dining room. We are considering a chic modern look. We will have to consider getting a glass table.

  2. Wood, all day ‘er day. Less cleaning needed. A simple swipe and you’re done. No need to scrub until all fingerprints and smudges are gone, and then get mad when someone touches the table I just spent 15 minutes de-smudging.

  3. I was always paranoid about glass furniture-tables and even cabinets, when the kids were small. No matter how well they were made I could picture them being smashed and little ones getting hurt. Now I have a wooden table in the kitchen , a glasstable inthe sunroom , and a metal table on the deck .

    1. Hi Amy, guess what, another person here in the comments section said the same thing about worrying about kids near glass tables. Well it sounds like now you have wood and glass, so you’re all set with both :D

  4. I have two glass-top tables inside and a wooden and a plastic table outside. I guess my vote is for glass, but I do love my wooden table that fits a large number of guests.

    1. You have the best of both worlds, glass AND wood! That just goes to show that sometimes you don’t have to choose one or the other ;)

    1. Prefer wood.
      Paul tripped over a toy and hit the glass and it shattered. Luckily he only had minor cuts and this was when our kids were little. If you have kids glass is not a good choice. I would include people who are not stable on their like elderly or disabled.
      Paul has lost his footing and the wood table has held when he stabled himself

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