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3 Daily Wellness Tips for Women

Daily wellness tips include getting enough sleep, like this woman

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, there are many little decisions you can make each day that lead to optimum health. From very early in the morning to late at night, women face a multitude of decisions that can impact their overall health, attitude, stress level, and general well-being. Here are some basic wellness tips that, when put in place daily, can have an amazingly positive impact on your health.

1. Fuel Your Fire

You have heard it time and time again: you are what you eat. Thus, if you fuel your body with energy drinks, sugary candy bars, and greasy fried foods to try to get through each day, you are going to look and feel less than your best. For example, your skin might be prone to breakouts, you will feel weak and shaky most of the time, and your sleep patterns will be irregular.

For health, longevity, weight loss, and maintenance, you must instead fuel your body with the right foods. If you cut out processed junk from your diet, you can stop counting calories and still lose pounds or maintain a healthy weight. The key is to combine lean meats with fresh-cut veggies for each meal. And when it comes to snack, how about a handful of raw almonds with an apple?

Fuel your fire with the right foods, and it will keep burning strong. That’s one of the best daily wellness tips to remember!

2. More Daily Wellness Tips: Catch Some Zzz’s

Most women sleep an average of six hours per night. Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of illness and disease. Many studies show that not having a proper night’s sleep affects focus, productivity, efficiency, and happiness levels.

In reality, most women could benefit from sleeping a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep each night. If you are falling short, or are experiencing sleep disturbances, sleep support supplements may help you get a good night’s sleep each night so you can tackle each day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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3. Move Your Body

Finally, aim to incorporate at least 30 minutes of physical activity into the daily routine. Ideally, combine some form of cardiovascular activity with resistance training for maximum results.

For example, try a 20-minute walk in combination with 10 minutes of wall sits, planks, and crunches. It’s one of the daily wellness tips to mention here because it works the entire body, helps build muscle, and prevents bone loss. Even short bursts of exercise can increase the feel-good hormone, serotonin, while decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body.

Daily Wellness Tips that Put YOU First

While the information above may seem repetitious, these daily wellness tips are solid. The problem is that few women put their health first. They are balancing careers, families, friends and a whole host of other responsibilities. And the reality is that you cannot fully give to others without taking care of yourself first. So, make small healthy changes that can, in turn, bring transformative results.

46 thoughts on “3 Daily Wellness Tips for Women”

  1. Great tips for women’s wellness! It’s crazy how when I do not follow these simple healthy tips, I find my mood and body are terrible! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Really heart touching lines… Health tips for mother, Health tips for sister, Health tips for daughter, Health tips for women. If you want to be healthy and wellbeing so best tips for you.
    Now its time to our responsibility to do something for them. Here we present in front of you some basic health tips for women helps to live a healthy lifestyle.

    1. I’m so pleased you find the posts here helpful, dear friend. No rush with catching up as I know you have a lot going on right now. Big hugs xx

  3. Christy, you are absolutely right. I’m surrounded by women, mostly mothers and they are stretching themselves thin. They give and give until they are depleted, but face lots of health issues in the process. And many of them, don’t allow their husbands to help with the load. I know I’m not a parent, and there is beauty in being a mom, but like you said how can they fully commit to others, when they are running on Empty. Self care is very important, I’d say extremely important. And as much as it pains me to offer advice and then get shutdown by it or I get “wait to have children, you’ll see what it’s like. You have no idea right now.” I just back off and just let it be. Great tips!

    1. I suppose we all have to learn our breaking point or the moment when we’ve taken on too much… only by realizing we’ve overextended ourselves can we start to fuel back up our own tanks. Regarding your point about giving advice to moms, I think it’s hard to hear advice when we think we know best about what we’re doing ;) But if you did tell them your thoughts I would hope they would see that you meant well and were looking out for their best interests xo

    2. I think sometimes we need to monitor our own stress. We all believe we have to be perfect at everything, go over the top. This is a misplace view for Christians as well. And if we’re honest we’re doing things that only God is capable of doing. We don’t know where we end and God begins.

    3. That’s very profound. It could be a new blog post topic for you! Being perfect isn’t a reality but you’re right that many people try to attain it. Or we expect perfection from others. And that only leads to disapointments.

  4. Health is Wealth. I’m doing well with numbers 1 and 3.

    Gradually, slowly my sleep has improved but I still battle with insomnia. Some of my insomnia is due to menopause. In the beginning the night sweats were really bad. Now that I’m in my 60s and semi retired I have been sleeping better.

    Also before I retired I worked the night shift for two years. Working at night will throw off ones circadian rhythms. Glad that I’m back to working days and the best part is that I only work four or five hours a day.

    Truthfully I’m still always doing my best to improve my eating habits. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my life.

    1. I hear you about night shifts – I did those for a few years and it was tough on my body, not to mention my social life. As for what you say about improving your eating habits, we’re all a work in progress. Being kind to ourselves as we learn and change is so important :)

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