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7 Chakra Balancing Activities for Holistic Healing

Chakra Balancing Activities

Health and well-being are essential to living your best self. In today’s post, Gina L. Spielman, shown above, focuses on chakra balancing activities for holistic healing or healing the overall person.

Fortunately, there are countless activities that can benefit your chakras, and many are low cost and even free! Read on for some simple ways to align them on a regular basis. I will include some information on crystals and stones that assist in chakra healing, the importance of our thoughts and visualizations, how exercise balances the chakras, nutritional additions that assist them, and more.

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What are Chakra Balancing Activities?

“Chakra balancing” refers to a process that increases the healthy flow through the body’s entire energy field. This helps boost physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. After all, vital life force energy comes through our environment, the air, nutrition, from “Source,” and more. It can be higher vibration (preferred) or lower vibration. Unfortunately, the natural flow of our Etheric Body or life force energy can become blocked while in everyday life.

If you are new to working with your chakras, it could be beneficial for a qualified healer to check and balance them. If you have health concerns or issues, such as long-standing financial worries, chances are that your chakras need attention. It might take multiple sessions to get them working “correctly” on an ongoing basis. Learning how to balance them on your own can also assist greatly in your holistic healing journey.

When Chakras are Blocked

Each of the 7 main chakras have locations, even though they do not exist in the physical sense. Amazingly, what we create around us can be seen in our chakras. We have all experienced times when the free flow of certain energies seems blocked.

For example, if there is difficulty with communication, we likely have a block in the throat (fifth) chakra. If our physical health or finances have been in constant upheaval, then we have a probable block in the root or first chakra. Some of the main contributors to blocked chakras are:

  • Trauma history (includes physical and emotional injuries)
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Cultural “norms,” limited belief systems
  • Disconnect from “Source”

7 Easy Chakra Balancing Activities:

1. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

One key obstruction to the flow of the Etheric Body is thoughts because they compose of energy. Existing as a vibration, they are either high and healthy (positive thoughts), or low and unhealthy (negative thoughts).

Anxious thoughts have the lowest vibrations, especially fearful ones. And when we continuously have them, they affect chakra health, the Etheric Body, and even the physical body, if left unprocessed.

So, how can you begin to change, control, or quiet down unhealthy thoughts? Using positive affirmations and meditations repeatedly can be effective, along with professional psychotherapy, and spiritual guidance.

2. Chakra Balancing: Get Moving

Exercise is necessary for the health of the energy body. Most of you have experienced that incredible feeling after working out. Part of that comes from taking in large amounts of oxygen and life force from the environment. All of that circulation is extremely energetically cleansing.

There are also certain exercises and techniques designed to open up particular parts of the body. I have found activities such as Qigong to be quite helpful. There are easy tutorials on YouTube for Quigong.

Nutrition Notes

A poor diet can decrease our life force energy. Alternatively, consuming “living” foods, such as fresh whole fruits and vegetables, revitalizes the energy body. We also require high-quality fresh water (not from a stagnant source) and we do not want to consume only highly processed foods with stagnant qi. Also, specific foods can be used to strengthen ma certain chakra.

There are various natural foods, drinks, herbs, and spices that correspond to each chakra. This system is based on the color that each one represents, as well as the element that it relates to and its associated energies.

Try Essential Oils

Certain essential oils are useful for chakra balancing. One way to free up a congested chakra is to work directly on it by applying a corresponding essential oil or blend. Apply as tolerated with some caution and follow all instructions.

Ground Yourself

Another quick way to align the chakras and clear out negative energies is earthing, which involves simply walking or standing barefoot directly on the earth. You can also hug a tree or sit at the base, leaning up against it.

These activities directly benefit your base (root) chakra, which then helps balance the rest of the chakras. They also help clear EMF’s and other undesirable energies from the body. When you cannot get outside, imagine touching a tree or earthing, which can provide a feeling that helps balance the body, raise positive energy, and defuse unhealthy energy.

Visualizations are Chakra Balancing Activities Too

You can close your eyes too and imagine each chakra color individually in their associated areas. Start with the root chakra and go through all the colors until you reach the crown chakra. Colored chakra charts are easy to find online.

You can then visualize yourself in a ball of white healing light to finish the balancing chakras process. Using meditations and affirmations, visual imagery techniques, and working towards concrete goals, including vision boards, can all assist chakra health.

Use Healing Crystals and Stones

Placing a Black Tourmaline holistic healing stone under your pillow can help “cleanse” your Etheric Body as well as your bedroom. If the stone feels too strong, you may “soften” the energies with a Rose Quartz crystal. An organza bag keeps stones of choice nicely under the pillow.

To make it easier for my chakra balancing, I bought full chakra stone sets to use while meditating. Another option is a product such as the Chakra Healing Pendant.

Do Chakra Balancing Regularly

As I mentioned, there are many chakra balancing methods. They include:

  • Positive thought patterns
  • Visualizations
  • Exercise
  • Certain movements
  • Earthing
  • Nutritional considerations
  • Use of crystals and stones
  • Essential oils

If you already have years of congested energies within your system, it is essential to keep holistic healing activities in motion on an ongoing basis. Vibrate at a higher level of health and help support your chakras!

About Today’s Writer

Gina L. Spielman, LCSW, CH, is a licensed psychotherapist and certified hypnotist with 25 years of experience in the healthcare field. She is also Certified in Natural Holistic Remedies and is a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. A personal journey with autoimmune conditions has given her first-hand knowledge of her healing ability.

The experience with her own healthcare, and all of the service providers and healers she has learned from over the years, has helped solidify her knowledge of holistic healing. She merges that background with extensive research to create the life-changing book The Blueprint for Vibrant Health: A Guide to Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Gina practices in Illinois, which includes consultation via video conference.

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  1. I’m definitely a fan of chakra balancing and work on opening my chakras each day with meditation. I love using essential oils to help with this, as well as stones and even sage/sweetgrass. Lovely post, my friend! I wish you a wonderful week!

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I practice and teach yoga and tai chi. I am very interested in learning more about using crystals to support chakra health!

  3. I love this! I too am bipolar and just found you here! It is funny that your book title is similar to one of my sections of my blog. I am also working on a book about being bipolar (but a non-fiction) and am big on chakra balancing and meditation. I have a lava bead chakra bracelet that only comes off to shower, and I use it with YoungLiving. Finding peace is of utmost importance when you struggle with mental health issues. All the best! ❤

    1. Thanks Jasmine for sharing about your journey and how the words in Gina’s post spoke to you. Mental health isn’t something to sweep under the rug so it’s great that you’re raising awareness in this area too. xx

  4. You might know Christy this post is very much up my street.. And as you may remember too I practice Qi Gong.. We are energy bodies and it is an important practice to keep in balance.. and clear out our chakra’s

    Love and Hugs my friend <3

    1. Let the positive energy flow! Wonderful to get your nod on this one Sue as yes I know this is a subject that you’re passionate about. I was so lucky to have Gina write this one for the blog. Sending you much love xo

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