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5 must-have items for first-time moms bringing baby home

Must-have items for first time moms

Hi, this is Jasmine. Little bundles of joy actually don’t require much in their first six weeks of their lives, only your love, care, and attention. However, since we live in the contemporary world, there are a few essential things that every parent must have at their home before their precious newborn arrives there. To completely prepare and get everything you need, below are 5 must-have items for first-time moms when bringing their newborn home.

Thankfully, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on certain items because your baby will probably get or inherit a large number of things. Plus, lots of online options are affordable and deliver right to your home, which is great if you’re not super mobile while pregnant.

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1. Basic accessories

Your baby won’t be aware of the gorgeous clothes that you have bought, so don’t head out to buy expensive garments because they won’t even have time to wear them, plus they outgrow them very fast. You can get many great newborn clothes that fit well for an affordable price when shopping online.

A few newborn must-haves for clothing are:

  • 6 onesies and bodysuits – The unisex onesies below are super cute!

  • 1 or 2 side-tie or side-side T-shirts
  • 6 pairs of socks or booties
  • Diapers – keep them coming!

The thing that is an absolute necessity are the diapers, and a lot of them. Pay attention to the label; buy diapers specifically designed for the newborn.

Also, get a couple of bibs or burp cloths, and a pacifier.

2. Must-have items for first-time moms include a crib and mattress

Surely this was the first thing on your mind once you’ve found out that you are pregnant. The baby certainly needs a place to sleep, and getting a crib (on time) is extremely important.

Make sure that you choose a crib that you both like since it is going to be a new piece of furniture in your home, and you’ll have to blend it in with the room. Also, ensure that you get a quality and comfortable mattress.

This quality mattress is perhaps even more important than the crib itself. A quality mattress is on the newborn must-haves list so your little boy or girl has a calm, sound sleep.

3. Newborn car seat

Since you will likely bring your newborn home by car from the hospital, ensure maximum safety and conformity. Choose a car seat or an infant car capsule (Australian term) that will fit your car neatly, but above all, the one that has soft fabrics and a hood to keep the sun and rain away from the baby. Practical and quality Maxi Cosi car capsule has soft fabrics that draw moisture away from the baby, keeping the baby cool.

Only, you had better get this infant car seat at least a week before the due date. That gives you enough time to read the manual and then place it correctly for optimal safety. If you have a vehicle, this seat is absolutely on the newborn must-haves list.

4. More must-have items for first-time moms: Breast pumps and bottles, or formula

The best thing a mother can give to her newborn baby is her milk. Sometimes it can be rather hard and difficult to maintain the right flow of your milk, so a breast pump helps stimulate milk production.

It is also quite handy when you want to rest after breastfeeding and let the father do the work. Other natural ways to encourage milk production are also worth thinking about.

If you opt to feed your baby with formula, your doctor will prescribe the right formula for the newborn. But you have to have the right bottles.

Choose BPA-free plastic bottles and breast mimicking bottles because the chances are higher that your baby will accept them than those standard ones.

5. Baby bathtub

You’ll need to bathe your baby every two or three days since the baby’s skin is very soft and prone to allergies. A small plastic baby bath is one of the top newborn must-haves once your cutie arrives home.

You can place it either in the baby’s room or in the bathroom. Make sure that you hold your baby tightly and firmly as you bath it. And don’t use fancy cosmetic products; a bar of plain pharmaceutical soap is perfect for a baby’s skin.

And of course… A stroller

You will surely walk your baby as soon as you get the chance. Being out in the fresh air is undoubtedly beneficial both for you and your baby; that’s why a stroller is great to have already.

You can go anywhere with it. Stroll around the neighborhood, shop while your baby naps, or simply use its motion to soothe your crying newborn.

Furthermore, folding strollers fit easily in most vehicle trunks. Just place in the car to getaway. Travel to a different city or go for a picnic a few blocks from home instead; it’s up to you!

Final words on must-have items for first-time moms

A newborn doesn’t require much in the beginning. But these 6 things are the basic newborn must-haves that are going to make the first days at home comfortable and relaxing for you both.

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  1. Certainly agree on the diapers! I think we should add comfortable blankets as well (or let’s say, comforters). Newborns need to be warm all the time and having a blanket to get by when carrying them could be really helpful. :)

    I’m currently building my first blog post about my journey to motherhood and I’ll certainly link to this list! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Vaan, thanks for stopping by, offering another item for the checklist, and referencing back here from your post! I’m wishing you all the best in the blogging world!

    2. Thanks for the best wishes, Christy! Vaan Dale’s actually the name of my son and I’m Alleli… 😅 Sorry for the confusion, I might change my profile name later on!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! My first baby I just bought things as I needed them. That made it a lot easier when I had my second baby because I already knew what I needed. It seems like you acquire more things as the baby grows. Again, thank you for sharing! :)

    1. Yes! It’s amazing how fast you forget! Our oldest will be 3 in May, so it wasn’t THAT long ago that we were doing on demand bottles and napping, etc., but I’ve totally forgotten all the details! Hoping it’s like riding a bike. Lol.

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