Fashion Inspiration for Your Groomsmaids And Bridesmen

She's a standout in the wedding party in blue

Does the bridal party necessarily have to include females only? And does the groom’s party have to be all men? Absolutely not. If the bride has close male friends or brothers that she wants to stand with her on her wedding day, these are known as “bridesmen”. And if a groom has good friends that are female or sisters that he would like to include in the wedding, these are called “groomsmaids.” While it’s not traditional, many couples are choosing to go with it. Get creative and fun with what your groomsmaids and bridesmen will wear, like in the pics below!

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Groomsmaid Tux

A lady in a tux is smashing! The groomsmaid tux option is when a female in the groom’s party chooses to wear the same tuxedo as the groomsmen.

The groomsmaid tux is a new fashion trend
Will you embrace the groomsmaid tux in your wedding party? Photo Source: Sarah Christman.

Groomsmaid Suit

Exactly the same situation as the tuxedo, only the suit version. A groomsmaid can wear the same suit as the guys, only tailored to fit her perfectly. This looks particularly great in wedding photos.

Groomsmaid suit on the woman in the wedding party
Groomsmaid suit, anyone? Photo Source: Les Loups Pictures and Songs.

Groomsmaid Dress

The most common option for groomsmaids, this is when she wears a formal dress that’s different than the bridesmaids’ dresses. It should match the color and formality of the groomsmens’ suits, which means that it is typically darker in color. A groomsmaid dress can also borrow from the bridesmaids’ dress colors, but still different from theirs to set her apart.

A trendy gray groomsmaid dress in a summer wedding
Perhaps she wears a dress in the same shade as the groomsmen’s suits, as shown here. Photo Source: Moore Photography.

Groomsmaid Matching

This choice gives the groomsmaid a dress that exactly matches the groomsmen’s colors and/or style. It’s more coordinated than a groomsmaid simply wearing a dark color or a suit, and therefore a little more “tied together” for photos. It also makes it crystal clear that she’s a groomsmaid.

Woman matches the exact suit of the man's side of the wedding party.
Here she matches the exact suit of the man’s side of the wedding party. I love the suspenders! Photo Source: Allie Siarto & Co. Photography.

Groomsmaid Suit Dress

This option allows the groomsmaid(s) to choose a suit dress that’s separate from the other groomsmen’s look — darker or a different style than theirs. It’s a suit to go with the guys’ look, yet still a dress to make her stand out.

She's a standout in the wedding party in blue
Choose an original look for your groomsmaids like this bold blue skirt with blazer. Photo Source: Quora.

Wedding Party Matching

This is another very popular choice. This option is when the groomsmaids and bridesmen simply wear the same attire as the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This method can cause some confusion: wedding guests might wonder why groomsmen or bridesmaids are on the “wrong side” during the ceremony. Despite that, it’s still the most common choice.

Matching the groomsmen and bridesmaids exactly is a popular choice.
The most popular choice is to match the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Photo Source: One Day Somewhere Photography.

Bridesman Suit

This attire is when a bridesman simply wears a suit or tux alongside the bridesmaids. It doesn’t necessarily match their dresses, and it doesn’t match the groomsmen’s attire, either—it’s just its own individual thing. This is the equivalent to a groomsmaid’s dress.

Bridesmen can wear a suit alongside the bridesmaids
Another option. Bridesman wears a suit or tux alongside the bridesmaids. Photo Source: instagram/jenniferthao

Bridesman Matching

This choice allows the bridesman to have a male version of the bridesmaids’ dresses. This means his outfit will have the same color, material, or style as theirs so that he “matches” them and joins in seamlessly with their coordinated outfits and wedding makeup. It isn’t necessary, but it does pull a look together more so than just a regular tux or suit on its own.

The bridesmen wear a suit matching the lavender bridesmaids’ dresses
He wears a male version of the lavender bridesmaids’ dresses. Photo Source: Maurice Ramirez Photography.

All Mixed Up

Another very fun idea for bridesmen and groomsmaids is to just have them all wear something different within your wedding’s colors. This way completely eliminates the entire idea of matching anything, and just lets everyone in the wedding party have their own unique look, while still staying within the palette.

All wear something different in the wedding's theme colors
All wear something different in the wedding’s theme colors. A playful idea. Photo Source: I Do I Do.

Individually Matching

This next one is definitely a favorite. This method makes sure that everyone in the bridal party matches the wedding’s color palette — but groomsmaids and bridesmen each get their own look, and groomsmen and bridesmen get their own look, too. It keeps the wedding party cohesive while also making it clear who’s who. And it looks simply incredible.

Individually matching wedding party outfits is fun, including bridesmen
Photo Source: Mile High Bride via Pinterest.

Finally, plan your wedding day exactly the way you want it, with your favorite music, your favorite food, and your favorite people standing next to you, regardless of their gender. With a little creativity on what they should wear, the vision you have for your wedding day and wedding photos can come to life.

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  1. Stacey the Saver

    And the guys just love looking good on the day. Makes them feel special especially after a grooming session.

  2. I love the variety of options. For me, I gave my bridal party a color idea and the request for a floor-length dress, but the rest was completely their choice. Everyone really appreciated it, and I know at least one of them has re-worn her dress several times, both to other weddings as a guest and other events. It made everyone feel a sense of comfort, too. And it helped them save money!

    1. I’m totally like you where I’m planning to choose dresses that the ladies can wear again. Question for you: Did you buy dresses for them or leave that to them? I’m not sure which is the custom – learning as I go ;)

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