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5 High Demand Careers in 2019

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Some careers can be very difficult to break into, simply because they have only a few vacancies. By choosing to work towards one of the careers in high demand instead, you are more likely to get a job. It could also give you more chance to choose a work environment that suits you rather than fighting over whatever vacancies are left over. Here are a few of the career fields in high demand in the coming year.


As the world becomes increasingly more reliant on digital technology, IT experts are increasing in value. Whether you want to be a help desk technician or want to build software or websites instead, you’ll benefit from getting some sort of IT degree. Having this education proves to employers that you’re competent in the field.

While the salary in IT varies by job, in most cases it’s very high. Some of the biggest new areas in IT that are likely to keep growing in 2019 are:

  • Cloud computing
  • Data analytics
  • App development


For the same reason as IT, there’s also a growing need for hardware and robotics. Such jobs require engineers to design and build these machines. Right now, there’s a real shortage in engineers. Thus, engineering makes our list of high demand careers.

This shortage also makes it relatively easy to get an engineer job, as long as you can have the necessary qualifications. There are all kinds of engineering courses out there. Some engineering classes specialize in computers, while other specialize in environmental technology, for example.

Education Sector

Teachers will always be high demand careers. Why? Because as the birth rate increases and the number of kids grows, more teachers need hiring – it’s that simple. To be a teacher, most employers ask that you have at least one degree as well as a teaching qualification (usually a QTS). You may also have to complete a criminal background check.

careers in high demand
This woman in IT has one of the high demand careers of the future.


Just as there will always be a need for teachers, there will also always be a need for medical professionals. Nursing in particular is among the top healthcare careers in high demand for 2019, largely due to the growing aging population, many of whom require at-home nursing care.

To get your foot in the door, you’ll have to complete a degree, such as an RN to BSN. Other medical roles to consider include:

  • Doctors
  • Vets
  • Paramedics
  • Dentists

Some of these high demand careers can take up to seven years to study and train, and your grades generally need to be high. In other words, make sure you’re committed if you choose to pursue a medical job.

High Demand Careers in Finance

Lastly, the financial field of work. It makes our list of high demand careers because people will always need help managing their money. While many areas of finance are being automated, people still rely heavily on financial advisers and brokers.

Thus, these two positions can often be very lucrative. And here’s a final tip: You’re best off getting a degree in finance. While this isn’t always necessary, most employers will value it.

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  1. It makes good sense for youngsters when deciding upon a career to choose one that will be in demand long into the future. With costs associated with schooling this should be a prime consideration!

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