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How to Prevent Workplace Violence

Prevent workplace violence

When you go to work, the focus of your day usually is on performing certain tasks the best that you can, safely and efficiently. The idea that you may experience workplace violence later that day probably never crosses your mind. Maintaining a safe work environment is one of the keys to building a well-functioning, successful business. Thankfully, there are several steps businesses can take to ensure their facilities remain violence-free. Here are some ways to prevent workplace violence.

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Screen Your Employees

The first step in creating an anti-violence workplace is hiring employees who are less likely to engage in it. This means vetting and screening potential employees with a thorough check of:

Address Conflicts Before They Escalate

Addressing an issue before it becomes a problem is essential to prevent workplace violence. Whether the issue comes from conflicting personalities or a breakdown in relationships, companies must implement mechanisms to monitor potential coworker conflicts that can lead to harassment and violence. The key here is to resolve these situations as quickly as possible.

Prevent Workplace Violence and Harassment with a Zero-tolerance Policy

Another essential to a violence-free work environment is creating a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and violence. All employees should be well aware of and updated with the organization’s code of conduct. This act lets employees know that their physical well-being and the commitment to denying access to violent people is a priority.

Secure Work Facilities

There is, unfortunately, the possibility that the violence that many women experience in their personal lives can follow them to work. It can come in the form of harassing phone calls, domestic abusers, and stalkers trying to gain access to their victims at work.

To negate this possibility, workers experiencing such things can report their situation to supervisors and local authorities. Mechanisms to restrict the entrance of unauthorized personnel should also be implemented. The stress and physical impact of abusers make for a less safe work environment and less productive workers.

A Few Last Words on Preventing Workplace Violence

Establishing and maintaining a violence-free work environment is a goal every company should have. There are tools such as Intelius, which aid in doing background checks.

They are readily available to use to prevent workplace violence. Companies must explore all useful options and implement the ones that fit their situation.


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  1. It’s scary to think that workplace violence can happen from within the organization, as well as from strangers/potential customers that walk in the front doors. I’ve been in situations where I was the only employee on duty in an office. You simply have to learn to trust the security measures in place, but also rely on your own instincts, and be ready to move or call for help if you feel threatened in any way.

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