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A Beauty Business Success Story to Inspire

beauty business success story

Are you looking for a beauty business success story that inspires? One of the most surprising over the past few years is Jeunesse Global. Industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis founded the company in 2009. This duo had spent the previous four decades creating top companies within the North American direct-selling business. But Jeunesse would be different. This collaborative post with Jeunesse Global features a success story that inspires me – and I hope you see why.

The Origins of Jeunesse Global

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were accustomed to great success; they were millionaires by age 30. With Jeunesse Global, however, they would outdo themselves. The company began out of the couple’s garage as a means to simply pass the idle hours of retirement. Ray and Lewis had both become accustomed to the fast-paced life of entrepreneurs. They spent several hours every week running their own companies. When all the hours of their activities were combined, there was very little time that Ray and Lewis did not spend working on some aspect of their businesses.

It was, therefore, a shock when the couple realized that they had nothing to do with their days come retirement. Even though Ray and Lewis wanted to spend more time with each other and enjoyed the extra time with their numerous grandkids, they quickly grew bored of the slow pace of retirement. It was then that a beauty business success story would begin to unfold.

It only took a matter of weeks before Ray and Lewis had founded yet another company. They started Jeunesse Global, as it would later be named, right next to the couple’s lawn tractor. Even though the fledgling company didn’t have much of a flashy headquarters, the seeds of what would become one of the global health and beauty sector’s top-selling brands was planted.

The Secret of This Beauty Business Success Story

beauty business success story
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Between Ray’s ability to sell the company’s business plan and products, and Lewis’ knack for spotting market opportunities and then exploiting them with top-end products, Jeunesse Global took off like a rocket. Ray and Lewis grew their small firm into more than $1 million in sales within its first year of operations.

And entrepreneurs across the globe enthusiastically received the company. These entrepreneurs were looking to make a little extra cash or make being independent Jeunesse Global business owners their main source of income. By its fifth year, Jeunesse Global was a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Customers spanned dozens of countries across the globe and thousands of distributors were selling its products.

Through it all, the secret behind Jeunesse Global’s beauty business success story has been the unique way its products connect with customers. This organization fills holes in the market left by the biggest names in the global health and beauty sector. One example is the company’s Luminesce skincare lotion and moisturizer. As a standalone moisturizer and skin cleanser, Luminesce is one of the top products in its class. It performs at or near the top of the product rankings across every measure. And, like all Jeunesse Global products, Luminesce is affordable.

It also contains Jeunesse Global’s secret anti-aging molecule, APT-200. Some of the anti-aging field’s top scientists developed the substance. It has the potential to:

  • Prevent the formation of wrinkles
  • Mask existing wrinkles
  • Restore youthful skin elasticity lost during aging.

Taking Inspiration from Business

This beauty business success story inspires me as I continue to set goals to take When Women Inspire further than ever. Thank you again to everyone who donated recently to help me do exactly that and help keep me writing here. I think that when we look at how specific companies build up loyal audiences, we often see common elements, including:

  • Founders who are self-driven, like Ray and Lewis
  • Founders with a passion for the products or services they offer
  • Ability to work as a team towards the common goal to grow the company
  • Not giving up, even if things get tough
  • Seeing what works (and what doesn’t) and pursuing things from there

What inspires you in your career? Do you have a go-to source of inspiration in your daily routine?

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