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5 fun FREE first date ideas to try today

Fun free first date ideas

Not everyone has a ton of money. Shocking, right? Not likely. In many parts of the world, the economies are sluggish, and the income we do make goes largely towards bills. A roof over our head is nice to have! It’s great that now you can meet people online with free dating platforms like Match Me Happy. When you schedule a first date, don’t freak out that you’ll have to spend a portion of your rent money on the outing. Thankfully, there are fun free first date ideas. That’s right, these activities won’t cost you a cent.

Disclosure: I think all of the first date ideas in this post sponsored by Match Me Happy would be fun for teens and also adults

Free first date ideas: Take a walk

Is there a trail or walking path near you? If the weather is mild, then a walk together would make a great day. As you stroll, the conversation will likely happen naturally.

You can find out a lot more about one another than if you sit through a movie where you stare at the screen rather than learning about one another. As for what you’ll discover, it could be as varied as what your favorite flower is, what your go-to exercise is when you’re stressed out, and how long you’ve lived in the neighborhood.

Being out in nature is calming, and you’ll be in a gorgeous environment. If the walk goes well, you might even reach for the hand of the person beside you. If a walk for two isn’t your thing, or if you want more of a physical challenge, suggest a hike as a free first date idea instead.

Amateur comedy night

Up-and-coming comedians sometimes perform for free as part of a group as a way to build up their confidence in performing and see what jokes work (or fall flat). This type of evening could be at a local club or bar near you.

Phone up local venues to see if they do so or search their websites for these types of free nights. Just because you’ve never heard of the comedian before doesn’t mean that they’re not funny. Heck, Wanda Sykes had to start somewhere, right?!

Whether it’s an amateur night or open-mic, you and your date are likely to be in a good mood because of the comedic vibe in the air. Plus, you’ll see if you two share the same sense of humor, based on what you laugh at, which is good to know moving forward.

More free first date ideas: People watching

This activity is one of my favorites, especially since I’m a writer! Watching people is fun because you never know what they’re going to do.

I can get some great suggestions for quirky personalities for fictional characters in my stories. Places to people watch include the mall, a park… Lots of places that won’t cost you any money.

Regarding fun free first date ideas, I think that people-watching is even more fun when you play a few games while you do it, such as:

  • Make up a backstory for someone you see – What career do they have? Where are they going right this minute?
  • If you see people in conversation, each of you takes on the role of one of the speaking people and pretends you know what they’re saying. Have the dialogue that you imagine them having. The zanier, the better!
  • Take a sheet of paper and a pen with you. Write out a mock Bingo card that includes typical activities people do, such as rollerblading or walking their dog. Write each activity onto a square and be the first one to get a line on the card. As for the prize for the winner? You two can decide on that.

Volunteer your time

Free first date ideas can make a heck of a difference in the lives of someone else. And by helping others by volunteering at a local organization, you’ll likely feel a genuine connection with the special person there with you.

Think of the positive experience you will be able to look back on together later. It could be helping out by doling out food at the soup kitchen in your city. Or maybe it’s gathering gently used items, such as blankets and socks, to take to a shelter.

Volunteering won’t take any money out of your wallet but the donation of your time or used items is sure to help someone else. And you can both feel good about that.

Be a tourist, in your hometown

There’s no need to travel to another part of the city to explore as you can do it right in your local area! The chances are good that you haven’t explored every inch of the local neighborhood.

Or, maybe things might look a bit different since the last time you walked local streets; maybe that funky coffee shop changed hands or new exhibits have started at free museums. Have a carefree day of roaming the streets together, without needing to take an expensive train or plane for a holiday.

As this is the first date, you’re likely sightseeing in your hometown for the first time together. Point out one another’s favorite spots and share smiles as you rediscover the city through the eyes of the special someone you’re with today.

I hope that you two have so much fun together that a second date soon follows! Of course, not every twosome clicks, and that’s okay. If you’re still low on money and this happens then joining a free dating site is an easy way to get back onto the dating scene.

Over to you: Other fun free first date ideas

What other ideas come to mind? Have you done any of the ones suggested here?

34 thoughts on “5 fun FREE first date ideas to try today”

  1. The walks in the park were one of the things that I and my now husband did when we first started dating – we were poor college students at the time! I’ll have to pass this list on to my kids!

  2. Great ideas, Christy, that take me back to our first date on December 5, 1987. He took me out to dinner, then dancing, and it was magical. It still is 29 1/2 years later. :) xoxo

    1. I recognize not every scenario would fit every first date ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great ideas. Actually, for the first date I suggested we go to a park to walk and talk. It was beautiful. We talked a lot and enjoy just having conversations. I prefer to be different places where talking needs to happen. Movies is an easy date, but not when you want to get to know someone. I’d like a hike, that would be fun and a great workout. Thanks for the ideas. I love the new blog layout. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Tiffany for noticing the new layout here ♥ Your date at the park sounds lovely. And I like that it’s free too ~ Nature is beautiful so why not enjoy it? :)

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