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Genius Travel Infographic for a Pain-Free Trip

Woman in pain while traveling

Living with chronic pain is a challenge. Living with chronic pain and a severe case of travel fever takes that challenge and magnifies it exponentially. Thankfully this travel infographic provides great hacks to help you have a trip as pain-free as possible. It contains innovative tips for chronic pain management that I hadn’t read before, so I want to share it here.

Those who suffer from chronic pain may find economy plane seats to be unbearably uncomfortable (they aren’t alone in that opinion) and road trips to be exhausting. Just the idea of sitting in one upright position for so long might make one achy to think of it.

Traveling with chronic pain or illness is indeed a challenge, but it’s not impossible. There are simple ways to effectively manage living with chronic pain to make the most of your travel experience. This statement holds true, whether it’s a tropical vacation getaway or an executive business trip to celebrate closing a big business deal. It all comes down to the planning, using a genius travel infographic.

Travel Infographic for Chronic Pain Management

The Zebra put together an infographic of travel hacks to try when planning your next big trip. These tips are all about comfort and relaxation. If you have chronic pain, this travel infographic will be of great help to you when planning the journey.

Infographic Design By The Zebra

From compression socks to essential oils, there are plenty of ways you can minimize discomfort on a long trip and get in some quality relaxation time while traveling too. Here’s a specific example of a chronic pain management tip to use the next time you travel afar.

Take an infinity scarf with you when traveling. This accessory is a multi-purpose travel essential, and here’s why:

  • Keeps your neck warm
  • Bunch it up for a last-minute pillow on plane, car, or bus
  • Doubles as a hand towel
  • Hang it over a window to darken it when you want to rest

Do you have other tips for being more comfortable on a long trip? Feel free to share them below!

15 thoughts on “Genius Travel Infographic for a Pain-Free Trip”

    1. Oh yes I would think that a nap on the plane would be good for those long trips. Hopefully they provide you with a blanket and pillow on the plane to help you feel more comfortable.

  1. I had a long day with travel on Wednesday this week and struggled a lot with exhaustion of the day itself, as well as pain from sitting on a train for over 2 hrs each way. It still makes me sad that this would never have been an issue for me before chronic illness. But at least I knew to prepare for it, so I also schedule the day after as a recovery day because the pain was intense and I was utterly shattered. I like the idea of the posture reminder, and some imaginative uses for an infinity scarf that I’ll have to keep in mind too! Great post :)

    1. A recovery day is such a good idea. Allowing yourself that is so important. PS I’m linking back to your Mini Me Update in the short hair post that will publish tomorrow ;)

  2. Don’t forget your pain medication and have a hot bath with Epsom salt once you get to your destination. Those neck pillows sold in discount stores can be helpful.
    Trains and buses with reclining seats are helpful. Maybe get a massage if you must be on a plane for more than two hours.

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