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Fun Things to Do with Teenagers

Concerts are fun things to do with teenagers, as is an escape room for kids.

As your kids get older, it can be harder to find fun things to do with teenagers that they like. If your teen is adamant about staying in and playing their favorite video games, here are some great ideas to get them out of their room and have a day out as a family. It could be a concert, an escape room for kids, or…

Seasonal Themed Activities

Whatever season it is, there are sure to be local events and fun ideas. There are some great seasonal activities for all ages, not just small children. Pumpkin picking at Halloween is one example.

Carve pumpkins together at home after you each pick one. To make this family time even more entertaining, challenge your teen to enter a pumpkin carving competition where they can win prizes or cash. As winter approaches, there are plenty of opportunities for ice skating, a great sport for any age.

Escape Room for Kids

There are plenty of game rooms and arcades out there if you and your teen want to have some friendly competition. Fun things to do with teenagers as a parent include:

  • Laser tag
  • Bowling
  • Escape room

Any of those three activities offer a few hours of family fun. For an older teen, escape rooms can come in many types and themes.

They challenge you and your family to escape by solving a sequence of clues. Baltimore Escape Room has plenty of rooms to choose from, whether your teen wants to solve the mystery of a haunted house, stop a runaway train or play a spy.

An escape room for kids can create unforgettable memories. If this type of game room doesn’t interest you then suggest it to your teen as a birthday party event. But you just might want to make it a family event as it’s a fun-loving vibe not a creepy or claustrophobic basement theme as you might at first expect.

Work together as a family to find solutions using clues to escape the room. And you know what? Your teen won’t be stuck to the screen of their iPhone while you’re in an escape room for kids!

Fun Things to Do with Teenagers: Attend a Live Event

Every child will have different interests, but there is always something available no matter what your child likes to do. If your teenager likes musicals, for example, perhaps a day out at the theater would probably make them smile.

Another idea for things to do with teenagers is to go to a concert that features your kid’s favorite female musician. Supporting women in music gets a thumbs up from this writer!

If your child likes a certain sport, take them to see their beloved team play at a local field or arena. Watching a live game is tons of fun and creates great family memories.

If you know your child well then you’ll likely be able to figure out which events happening around town are ones that would excite them. So keep your eye out on Facebook and elsewhere for what’s happening near you.

Find more family fun ideas in this guide.

For the Thrill Seekers

Finally, does your teen love rides and all things thrilling? If so, introduce them to new places and activities like canoeing along the waters of Coppermine River.

There are many great water sports that can be fun for the family, including white water rafting and canoeing. Even if you aren’t a thrill seeker, take your other kids along or get your teen to invite their friend.

Theme parks and water parks are also fun things to do with teenagers. As they get older and can go on bigger rides, theme parks can be new and exciting places, even if you’ve all been there before.

Concluding Words

There is an endless number of events and activities that you and your kids can do together as a family. It’s true, no matter what their interests are. From sporting activities to concerts to escape rooms, there is something to attract any teenager to leave their room and turn off their mobile devices or computers.


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  1. I used some of these ideas when my kids were teens, Christy, and I can attest they definitely help to create memories and build relationships with maturing children. Nowadays it’s even harder to spend time together as a family, but we make an effort for holidays and weekends when we can get together, even if it’s something simple like a meal, a museum visit, or a movie.

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