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An AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project

Photo Collage, an example of future work from AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project

You may already know Deborah, who goes by the name of Dancing Palm Trees on WordPress, from her blog Espiritu en Fuego / A Fiery Spirit. If not, let me begin by saying that she is passionate about her home state of New York, her brother Stephen, who has autism, and creating original art. Now she combines her loves within a project for raising funds for autistic adults. She calls it the AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project.

About the AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project

This program will run from May through October. May is Stephen’s birth month. It will feature video talks and art from Deborah and her autistic brother Stephen as they go around New York. They will go along trails and cityscapes. Places on the to-visit list include Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and the many attractions of New York.

The funding will go toward fees associated with registering and incorporating the project name, buying proper video camera and computer equipment, and securing art gallery space to showcase the finished works. Deborah is already looking for potential places to show the art that comes from the AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project.

How Can This Project help Autistic Adults?

As Deborah tells me, by raising funds for autism this project can improve the quality of Stephen’s life and other autistic adults. Art provides a way for adults with autism to share their abilities and talents with the community. Their beautiful and creative pieces will flow from the inspiration of this project!

Plus, the artists’ self-esteem will likely increase a lot. This art is a way for them to express themselves and also realize their full potential.

As Deborah also explains, over the last few years there were funding cuts for services and programs specifically for adults with autism. While there have been petitions to restore these resources, there has been limited success, Deborah adds. AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project has the potential to overcome the challenges by reaching out for private and public funding. Yes, I already made a donation.

Find out More about Autism Funding

There is more to the AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project for autistic adults than I’ve written here. Subsequently you can find out more by checking out Deborah’s full post about the art program. If you are able to offer even a few dollars, Deborah’s donation details are in that link too.

If donating money isn’t possible, there are other ways to help out. Could you share this post on social media or email? Or, tell others about it in-person. Spread the word. Deborah and Stephen thank you. Lastly, Deborah hopes that the program is so successful that people will replicate it and adjust it to their needs. Doing so will help even more people across New York.

11 thoughts on “An AweSome AweTism Adventures Art Project”

    1. Kaye, Stephen and I give you heartfelt gratitude and Thanks! We appreciate supporters like you who care! Right now I’m working on making Halloween great for residents of Stephen’s Group Home QCP (Queens Centers for Progress) who don’t have families to buy them Halloween Costumes. For the last several years I have donated as many brand new costumes that I can afford to QCP so all can partake of the Halloween fun. The goal is to bring smiles and happiness to folks who are sometimes forgotten or left out. I want them to know someone cares. Again Thank you!

  1. Thank you Christy for sharing my dreams and goals for Adults with Autism. I always put my money where my mouth is and this year like last year and the year before I am donating brand new Halloween costumes to Stephen’s Group Home Queens Centers for Progress. Many adults with Autism do not have families who can or able to provide them with a Halloween costume so I try to buy as many as I can afford so that no resident has to go without on Halloween and they will be the Life of the Party! God Bless!

    1. Bring on the Halloween fun! Your donated costumes for Halloween are sure to be a hit with those who receive them :) You’re putting smiles on faces near and far, Deborah. Thanks for all you’re doing. It’s a pleasure to share about your project here.

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