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Fishing for Women: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re a woman who’s intimidated by the sport of fishing as a man’s sport, I say to heck with that! Let’s do this! This guest post from Demi includes how to pick the right fishing gear and other tips. For more on fishing for women, including ice fishing, read on. 

Are you a woman interested in learning the ins and outs of fishing, but still struggling? Are you giving up in the thought that this activity is for men only? Well, you can still get down to the lake again, and this time learn all you never knew from this article to be a super fishing expert.

Some fishing knowledge and a little guidance is all you need to successfully start fishing, ladies! Get the right fishing gear and resources, and follow the basic tips below. Step by step learning and practicing on fishing techniques will sharpen your skills over time and, before you even know it, fish will be right in your line, over and over again.

Fishing basics for women

Before getting to the shore, every beginner fishing lady thinks about what their first catch will be like. Such memories are the best and will last a lifetime. To start, you’ll need basic information on fishing.

The most important fishing asset is thorough preparation, otherwise the whole experience will leave you frustrated. You, therefore, need to master the basic tips, resources, and fishing gear. Your tackle should include everything needed for various conditions and circumstances.

Factors that determine which tools you need for fishing include the weather, the flow of the current, your fishing plan, and the fishing bait to use. Other factors include:

  • The type of the fish
  • Where you fish
  • What you use
women fishing
A woman on the bank of the river with a fishing rod in summer.

Someday if you intend to go fishing in cold weather, ice fishing may surprise you by being one of the best days you ever have. And you will need to have extra clothes to balance your outside temperatures with internal body temperature. Remember if left unmanaged, extreme cold could lead to hypothermia.

Avoid frostbite! Get the right pair of ice fishing gloves, light and easy to move ice fishing boots and ice fishing bibs to protect your body from low temperatures outdoors.

Beginners fishing kit

It is advisable to create a starter fishing kit that has the most easy-to-use tools. It includes a fishing pole and some other basic fishing supplies that are less sophisticated for simpler handling. Note that beginners fishing kits are widely available in many stores that sell fishing supplies. They are typically inexpensive and come with a step-by-step manual on how to use, store, and maintain them.

Get the right fishing gear

If you don’t want a beginners starter kit, the following fishing supplies are equally helpful:

Practice rod

This rod is usually used at home for practice. At the end of this stick is a cluster for casting and holding the object. You can either purchase or make a practicing rod on your own.

Fishing pole

A medium weight fishing pole or rod is highly recommendable for women, especially for beginners. As the right fishing gear, they are light and durable. Even more important is that they cook hook all sizes of fish.

Fishing flies

These depend on where you want to go fishing. As a beginner, you can just purchase only a few flies since as your skills improve you will have develop a passion to make and tie flies on your own.

When you are carp fishing, the weight of the fly is perhaps the most important thing. The weight is what gets the sink rate you want, without a plop in the water. Instead of just adding weight, though, consider using a heavier hook.

Fishing bait

Using fish bait may be the most challenging. Many women find it hard to bait a hook. Baits could be live or imitation. If the live baits cause cringing due to the wiggling, then it might be wise to try lures instead.

Fishing waders

Fishing in water requires you have fishing waders. They will warm your legs and keep them dry. Today, there are durable fishing waders specifically designed for women, with waist curves and attractive colors.

With a wader, you can decide to have foot stocking only or use attached boots. Wading boots can be worn with foot stockings while in water.  They are designed to have metal studs, rubber or felt bottoms for durability. Now you’ve got some of the right fishing gear for heading into the water.

Beginners fishing tips for women

  1. Carry extra fishing lines. Your do not have to get frustrated and end your session after a line snag. Have extra lines as spares. As a beginner, start with monofilament line. This type of fishing line is large and easy to work with. It is durable too; fishing poles can easily manage them.
  2. Always park a line cutter to cut a line quickly after a snag. Fingernail clippers and small knifes are perfect for this job.
  3. Use floaters and bobbers to recognize when a fish bites the hook. You will find a floater going up and down after a bite and all you need to do next is to give a tug and your fish is ready. The right fishing gear is essential.
  4. Carry a range of extra fishing hooks for any size of a fish you intend to catch. In case you go for the larger number of hooks, then it is advisable to get smaller hooks. You might want to combine these with fishing pliers.
  5. Bring an emergency kit in case of an accident. As a beginner, injuries are certain, such as hooking your thumb or slipping while trying to reel in the catch during an ice fishing session.
  6. Needle nose pliers will help you to unhook the fish after the catch.
  7. Carry a variety of lures with different models for specific needs. There are the top water lures, and minnow lures, as well as spinners and spoons. Minnow lures mimic the features of a minnow, which is a type of favorite food for bigger fish.

Conclusions on Tips for Fishing for Women

Carry the right fishing gear for the fish you want to catch. The steelhead and bass are among large fish that can be caught using 7-10 heavy weight rods such as Spey rods. A 3-5 weight rod is okay for catching lightweight kinds of fish. If you are ready to go, visit Destin, Florida. It’s a perfect place for beginners as it is called the “luckiest fishing village,” and you can learn more here if you’re interested.

For the beginners safety during fishing, it is important to gauge the depth of the water below. Do so by looking at the bottom or using a wading stick. Avoid making a step if the bottom seems too far.

Learn more on fishing terminology to understand easily all the skill and knowledge you need as you learn how to fish. This video offers information you may require as woman to step up and outshine the dominating men in the fishing sector. Remember, if men can fish, women can do it even better!

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Hi, I’m Demi. I blog on everything I know about as I enjoy and survive the outdoors. Wherever you love to go, you will find interesting and informational articles on my blog. You can learn more about me here.

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  1. My wife loves fishing alone. It’s her “me time”. One tip she shared to me is to always be organized with your fishing materials. I swear she’s the most organized person I know. What she would do is have a proper storage in her car for fishing accessories. She even have things like this. Her rod is placed inside a really sturdy container and she would stack all accessories at the back of her car with.

    By the way, nice article! Just showed this to her!

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