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How to Plan a Family Reunion

If you want to bring your family members together for a successful reunion, then you better plan ahead. Organize an event that is a positive experience for everyone involved. Family reunions are designed to unite groups of relatives, but if it’s handled badly then the event can drive them apart instead. Luckily, you can take control of the situation by working your way through the following four steps. Use these steps to plan a family reunion that you can take pride in and won’t soon be forgotten. Don’t let your loved ones down! This is your chance to show them just how much you care about family.

Visit a new and exciting location

The first step to plan a family reunion that is memorable is to pick the location. Instead of worrying about a huge group of relatives descending onto your own property, opt for a more stress-free alternative elsewhere. Also, welcome the opportunity to explore a new and exciting location with your loved ones. If you are determined to find the perfect place, why not look into Mont Tremblant rentals? There is no better setting for bringing your family members back together.

Involve your loved ones in the planning process

When you are ready to book your accommodation, take the time to call up your loved ones. This is your chance to confirm important details, such as the length of your trip, the activities you want to enjoy, and the number of required bedrooms.

Although it might be easier to complete this step independently as you plan a family reunion, it is worth checking in with your relatives. Otherwise, they could mess you around by pulling out at the last minute. At least if you have their approval, there will be no turning back. You could even go so far as to secure face-to-face approval by inviting some of your loved ones around for a productive family meeting.

Organize photos as you plan a family reunion

plan a family reunion

The next step is to organize your family photos and memorabilia. Also ask loved ones to bring along their own collections. This project can keep you busy while already sat down watching TV in the evenings.

The photos can help jog specific details in your memory too that you can reminisce about at the reunion. If there’s time to spare, another great idea is to create heartfelt gifts for each of your reunion members. Perhaps you could turn an old print into a coaster or tea towel. Or, maybe you could personalize a range of scrapbooks. Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that you are directing everyone towards positive memories and unifying stories.

Keep everyone calm and relaxed

Finally, keep all of your family members at ease. Depending on your loved ones, this might be easier said than done. However, it’s always possible to lift the mood. The trick is to avoid awkward subjects, provide suitable entertainment, and come prepared with a couple of ice-breakers. In addition, take time as you plan a family reunion get in touch with one or two trustworthy relatives to ask them to help you to keep the peace during the event. Why shoulder the burden alone, when you could share the responsibility?

18 thoughts on “How to Plan a Family Reunion”

  1. I was quite interested in reading this post when it appeared in my inbox, Christy. I am planning a family reunion at the moment. It will be held over the Easter weekend in 2020. I have already booked a lovely venue with lots of space and accommodation for approximately one hundred people aged from birth to 90 (I don’t think we’ll have anyone older than that this time). This is the fifth reunion of the descendants of my mother’s family. Mum was the oldest of five children. All of her generation, bar one sister-in-law, is gone now. There are about forty cousins in my generation, and I’m not sure how many in the next two. All previous reunions have been held on large rural properties owned by a family member in each family group. Now it’s my family’s turn and none of us have properties large enough so I’ve had to hire. It took ages to find somewhere suitable, but after much searching I did. It’s going to be a wonderful event. Can’t wait.

  2. Sounds like you have had experience planning such a reunion dear Christy. Great Tips here.. :-) We had a family get together last year for my husbands special birthday.. Thankfully it was a hot sunny day, and the garden played a huge role, but plans were in place also in case we had rain..
    Always best to be prepared no matter what..
    Much love and sending Mega hugs over the airwaves to you <3

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