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Keys To Building A Successful Career In The Entertainment Industry

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There are several important considerations you should take into account before you try to build a successful career in the entertainment industry. It’s a cutthroat environment that expects a lot out of you if you plan to make it big.

There are a countless amount of people to compete against, and it only gets more challenging as you continue to move up the ladder and advance in your career. Stop worrying about everyone else and what they’re doing and start focusing on you and how you can achieve your goals. It’ll take a lot of hard work, but your efforts will pay off in the long run if you stick with it.

Follow Your Passion

Your first order of business is to figure out what you’re passionate about and identify the areas of the entertainment industry you enjoy working in the most. For example, you could be an artist performing in front of large audiences if you can sing or you could choose to be more behind the scenes and manage a music group. Spend time reflecting on what makes you excited to get out of bed each day and that you wouldn’t mind doing on a regular basis. Follow your dreams and what lights a spark in you, instead of following others and letting them sway your decision.

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Keep Your Finances in Order

One habit that’s going to help you build a strong career in the entertainment industry is to be wise about your finances and get them in order. This includes knowing how to budget and how much money you have set aside to invest in your career. If you’re married, then you may want to sit down with your spouse and compare here the pros and cons of opening a joint bank account. It’s possible you’d want to keep your career finances separate if you’ve been saving for a while now and don’t want your professional goals to overlap with your personal finances.

Meet the Right People

The entertainment industry is one business where you not only have to know people, but you need to meet and interact with the right people. You want to build a network of contacts who you can count on to lead and guide you in the most appropriate direction given your aspirations. Stay away from those folks who come off as dishonest or you feel may not have your best interest. Keep a tight-knit group of friends and be careful about who you share intimate and personal details with on a regular basis. The reality is there will be some people out there who will try to bring you down, but you have to be stronger than that by avoiding these personalities and situations altogether.

Know Your Strengths

Like with any career, you should go into your venture knowing your strengths and what you bring to the table. You want to be able to speak highly of yourself with poise and clearly communicate what it is you have to offer that’s unique when taking part in job interviews. Knowing what you’re good at will also give you the confidence you need to keep going even when you run into obstacles or disappointments. Put a solid resume together and highlight key attributes you have that you believe set you apart from the others and then prove to your employer they made the right decision once you’re hired.

Clear Your Schedule

The entertainment industry is anything but your typical job or career environment. There are a lot of late nights and long weekends you have to be willing to participate in without complaining. It’s possible you’ll miss some family obligations and won’t be at home as often as you’d prefer. Build a successful career path by clearing your schedule and not being afraid to give up other aspects of your life so you can fully dedicate yourself to reaching your goals in this field. Expect the unexpected and don’t get too comfortable in one place because your environment and demands will always be changing.

Remain Flexible

Flexible thinking skills are essential to building a successful career in the entertainment industry because it’s such a fluid atmosphere and endeavor to be a part of. You may start off heading down one direction and quickly change your mind about what you want to do once you’re completely engrossed in the experience. Remain open to other opportunities that might come your way when you least expect it and follow what you like to do. You can’t be set in your ways and easily distracted when you’re asked to rework what you did entirely or are critiqued on your performance. It’s a brutally honest industry with a lot of talented people, and often the fans will influence what gets the tag as popular and exciting and what’s not.

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Don’t Give up

Most importantly, you can’t give up and quit when you’re trying to make it in the entertainment industry. It’s likely you’ll encounter several roadblocks and obstacles along the way, but you can’t allow a few hiccups to get you down. Stay positive in all situations and keep in mind why you got started in the business in the first place when you’re feeling defeated. Find a mentor who can help you out throughout your journey and offer up some sound advice. You can’t be afraid to seek out assistance and get input from those who’ve been in your shoes if you’re going to remain in good spirits and continue to fight for what it is you want, which is a thriving career in an area you feel passionate about.


The entertainment industry is a fun path to choose, but it’s also extremely hard work and competitive. Be aware of what you’re getting yourself into, although don’t let fear hold you back from giving it your all and taking a chance. Ignore the naysayers and instead use your energy to demonstrate to others what you’re made of and showcase all the talents you have that will quickly impress those around you.

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  1. Really an inspiring post Christy, after going through your post anybody can feel positiveness inside. Entertainment industry is a hard nut to crack, but hardwork and right approach in guidance of your mentor it is possible. Thanks a lot again Christy.

  2. A fantastic post Christy and just what I needed to read, I’ll keep referring back to this one over and over again as reminders. I love the quote about following the dreams and lighting the spark within xxx

    1. Hi Neil, you’re right that the points certainly can apply to other areas… and that’s a good thing – We’re always learning, I hope :)

  3. Thank you for a great career-related posts. I think, some of the points are valid for other jobs too. That said, the entertainment career is quite different than typical jobs, as you indicated.

    1. Yes some of the points really do apply to other industries. Great notation to add here! Thank you :)

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