5 Exercises You Can Do in Your Car

Fitness and vehicles meet
Car exercise, anyone? Photo from Pixabay.

We would all like to be in better shape, but finding the time to exercise isn’t always easy. Most of us don’t think of our cars as somewhere that we can exercise, but this isn’t true! Here’s five car exercises for you to try.

Butt Clenches

Whether you’ve given it any conscious thought or not, you, like most of us, wish that you could have a more muscular butt. Considering how much of the day most of us spend sitting down, usually due to work and the subsequent exhaustion caused by spending all day at work, it is perhaps unsurprising how many of us have an out of shape butt.

This exercise is one of the simplest that you can do in your car, but it can also be one of the most effective. The technique required is simple, all you need to do is relax your glutes, then squeeze them together for 15 seconds or so. After each squeeze and hold, give yourself a 30 second rest before the next one.

Exercise: Ab Pulls

These are similar to butt clenches, in that they involve the relaxing and tightening of your muscles. Tightening your abs feels a lot like sucking your gut in to make yourself appear to be skinnier. As with the butt clenches, you should leave 30 seconds between each rep. However, when exercising your abs, you want to hold the pose for 30 seconds each time.

Tricep Pushes

This is one for the passenger, rather than driver. You can get away with doing the above exercises while driving (as long as you are at a complete stop of course), however, the tricep pushes should only be performed when you are a passenger, not when you are in charge of the vehicle.

Place your feet flat on the floor so that your legs form a right angle at the knee. Sit up as straight as you can. Then place your hands flat on the seat, by your hips. Keep your elbows bent. Straightening your elbows will lift you off the seat a little. Hold yourself up for 10-15 seconds before letting yourself back down.

Seat Pushes

This is a method for exercising your triceps that can be performed while driving. Make sure that your hands are on the steering wheel at the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock position. Keep your elbows bent and loose while you grip the wheel a little tighter than usual. By straightening your elbows and pressing back into the seat, pushing on the steering wheel, you can give your triceps a great workout.

Calf Raises

This list one on our exercises list is actually more effective done in a car seat than while standing. To do this, make sure you sit up straight with your feet flat on the ground. As with the position for tricep pushes, you want to make sure your legs form a right angle at the knee. Put some weight on your knees and point your toes up. You should feel some strain from this in your calves. As soon as you do, put your feet flat on the floor again.

If your current car doesn’t have enough space to allow you to comfortably stretch and exercise, check out speedfinal.com to see if there are any accessories that might help.

Exercising in your car might sound like madness, but it can be very effective!


  1. Great idea, Christy! I do butt clenches on my new laptop stool which can twist and sway as I do them. It’s meant to do exercises as you sit. I never get stiff. Then I stand for a little while then repeat. Thanks for sharing these. 😆

  2. Loved this! I forgot about those but squeezing and ab pulling tricks. I’m going to start back doing them. :) <3 P.S. Did you get my book? :)

  3. I had put some of these into practice when I first signed up for my gym membership. I slowly slacked off on doing them. I will start again next time I go for a drive.

  4. During my first pregnancy, I began the habit of doing Kegel exercises at every red light. After birthing seven children, I wholeheartedly believe it’s the main reason that my bladder is still where it belongs — inside my body!

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