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7 Decor Ideas to Make Your Good Restaurant Look Great

Owning a restaurant is not just about offering great food and top-rated services, it is also about having an excellent overall decor and ambiance. If you have been in the restaurant business for several years and feel that your space requires a complete makeover but within an affordable budget, there are tons of simple tweaks you can incorporate to give the place an energetic and uplifting vibe. With a gorgeous decor, your good restaurant can look great!

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Give The Walls A New Coat of Paint

If your restaurant has whitewashed walls, it definitely needs an upgrade. White walls are a thing of the past. People love to dine at places that have vibrant, colorful walls. A lot of restaurants are now even getting artists to paint murals on the wall. You can have murals painted on the inside or outside of the building that are based on the theme of your restaurant.

For instance, if you have a seafood dinner, get an artist to paint a beautiful underwater scene on the walls of your diner. If you don’t want to paint a specific theme on the walls, you can also opt for solid pastel paints to bring about a whole new energy to the surroundings.

Install Gypsum Wall Panels

Do you have an old restaurant that has amazing food but chipped walls? It is essential that you cover those chipped walls up. Chipped walls and peeling wall paint can be an absolute eyesore for customers who dine at your restaurant. Installing 3D gypsum wall panels are a great way to prevent those awful cracks from being visible. The gypsum wall panels are available in a wide range of fun shades, patterns, and colors. The best part about these panels is that they are extremely affordable and won’t create a dent in your profits or savings.

Further, the gypsum wall panels are also ideal for loud and bustling restaurants. These panels have excellent sound absorption qualities that prevent the noise from your restaurant from traveling outside. Some of the patterns that are available in these gorgeous and affordable wall panels include waves, rhombuses, hematite, honeycomb and many others. The colors available in these wall panels include shades of gray, brown, blue, pink, yellow and many others. The gypsum wall panels are also extremely sturdy and will last you for years on end without deteriorating in quality.

Improve the Lighting

One thing that needs to be absolutely perfect for the decor of any restaurant is the lighting. If you have a fine dining restaurant, you don’t want bright lights. If you have a more chilled out vibe at your restaurant then you probably want unique and bright lights. Some recommended lights for restaurants include hanging lights over the bar area of your restaurant, chandeliers in the ceiling center, rice lights draped all over the restaurant and so on. Good lighting plays a major role in enhancing the overall ambiance and decor of your restaurant.

Wooden Ceiling Panels

Another decor tip to help your good restaurant look great is to install wooden ceiling panels. Wooden ceiling panels are evergreen, classy and give the surroundings a very upscale and classy feel. Wooden ceiling panels are ideal at Italian and continental restaurants. If you want to give your restaurant decor an upscale and elegant vibe, wooden wall panels are highly recommended. If your restaurant is a daytime eatery then opt for lighter colors of wood like tan. If your restaurant is a nighttime eatery then the darker wood colors are better suited.

Hang Paintings, Autographed Photos And Other Art

Enhance the overall decor of your restaurant by putting up paintings, autographed photographs and other art installations inside it. One option is a long life-size canvas on one of the walls. Alternatively, you can opt for multiple smaller-sized canvases to evenly spread across your entire restaurant. Another common thing that restaurants do is install framed and autographed photos of sports stars, actors and other celebrities across their walls. This practice is particularly common in restaurant businesses that have these celebrities frequent their space. Lastly, showpieces are also a great way to enhance the overall vibe of your restaurant. Life-sized showpieces and statues at the entrance of your restaurant can be a real hit.

Faux Plants to Improve Restaurant Decor

Another super effective way to ensure that your restaurant decor has a relaxing, chilled out vibe is to add faux plants around the space. Invest in a better-quality product that has lush green and realistic-looking leaves. If your restaurant is an outdoor setup that constantly has light streaming in, you can opt for real plants instead. Flowering plants, in particular, play a major role in increasing the beauty of the space.

Fountains Inside the Restaurant

Lastly, a great idea to improve your restaurant’s decor is to install a fountain right in the center of the space and then place the tables and chairs around this fountain. A large number of restaurants have put in fountains and even aquariums in their spaces. These water bodies play a vital role in enhancing the decor and give the surroundings a very laid-back, calm vibe.

The next time you plan to redecorate your restaurant, opt for one or a few of the above-mentioned tips for the most effective and noticeable changes. Brands like CSI Gypsum 3D offer superior gypsum wall panels. Artwork and showpieces that are affordable for your restaurant redecoration budget are available online and even at local flea markets. You can also buy affordable canvases from budding and upcoming artists.

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  1. I had brunch at a ‘new’ cafe this morning, Christy. Everything was wonderful except:
    The decor; fabulous.
    The vibe; sunny and chic.
    The food; very good.
    The service; wonderful.
    All in all it was quite pleasant, but:
    They had an instrumental, a very enjoyable instrumental playing. So what was the exception?
    The very enjoyable instrumental was on a loop. After hearing it about ten times I’d heard it enough. As I was leaving I suggested they may want to play something else; possibly a few instrumentals on a loop. :)

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