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Why Do You Need A Water Purifier at Home?

List of what water contains

Is your tap water safe? How can a water purifier help? If you’re like me then you’re asking yourself these questions. Thankfully today’s guest post from Kedy of The General Post provides us important information. In particular, he answers the question of “Why do you need a water purifier at home?”

We all know that water is vital, from rainwater to drinking water. And most of us are not aware of the importance of pure drinking water. The water you’re drinking might not pure and may cause you many problems. Here is where a water purifier comes into the run. A water purifier protects you from various contaminants and microorganisms that thrive in the water.

About Water Impurities

If you drink impure water then you might suffer from waterborne diseases including but not limited to Diarrhea, Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid Fever, Salmonella, Amoebiasis and many more. Drinking purified water will keep you away from deadly diseases and improves your immunity.

We get water from many sources and before it reaches us water passes through various pipes and tanks. The process might add bad odors, bacteria, turbidity and other impurities that can decrease the taste of water.

A good water purifier also improves the taste of your drinking water. The taste of water can be measured by TDS level.

The ideal TDS unit for drinking water is 300-500 ppm. TDS unit is the basic parameter that you can get easily and understand the quality of water before drinking. It can be measured by a digital TDS meter at home. A water purifier with TDS controller can increase and decrease the TDS level in your water.

How a Water Filter can Help

As of now, you might understand the importance of a water purifier. A water filter is a must-have kitchen appliance that everyone should use. Your health is your utmost priority and water is the main mineral for your body. Drinking pure water will keep you and your family safe from many health problems.

This water purifier buying guide from Best RO Water Purifier covers that what you should look for in a water purifier and helps you to find a best water filter for your home.

The original InfoGuide can be found here.

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23 thoughts on “Why Do You Need A Water Purifier at Home?”

  1. I wouldn’t be without my water purifier Christy. We’ve always had one installed and run through the fridge line and special filters on the showerheads too, to cut the chlorine. :) xx

  2. We have a water purifying filter that runs through the refrigerator. The water is delicious (others have commented on that) and it makes ice. :D

  3. I do have an RO purifier at home. I live in India, where some sort of water filter is mandatory because although the water at source is clean, it somehow gets contaminated on the delivery path.

    1. Yes, water goes to many tank and pipelines before you drink it. So it is always better to be assure of pure water.

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