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What to Include in a Dream Home?

Thinking about my dream residential space

“I think of myself not just as a dreamer, but as a dream chaser.”

~ Sarah Brightman

Not only do I want you all to dream but to go after those dreams! That’s why Sarah Brightman’s quote above speaks to me and so I include it here.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Direct Bifold Doors, who compensated me for my honest opinions about their products.

Dreams can be about so many things – from career to family and vacations. It can also be about the home you would want to live in one day. Sometimes I think about stepping out of the condo life and into a house. There would be no neighbors above me, and I’d have more room to spread out my pages of writing notes and books to read.

It’s motivating to think now about what I would include in my dream home down the road; it keeps me fired up to keep writing to get to that point! Here are some of the things I would include in that special house one day:

Thinking about my dream residential space
An open floor plan creates great flow between rooms. Photo via Pixabay (CC0).

Open Floor Plan

I’m a fan of the open layout, no matter the size of the place you live in. Whether my dream home is large or not, an open floor plan would be a must. It would enable flow between rooms and contribute to a more relaxed feel at the house. Plus, this type of layout looks good with a contemporary style, which I tend to gravitate towards. I also like open floor plans because they usually create a welcoming, informal feel.

Hot Tub

My boyfriend and I have talked about this! We would love to have our own hot tub. We’d no longer drive to the public one at the local rec center but instead take a few steps and be there. It would be private and indoor. Yes, I’m talking about a hot tub room. After a long day of writing, it would be great to relax there.

I would make sure there was space in the room for chairs and a table in addition to the hot tub too so it could be a lounging area if a few people came to visit and wanted to use the facility. Large windows would create an outdoor feel without having to step foot outside (I get cold easily so avoiding cold air is a good thing).

Great aerial views
Create a warming space with a roof lantern like this one. Photo used with permission of Direct Bifold Doors.

Roof Lantern

A great architectural feature for my dream home would be a roof lantern. I would use an aluminium roof lantern as a skylight structure to let in natural light. This structure would add elegance and also warmth to the home.

The aluminium roof lantern would also cut down on the number of lights I would have to put on as I’d get sunlight streaming through to the rooms, and there’s also the benefit of thermal insulation with triple glazing (warm in winter, cool in summer). This would reduce my hydro bill, thereby saving me money and being good to the planet.

There are great aerial views available with the roof lantern too. This roofing feature wouldn’t look too large for the home but instead be low and sleek looking.

Spiral Staircase

I’ve always loved the look of spiral staircases. Perhaps it’s my artsy personality coming to the surface. It would likely be a contemporary wooden staircase that says elegance all over it.

I like that the stairs would not only be functional, as a way to get from one level of the dream home to another, but also a piece of artwork in itself. The circling steps would be eye-catching and perhaps even lead to a library at the top.

Home Office

I would want to continue working from home in my dream house. It would have a welcoming atmosphere and a window by my desk that looks over a beautiful garden. This view would provide inspiration for my writing! Yes, I would still prioritize my passion for writing when I’m in this new residence. A cozy space would be one I’d want to spend time in and that makes for a productive environment.

I would also want floor-to-ceiling bookcases. Artwork created by my niece would hang on the walls. An accent wall in turquoise, a color I love, would be wonderful. Then my desk would be white – I’ve only ever had wood desks before – as a way to add a fresh appeal to the space. I’d invest in a really good computer chair and hopefully have a top-quality computer.

Ideal backyard
Relaxing on a big patio, rather than a slab of concrete like my condo has, would be great. Photo from Pixabay, CC0.

Large Patio

A back deck or patio for relaxation time would be awesome in a dream home. Right now I’m in a condo with a back slab as the deck, and I cannot leave anything outside for fear of it being taken (yes, I’ve had a patio table disappear before). My ideal deck would have outdoor seating, a BBQ in a kitchen area, and a fireplace or firepit. It would be a great place to entertain visitors and also to read books.

Window Seat

I have wanted a window reading nook for as long as I can remember. It’s a cozy place to read and maybe even to write ideas for a new book. Maybe there’d be a nap or two happening there too (although I typically don’t nap, that could change).

Under the resting area would be drawers or shelves for storage. Hey, I’m a gal who likes functionality! I’d put pillows and a blanket in this reading zone and likely daydream as I look out the window. Just thinking now as I write this post that I’d use bright wall sconces for the lighting.

Dreaming of a Beautiful Home

The house would overall have a minimalist feel and plenty of natural light. It would have many large windows, the roof lantern, and tons of books. There would be a roomy home office, a hot tub room, back deck, and spiral staircase. Don’t forget about the window seat either! What features would your dream house include?

32 thoughts on “What to Include in a Dream Home?”

  1. Perfect timing as we are building our dream home now! Open floor plan and a cozy back deck are must haves and I would also include a workable kitchen! So many kitchens just don’t have the right workflow and we have worked hard to re-design the space so we can actually be efficient

  2. My dream home would only be such, if the dream remained. It’s not an item to check off of a list, It’s what’s achieved after the dream is.

  3. It’s fun to day dream, isn’t it? :) I’m easy to please…a mountain home with a gorgeous view would be great. Of course I’d like a cozy writing and reading nook with a window seat, too.

  4. I think we can all create our own dream home, without all the extras that perhaps we can’t afford. I always add fresh flowers in my home every week, and keep the curtains fully open to let in the light. My large bathtub serves as my own personal hot tub (haha). I do love the open floor plan and we live in one. My home office is upstairs in a loft that looks over the living room with lots of windows and a fireplace. I love it! Best of luck in acquiring your dream home, Christy.

  5. lifeinkarolingston

    My dream house would be old style cottage with quite low ceiling, small, cozy rooms, fireplace and window seat. :-)

    1. That roof lantern is such a cool feature so I’m glad you mentioned it. I know what you mean about smaller spaces – I think that an open floor plan would be great for entertaining and also it could be a space to lay out all those papers that have my writing ideas on them haha ;) Have a nice weekend!

  6. I am blessed to live in my dream house (it has two big window seats for reading/dreaming, sunspace and lots of windows for winter viewing, as well as a big deck overlooking the backyard for summer living– you’ve seen the garden and waterfall in my posts :) ).
    The dream is attainable, go for it!

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