9 Team Building Activities to Help You Bond Better at Work

Team building exercises improve your organization
Community work is one example of a way to strengthen your work team. Photo via Pixabay.

If you run a team of associates or manage a group, you might consider what makes people like and trust you. For a personal trainer, public speaker or business coach, if your clients and employees don’t trust you and cannot connect with you on a personal level then you might lose sales. Whether you would like to motivate employees or bond better with your corporate clients and business partners, there are several bonding activities to implement to get closer to them and improve your relationship with individuals both within and outside of your organization. Find out more below.

Sports Training

To take your relationship with your clients or employees to the next level, you might want to sign up for a sports training course together. Whether it is visiting the local golf course or taking on squash as a time to discuss ideas in a relaxed environment, the change of scenery and setting can have a positive impact on your personal and professional connections. Get to know more about your clients’ and employees’ needs by taking conversations outside of the office and finding out about their priorities, needs, and aspirations.

Team building exercises improve your organization
Community work is one example of a way to strengthen your work team. Photo via Pixabay.

Community Work

You can also take your employees and business partners into the community and get them to come up with ideas on local group involvement. Whether you would like to improve your company’s reputation or explore new markets, there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for in the heart of the community. You can engage with college students, deliver training for them, or pick their brain. If you would like to develop talent, you can provide opportunities for your team members to deliver a presentation in the local community and showcase their leadership skills.

Managing Charities

If you need a few extra projects to bond with your business partners or employees, you can set up charities together. Agreeing on the mission and cause will help you align your values and connect on a new level. Start your own charity or create a project that raises money and awareness for a particular issue. When you involve your employees, you will find it easier to spot talent. When you manage projects with clients and business partners, you will find a common ground and learn to respect each other better. As a result, your communication will improve, and you will both benefit from improved brand reputation.  

Conferences and Training Days Out

Organizing trips and training together can be another great way to bond with your team and business partners. Take them on a field trip on an aircraft similar to the German chancellor plane or go on a boat trip to see a new development abroad. Get a different perspective every time you arrange a meeting, conference or a day out for bonding with clients and employees. You need to look after your professional relationships to get better results and increase your client retention rate.

Business Trips

You might also combine business trips with training and take some of the new leaders with you to help them develop their own interpersonal skills. Supervise them, but allow them to lead the conversation and develop the pitch for a new potential client. You can put them in charge of arranging the trip, researching business opportunities in the area, and finding out as much as possible about the prospect. Watch them work and give them constructive feedback after the trip to help them grow. Sometimes you need to take a back seat in business to allow others to develop professionally.

Brainstorming Lunch

One of the best ways to promote new projects and get everyone involved in the planning process is to hold a brainstorming lunch at the office or an outside venue. Start by sending out invitations to your employees, team members, associates, and business partners. Highlight the issues you want to address together, and ask them to prepare a presentation of their ideas and to think about the risks and benefits of each proposal. Then put someone in charge of investigating the technological aspects of the projects, another person to complete the risk assessment, and a third person to liaise with partners and local government agencies.

Job Shadowing

When it comes to developing and keeping talent, there is nothing more valuable than home grown leaders who understand the philosophy behind your business and can learn from you. If you are looking for talent and want to train them personally, you don’t necessarily need to sit down with them in person. Instead, arrange job shadowing for a few days a week, when those who have their eyes on a promotion opportunity can learn what the job involves. Perhaps you’re looking for a new financial analyst in your company, and teaming up the potential candidate with the person currently doing the job will help them and your business as well.


Speaking with a mentor about business
Mentoring is a valuable way to move your organization forward. Photo by Aragon64, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

While arranging mentoring within a company can be straightforward, you can pool your resources with business partners and help each other out. Looking to train someone to specialize in presentations and don’t have anyone to learn from in your organization? If so, ask your business partners if an employee could get their practical training from them. You can swap and share skills and talent, thus growing together. You will have an employee who knows a lot about the business partner and has established connections and communication channels, so they can manage that particular area of business.

Whether you are a business coach looking for new markets or the owner of a large financial firm, it is important to pay attention to interpersonal relationships within and outside of your organization. Bond with your employees and clients, and involve them in different projects to grow together.


  1. Mentoring is so rewarding on both sides. I would not be where I am today if I wasn’t willing to accept mentoring as well as give of myself in mentoring others. Thanks for sharing this valuable post. ~ Blessings, KK

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