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How to Teach Yourself Anything

Teach yourself anything

Whether you want to learn to DIY, play an instrument, or anything else, you can teach yourself to do it. Paying for lessons or a private tutor is great, but there’s no need for that until you’ve used the steps here. Take a look and see what you can do to teach yourself anything.

Give Yourself a Goal

First of all, you need a goal. Let’s say you want to learn how to play an instrument. Setting big and small goals for this will help you keep things achievable. For example, you might aim to learn three chords by heart in two weeks.

Your ultimate goal might be to be able to play without help properly in a year. Having only one big goal won’t motivate you enough, so create small goals, too. That’ll keep you on track and help avoid frustration or boredom.

Use Online Resources to Teach Yourself Anything

There are lots of online resources to use to teach yourself anything. It all depends on what you want to learn. For example, websites with course material are free or for a small fee. Then there’s YouTube, which can be a great way to teach yourself new skills about almost any facet of life.

There are even dedicated websites for special skills. If you were going to teach yourself an instrument, a dedicated lessons site would be helpful. There’s a never-ending amount of online resources you can use to help you learn something.

Find Alternative Resources When You Plateau

It’s always good to change up your perspective in life. Attacking certain points from different angles lets you see more of the picture. You learn more in the process.

That being said, choosing different resources when you are struggling can enlighten you along the way. If you use online courses from big names, perhaps finding Udemy alternatives and other lesser-known courses could give you the lessons you require. Diversifying your knowledge can lead to the unlocking of particular tedious answers. You can become a lot more knowledgeable just by opening yourself up to new information.

Teach Yourself Anything through Books and Magazines

Some people prefer to learn by reading a book rather than watching videos. Whichever category you fall into, buying books and magazines can help you to perfect your new craft further.

With magazines, you might also learn more about exciting new products and techniques in your industry. Online articles can also become your best friend as valuable resources.

Set Aside Time Every Day for Your Goal

If you’re going to teach yourself to do something properly, carve out time for it each day. You can’t have any excuses or think, “I’ll get to it when I have time.” Instead, prioritize the new skill and work it into your schedule.

What that looks like will be unique to your lifestyle. Will you do it for an hour in the morning? Perhaps you’ll do it for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. Even practicing for 10-20 minutes per day builds a habit and helps you learn over time. That’s why it’s a great tip to teach yourself anything.

Monitor Your Progress

Monitoring your progress can be fun, especially when you see how far you’ve come. Take pictures of your first attempts at things, or create videos so that you can see progress later.

For example, play a chord or a song now and then again in 3 weeks. Do the same thing another few weeks later, and you’ll quickly see how you’re improving at playing the piano or another activity. You might not realize the progress until you do these monitoring activities.

Teach Yourself Anything: Celebrate the Wins

Don’t forget to celebrate your big and small wins. Did you learn a new set of French words? Then treat yourself to a long, relaxing bath tonight. Completed a bigger goal? Treat yourself to something bigger!

What are you going to learn? What have you taught yourself over the years?

25 thoughts on “How to Teach Yourself Anything”

  1. You always have good advice, Christy! These days, anything we need to learn or know we use the Internet. It’s hard to remember how we got by without this tool.

  2. I taught myself how to do fondant art from books and magazine’s Christy. You can find everything somewhere on the internet (except how to make a fondant tap and rhino – I had to make those up myself [smile]).

  3. Awesome post, Christy! I consider myself to be an enthusiastic, passionate learner. The resources we have access to leave very few barriers to an eager mind. Cheers! :)

  4. Great tips, and I think that celebrating the small achievements can be really important in maintaining that motivation and desire to keep going. The internet, as you said, is also a wonderful thing when it comes to learning with so many blogs, tutorials, YouTube vids etc to help with anything and everything! :)
    Caz x

  5. Daily time aside is great discipline for anything, but you’re right about how daily repetition really helps build a new skill. We basically are rewiring our brains with this new information.

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