The Ladies of The Last Jedi

For the fellow Star Wars lovers in the house! Lovin’ the female strength shown in this post from Jessica Kwazz.

Unsolicited Opinions

Full disclosure, this is a really fun post for me to write. Not only am I obsessed with all things Star Wars but this is the first time where I’m able to rank my Top Ten Female characters in ONE movie! Usually there’s barely any ladies in a Box Office hit, let alone the ability to rank my favorites?!?

If you love or hate Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there’s no denying that each one of these women kick some ass in a galaxy far, far away.

Here’s my Top Ten Favorite Ladies of The Last Jedi:

1. Leia Organa


Leia went from our tenacious Princess to fierce General, all the while never backing down from a fight against the dark side. In The Last Jedi we get to see her in action, directing the Rebels in one of their hardest battles. All these years, Leia remained a…

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15 thoughts on “The Ladies of The Last Jedi

  1. Ruined the series for me. I think they took the artistic liscence out of the movie and laced it with social liberty. I was left feeling brow beat. I am not the only one. The only thing they didn’t do was slam Trump, insult Jesus, or push Oprah. But I expected that those scenes were cut on the last edition.

  2. Don’t throw eggs and tomatoes at me, I’ve just washed my hair, but I don’t like Star Wars 😱😱
    However, I love Leia and all that she stood for (and her legacy will continue). Strong women, for me, is not about the toned abs on instagram and front covers of magazines (although I respect them for their dedication to their bodies; in just too lazy) but instead women who have good self esteem and won’t allow society, or men, or parents or children to knock that.
    I’m still learning how … but I’m getting there 💃🏼

  3. Star Wars has, for the most part, had strong female characters in there, which is awesome. The same for another big name director – James Cameron. All of his films pretty much led by women, which is doubly awesome. Aliens is fab, too.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Christy. Leia will always be my favorite female Star Wars character because she was introduced in the 1970’s and was such an important part of the original series when actresses didn’t traditionally get these kind of roles. I have to admit that I really dislike the new Star Wars movies as they’ve lost their mythic qualities of Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey.

    • The latest movie is receiving quite a bit of flack for its plot holes too, Linnea. You make a great point about the original opportunities being ones that women typically didn’t receive – so that was refreshing! I appreciate your taking time here.

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